Thursday, June 22, 2017

Lincoln | SEVEN months

We are now closer to one than birth, which just baffles me. It's a good thing I hate the summer because it always drags slowly past for me. When the 'holiday season' starts that first birthday is just going to pop up out of nowhere. And, I am loving this age so I don't need it to disappear so quickly!

p.s. Mister Lincoln had no interest in pictures this time. None. Aria and I got him to give a wee smile by screaming (bad horror film style) wasn't our most successful little photo sesh. Ha. Although, these pictures crack me up so I guess it works out in the end.

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | SEVEN months

Wearing 6-9 months in everything. And, I finally pulled the cloth diapers out of his closet! They are currently all over his bedroom floor because I need to fix the elastic in all the fuzzibunz, which looks like it is going to be such a pain so I'm procrastinating. He has been wearing the thirsties all-in-ones though. Size 3 disposable diapers for naps and bedtime, or if we leave the house. I don't do cloth diapers on the go.

Weight: unsure, and we actually missed his last pediatrician appt because Aria and I came down with a stomach bug
Birth: 7lbs 1 oz
Height: I'll measure when he wakes up from his nap and add it back in later
Birth: 20.5 inches

Eating the solids has been going along swimmingly. I give him the food, he eats the food, I clean up the mess.

He's been trying all sorts of things...last night he had breakfast sausage, eggs, bell pepper, and potatoes. He isn't a fan of eggs so much. He really liked the sausage though. His favorites are bananas, full fat yogurt, sweet potatoes, and cheerios. (The cheerios might be mom's favorite because it's entertaining to watch him grab a single cheerio with his whole hand and then put it in his mouth, which just feels like such an accomplishment each time) Really most fruits and veggies are his favorites though. He didn't like his roast carrots the other day. But, we're pretty casual around here. I offer it. He can eat it if he wants to or not.

He isn't an overly ravenous eater, which surprised me. Aria could put it away. Lincoln has a few bites and he's good. With Aria we would sit at the table with her for ages while she ate her way through whichever meal. But, with Lincoln he is almost always done before everybody else. It's not an issue...I was just surprised. Babies, so different.

Lincoln is nursing about 6 times during the day with no feedings at night any longer. I feel like he is extra hungry lately. With nursing anyway. Growth spurt, perhaps. He cracks me up with his impatience when I switch him from one side to the other. As soon as I pick him up he starts complaining and flopping around like a fish. And, if it takes him more than 1 second to re-latch he slaps me. Slap is the best way I can describe it, but more like arm flailing.

The pinching though! Kid has started pinching my arm while he nurses. Hard. I have half a dozen little bruises on my arms. I can't keep my arms far enough away. And, if he can't reach my arms he pinches my chest. I'm constantly saying 'ouch' and 'no' and removing his little pinchy grip.

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | SEVEN months

Lincoln is pretty much crawling now. He is still fine tuning his execution, but he definitely can get where he wants to go with forward motion. Aria was more of a backwards wiggler and instead of a classic crawl she would tripod crawl. So watching Lincoln do a jerky crawl is a new experience, and just extra cute.

Lincoln can sit up rather well now, but he needs some work on his moving from sitting to all fours transition. It is not at all graceful and he usually ends up smacking his head on the floor, which is why I don't let him hang out on all of our tile just yet. At least the carpets give his noggin a little cushion, but he has a nice collection of forehead bruises all the same. On the other hand he can sit himself back up from all fours if he is pissed off enough.

He doesn't pull himself up on anything yet. Except mom. He'll make his way over to me and climb up on my legs or knees, or if I offer him my hands he will pull himself up that way. But, he hasn't tried to pull himself up on his toys or anything of that nature.

We spend a lot of time in each of the kids' bedrooms playing on the floor. I'll scatter a few Lincoln toys on the floor and then Aria and I will set up a little area to play a game. She's been loving the memory card games lately. Lincoln for the most part will roll and crawl around playing with his toys, but if he gets bored and spots the memory cards spread out on the floor he is resolute in his attempts to get them.

I set up his pack and play in the living room a few weeks ago so I had a spot to put him where he wouldn't bash his head on the tile. It's usually a 50/50 chance on whether he will play happily for a few minutes or get very offended about the inhumanity of it all.

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | SEVEN months

For the most part Lincoln is sleeping all night long. Ideally he goes down at 730 and he is up right around 7. Occasionally he wakes up around 5 and is a beast to get back to sleep.

Last month I mentioned that he struggled with getting to sleep some nights. And, it has gotten better lately. But, sometimes he still decides to wake up after he's been asleep for thirty minutes and scream for the next hour or so.

A friend suggested using the 2-3-4 method, which I had never heard of before. Basically 2 hours after baby wakes up in the morning they go down for a nap #1, then three hours after baby wakes up from the first nap they go down for nap #2, and finally four hours after baby wakes up from the second nap they go down for the night. On the days we manage to stay on that schedule it works pretty well, but only if his bedtime is fairly close to 7:30. If he wakes up from his second nap really at 230, then 630 should be his '4' time but he isn't interested in bed yet. Then he is extra tired by 7:30 and screams anyway. He also has no interest in squeezing in a quick third nap to hold him over until bedtime. Basically he is just stubborn and particular, ha.

Speaking of stubborn and particular, Lincoln is not a go with the flow napper. If we are out and about he doesn't want to take a car seat nap. Or if he isn't in his crib he might take a quick thirty minute nap but that's about the extent of it. He just likes his perfectly timed crib naps, thank you very much. He usually takes 2 hour and a half naps, but occasionally throws in a short thirty minute second nap so mom doesn't have time to finish her coffee.

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | SEVEN months

He gives the best snuggles when mama picks him up after a nap. He will grab the back of my head and pull my face to his so he can give my chin or cheek an open mouthed slobber smooch. I think it's the best. Ever.

We've had some sensitive skin issues, but it seems to be getting under control with some new lotion I bought. Poor little guy gets the red rashy skin on his thighs, upper arms, and back. If I keep him in long pants and long sleeves it helps, so it's a good thing we live in Florida...

He figured out how to use a straw. On the first try! I offered him the last of the water I was drinking and he sucked it down using the straw like he'd been doing it his whole life. I definitely remember Aria taking several tries to figure it out. Again...babies, so different.

We lowered the crib this month. He hadn't pulled himself up yet, but he's moving around a ton when he wakes up or when I'm trying to get him to fall asleep while he is fussy. So, it just felt better to lower it and call it a day.

No teeth. We don't need 'em anyway.

Lincoln is now sitting in the shopping cart like a proper little fella. Aria is thrilled to share with her brother when we get the big cart with the race car seat at the grocery store. Link is still a little wobbly so we take those turns slowly and sometimes I'll hold his hand. I don't hate it.

He is a pretty quiet guy. Not a lot of chatting from him. The only time you hear him is when he is grumpy and fussing. But, minimal goo-ing and gaa-ing. No mamamama or dadadada yet either. Although, he tends to chat with dad from time to time. Chris and Link will be hanging out while I'm doing whatever and I'll hear my little guy talking away to dad. He did do a few happy squeals today though, so maybe he's just building up to it.

One of his favorite things to do is stand. He loves it so much that if I'm carrying him around on my hip he will scooch his legs up until he is standing on my hip instead. I carry him around while he stands on my hip probably 85% of the time. I think he likes being up a little higher so he can blow raspberries on my arm. Another of his favorite pastimes.

Hates: getting his faced washed after meals, laying on his back for diaper changes, when I take too long switching him to the other boob while nursing, and being ignored.

Loves: his big sister, blowing raspberries on mom's arm, standing, drooling, and when mom or dad fly him through the air.

I think we've finally hit that stage where every day is more fun than the last. The new developments are exciting. Everybody is getting more sleep. There is more play going on. And, Lincoln has transitioned from a little grumpy old man newborn to a serious faced yet happy baby. I feel like our days are sweet, and they are only going to get more so. My favorite.

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | SEVEN months

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | SEVEN months

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | SEVEN months

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | SEVEN months

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | SEVEN months

Sweet Turtle Soup - Lincoln | SEVEN months


  1. I cannot believe how big he is already. It seems like you just had him!

  2. Love his serous expressions!! This is such a fun age I agree let's not rush it! Such a cutie!!

  3. Oh he is the sweetest! I love those cheeks. I can't believe he is inching closer and closer to his first birthday.


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