Saturday, October 1, 2016

Week 31 (Baby #2)

hump day bump day, pregnant bump pictures

How far along - 31 weeks, due November 30th.

Gender - A little gentleman.

Cravings - Nothing.

Aversions - Nothing.

Best moment - Taking Aria and the bump to Magic Kingdom! Once was enough though while pregnant.

Looking forward to - Canadian Thanksgiving next weekend. Yum.

Miss anything - Being able to pick up Aria without breaking my back and squishing my bump.

Movement - All the time. It is such entertainment to feel and watch the bump move.

Other pregnancy symptoms - Feeling pretty good overall, minus the heartburn especially in the middle of the night. Hate it. But, definitely feeling uncomfortable. I still feel like the end is nowhere near, but I am ready to hold this little guy in my arms rather than my uterus.

And, I did pass my 3 hour glucose test! With flying colors apparently, so it would be great if I could figure out how to pass the 1 hour the first time around if we end up having any more babes.

Aria's thoughts -"I love when I have a baby brother. I've been dreaming about that all these nights!" Randomly mentioned in the car driving home the other day. I hope she loves it as much when it finally becomes a reality, ha.

She's also been giving baby brother extra hugs lately. Probably because the bump is large and in charge these days. Plenty to hug.


  1. You look too cute! I'm glad you guys made it back to Disney. I'mean looking forward to seeing the a recap of your Canadian Thanksgiving. Last year's look so yummy.

  2. Yay for passing the 3 hour test! I am sure that was a relief... again.

  3. So so so glad you passed! Yay!!! And yeah amusement parks don't go great with a bump lol

  4. I love watching your bump grow! Bump pics are my favorite! :) Here's to a quick last few weeks!

  5. You look so good!! And all belly!! You will have a baby boy NEXT MONTH :)

  6. Nine weeks. NINE.
    I can't wait for your Canadian Thanksgiving. If you could kindly send a plate this way that would be super.
    And woohoo for rocking the bump at Disney!

  7. Aria!!! So so sweet! And yay for passing the glucose test!

  8. Oh my gosh, you cracked me up: "I am ready to hold this little guy in my arms rather than my uterus." Tee hee! There is an end in sight, you are getting so close now. I just cannot wait to see pictures of proud big sister & her new baby brother. :)

  9. I want to go to Disney in the fall! Give me all the pumpkins. So awesome that you got to visit. You are looking good lady! And getting so close. Congrats on passing the 3 hour test. While it’s no fun doing the 3 hour test I am glad you passed! Aria is already the sweetest big sister!

  10. Mickey pumpkin! I'm looking forward to your recap of the Halloween party! And yay for passing the 3 hour! I'm currently debating more kids, but I don't think Scott is on board, haha :) Hoping your last trimester goes well- it always seems to go by the slowest.

  11. Aria's comment is just the sweetest thing ever. I know I say this every week, but she's going to be the best big sister.

  12. Hooray on passing your glucose test! :)

    We went to DL when I was around 30 weeks pregnant with Mabel and oof! It's a lot. Once is definitely enough :p

  13. YAY for passing your glucose test!!! Bring on all the fall foods! AND all the pie at Canadian Thanksgiving!!


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