Wednesday, April 12, 2017

One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home

Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
We have officially been homeowners for a month now. Although, it feels like it has been much longer than that already.

We love living in our new house. Settling in and making the place ours. I feel so lucky every time I walk out of our bedroom in the quiet of the morning and see our home. It feels good here. Our family fits here. And, I can't wait to add all the bits and pieces to truly make it our space.

When I realized we had been living here for a month I knew I wanted to document where we are in the 'moving in' process. Mostly everything is unpacked, although not everything has found a place yet. Because we were living with family we didn't have a lot of things, furniture, and stuff in general. So we have a few things that were already ours, a few things that were hand me downs, a few things that we bought just recently second hand, and a few brand new items that we love.

We've been ticking off items on our list to bring the house up to a comfortable and livable level. Things like curtains for the bedrooms and measuring spoons for the kitchen and shelving to store all the things. There are only a few more items to go - mainly organizational bits for closets and all the crafting supplies currently sitting on the floor. After that is taken care of the first big item we want to tackle is fencing in our backyard. It would be especially nice to let the dogs outside without bothering with a chain and have a space for the kids to run around.

The big list of home wishes gets a little wonky after the fence, but things like a new bed and bedding for the master and a farmhouse style table and new desks and a bigger TV are all on it. But, we are so happy with all the things we already have to fill our house. We know it will take a while to swap out some of the pieces with items we love. Although, my Birthday money is burning a hole in my wallet and I'm itching to get a desk with some storage so I can organize the pile of junk sitting on top of my old desk. It's my desk from college...and why did I think a desk with no drawers was a good idea?

Here is our new house one month in...

the kitchen
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
I love our kitchen. I do a little happy dance daily that this house was move in ready, there wasn't anything we absolutely needed to upgrade or change. I can definitely see a few tweaks that I would make here and there according to personal taste, but that is so far down on the list right now. 
The first thing I wanted for the kitchen was a mug tree so I could display my Disney Starbucks 'you are here' mug collection! I've been waiting for over a year just for this moment. I smile every time they catch my eye. 
The bar stools are probably the best purchase we've made so far. They are pretty and we love them, but they are also so much more comfortable than the dining room chairs we were given. Plus, now we have more places for guests to sit.
The rest of the items we got for the kitchen were just cooking essentials that I discovered at that key moment when I needed something while making stirring spoons or a can opener.

Still on the wish list: a nice set of pots and pans, some cast iron skillets, high quality knives, and a few fun gadgets like cookie scoops and a donut baking pan etc. Eventually I would like to get a simple set of white plates to replace the mix matched ones we have currently. The kitchen is decently complete already though.

the dining room
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
We haven't actually purchased anything for the dining room, unless you count the bar stools. My mom had the dining set unused and unopened in storage and she said if we wanted it we could have it. The table does it's job just fine, but the chairs really leave something to be desired. Aria's godfather gave us the white chairs when they recently purchased a new dining room set. My back is thankful.
Chris and I would love to get a farmhouse style table for the space. Definitely something that can seat a few more people. We don't have anything specific in mind just yet though. When we get a new table I will probably use the current table for a crafting table.

Still on the wish list: a farmhouse style table, similar.

the living room
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
The entertainment center and coffee table were my grandmother's. She was getting rid of them so Chris and I said we would take them. The coffee table holds all sorts of childhood memories for me, so I love it. It's a well-loved piece of furniture (read: battered) so I will probably maybe eventually perhaps refinish it at some indistinct point in the future.
I'm still working on styling the shelves. The left side has our book collection and the right side is just a mess of our favorite things...our best books, photos, and various pretty things.
Chris bought the couch from somebody he works with...apparently they wanted more room for their hamsters(?). It's honestly not overly comfortable, but it is also better than nothing and the price was right.
The TV is one of the first things Chris and I purchased together when we moved to our apartment in Colorado. The cable connection is broken, so we can only watch movies on it but that thing is still kicking. Chris, however, cannot wait to get a fancy new TV. Aria and I won't mind either. We'll be able to watch Moana on repeat on an even bigger screen.

Still on the wish list: a comfortable couch, another chair or two, and a fancy new TV. Maybe a rug? A side table or two? I haven't worked up a really great visual for the space yet.

Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
Chris found this...armoire? from somebody he works with again. The company has interoffice classifieds or some such thing. For 30 bucks by the way. This is solid wood and sturdy and frankly I think it is really cute. It has two chunks of wood missing in the front, which can probably be fixed at some point but it's one of my favorite pieces we've gotten for the house. We put all of our games inside along with extra blankets.
I want to put a squishy armchair next to it along with a floor lamp and one of those tiny side tables that are just big enough for a good book and a hot cup of coffee. I can just picture sitting in a chair right there watching the kids play in the play nook, which you can just see in the bottom right corner of the picture.
I can also imagine a little gallery on the wall behind everything.

Still on the wish list: squishy armchair, floor lamp, tiny side table, and relaxation.

the play nook
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
The storage shelves arrived just last week and I'm still working on sorting and organizing the toy explosion over here in this corner of the living room. Chris's parents have been in town for the past week and a half, so most of my house projects are on hold right now. I'm working on weeding out all the toys that are too tiny for Lincoln to get a hold of when he figures out how to crawl. I also need a few baskets for the shelves as well.
A friend gave me the rug, and while the dimensions aren't perfect for the space I really like how it partitions off the play space. It's also Baxter's favorite place to lay.

Still on the wish list: a rug, and a basket or two. Maybe a little table for a train set. Chris has wanted to get a train set for Aria for a while now.

the master bedroom
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
I think the master probably needs the most tlc in the house right now. It'll make a really good before...who wants to turn it into an after for me?
These windows face east, so you can imagine the sunshine streaming in first thing in the morning. The dark curtains were a must.
Lincoln is still bunking with us in here too, so his changing table and supplies are in the corner. I mentioned above that Chris's parents are visiting, and they brought some goodies down with them for us. Right now they are all just piled on the floor from the ball to the left in the picture. The coffee table to the left of the bed was given to us by a friend, but it hasn't found a home yet. And, the dresser we bought off of the same friend. So basically it's just a bunch of mismatched pieces right now.
The bed is from our years in Colorado, so when we are ready to do the master we are going to get rid of it and get new everything. Bed, mattress, pillows, bedding, etc. Pretty much the only things we know are staying are the navy blue curtains. 
I definitely don't know how I want it all to end up but when I nurse Lincoln I usually end up perusing master bedrooms on pinterest looking for inspiration.

Still on the wish list: everything? Right now I'm thinking upholstered headboard and creamy soft bedding. A pair of side tables and lamps. An armchair or two plus a little bookshelf or end table for reading. Eventually a TV as well. Like I said it needs the most tlc!

[ curtains ]

the master bath
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
The master bath is pretty well set. Toothbrush holders would be nice though. And, eventually I plan on organizing below my sink. I didn't realize it when we bought the house but there isn't a medicine cabinet on my side of the bathroom. I feel cheated.
The tub is a fun showstopper, but I've yet to use it personally. Aria has used it many times, hence all the toys and kid shampoo. Chris would like to upgrade to a jetted tub, but I would prefer to just pop the tub out and have a badass shower on that whole section. Which would you pick?

Still on the wishlist: um, toothbrush holders?

the office
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
We are using the sitting room as an office. My chair is an anniversary present from Chris. I thought it was oh so pretty. Now I just need a simple white desk (with drawers) to go along with it. Chris is using one of those pop up tables as his desk right now, and he has had that desk chair since he was in college. He has also been dreaming about double monitors for years. So, several upgrades waiting to happen in here. Also I have things to hang on the wall.
This space is to the left when you walk in the front door, so I want to put together a little spot in the corner for shoes and sunglasses and purses. Aria has misplaced her sunnies more times since we've moved than the rest of her life. We can never find those suckers. 

Still on the wish list: his & her desks, his computer chair, another monitor, and some sort of front door nook - a super simple little table, or hooks with cubbies? not sure yet.

[ chair ]

the dog & craft supply room
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
The last of the unpacking. It's not much but I just haven't had the time with visitors in town. They will be heading home by this week's end, so I'll hopefully be able to tackle both the craft supplies and the play nook next week. 
Right now that tall cabinet (also something my grandmother was getting rid of) is going to store all the craft supplies, I just need to buy bins and racks and such so it will all fit. All that stuff has been on the floor since we moved in, so that'll be a relief to finally get it done.
Chris would really like to get the dogs one of those pieces of furniture that is both furniture and dog cage. That way it will look prettier I suppose. I'm not personally bothered by them.

Still on the wish list: just some basic organizational bits, and perhaps some dog cage furniture.

the laundry room
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
I think a table over the laundry machines could be good, and/or split shelving over top. I cannot reach the shelf with the towels on it. I have to go grab the step ladder, which is just so convenient. So, maybe if half were shelves and the other half had a rod to hang shirts and such from I could actually reach things. 

Still on the wish list: it's still a vision in progress.

Aria's bedroom
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
Aria's room has the most new purchases. A new bed, mattress, bedding, pillow, bookshelf, and curtains. 
She still needs some closet organization. I'd really like to put in a second shelf so she can reach her own clothes to get dressed. 
And, eventually I want to get her a little dresser and perhaps a chair. Getting some things on the walls would be fun as well.

Still on the wish list: little dresser, reading chair, and closet shelving.

[ bed / bedding - sheets & comforter / mattress / bookshelf / curtains ]

the kids' bathroom
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
This bathroom is pretty set and done as well. Minus the toothbrush holder...
The pillowfort collection at Target is really too cute. We got just about everything from that collection. I hope Lincoln doesn't mind mermaids.
 I'm not entirely sure what one would put on that shelf above the toilet. I'd prefer some sort of vertical towel holder myself.

Still on the wish list: toothbrush holder, and some under the sink organization.

Lincoln's bedroom
Sweet Turtle Soup - One Month House-versary | Home Sweet Home
The only thing that happens in here is naptime right now. It even still has the smell from the sellers air freshener lingering.
The crib and chair are both from Aria's old room. And, I've been keeping the extra baby holders in there as well.
I haven't put much thought into what I want to do with this room. I'll probably start to daydream up ideas after Lincoln switches in here and it gets some more use.

Still on the wish list: nothing yet.

[ curtains / crib / chair (similar) ]


  1. I love your new space. It's gonna be so much fun adding your touches to it. I especially love the sink in the master bath, that is awesome! :)

  2. It's looking so great! Can't believe you've been in it a month already. Beautiful home!

  3. I love everything about your new space! Those floors are amazing and the kitchen counter/backsplash is lovely. I just adore you and your mug tree collection :) I would absolutley love to help you decorate, not sure how we can make that work lol. Im still so excited for you to make your house a home.

  4. I still have my college desk which has no drawers either, something we've just recently realized makes no sense at all. I love that you put relaxation on the list of things you still need. It may be awhile till you can cross that one off ;) Hopefully not though. Loving the layout and what you've done so far. Most of our furniture is secondhand too, and as much as the kids thrash it that's probably for the best.

  5. So fun to see y'all settling in. Making a house a home is definitely a process, especially with little. I don't think I finished some things until 2 years later, lol. You are doing a great job!

  6. Your sweet home is coming along! It's crazy to think it has been a month already! Ikea online has the most amazing assortment of kitchen needs at a really reasonable price. My husband and I got all of our miscellaneous "oh crap, we need..." things there.

  7. Your new home is so beautiful! It’s so much fun making a house your home and adding the touches that truly makes it yours! I’m so happy you guys are getting to do that. I’m in love with your floors! Are they actual hardwood? Or tile that looks like hardwood? I’m with Chris on the tub! I love soaking in a warm bath every once in a while.

  8. oh my goodness, I love every part of it! So perfect, and that kitchen with those counter tops, so pretty! Congrats, can't wait. It's so hard to wait for things that you want right? 7 years into our house and I'm still waiting on getting window treatments, lol!

  9. Oh my gosh I never considered how you would need so much stuff! It's like you're newlyweds or something!! I bet you're constantly running out and grabbing things! Our first home I was at target multiple times a day. Wait a toilet bowl brush! Yes!

  10. I seriously love the new place! And I'm impressed that you are completely unpacked; that is no easy feat with a young babe around!

  11. I think you guys are doing great for only living there for a month!! I swear I still have a box or two that I never unpacked when we moved... four years ago! LOL.

  12. So happy for you! Your home is just beautiful!

  13. This looks great, Courtney! I'm so happy for you and yours. I personally think that the curtain works for both Aria and Lincoln because of the whales mixed in with the mermaids. It's perfect.

  14. Unpacking is such a process. It's all coming together so well!
    My current personal favorite is the mermaid bathroom.
    And. You totally win the tub/shower debate. A big, badass shower would be AH-MAY-ZING!

  15. I'm not sure how I missed this post, but it looks great! I love all the photos you shared. Your kitchen looks so pretty! Love the countertops. For only living there a month, you are way ahead of the unpacking game in my opinion. We had a few bins still in our basement of stuff we never unpacked since we moved in 2010. I LOVE your office chair! Is it comfy? After our basement is finished, I'm saving to buy a desk, and have been looking at chairs recently. All my craft stuff and paper supplies are scattered and I really want them in one spot. I'm planning on getting the Hemnes desk from Ikea in white. Anyway, it looks really great! I especially love Aria's new furniture :)


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