Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Three Years Old

weight: 34 lbs.

height: 38 1/2 inches.

sleep: When she transitioned into her toddler bed she no longer would fall asleep without somebody in the room with her. And, she upped the amount of times and number of days she was waking up in the middle of the night. I think she slept through the night 3 times in September, and October was only marginally better. But, at the moment she's been sleeping through the night much better. In general she'll sleep through the night two nights out of three. I'm knocking on all the wood she keeps it up. She stays in her bed all night though, and waits until her clock turns green in the morning before coming to wake me up.

bedtime routine: It goes something like...last bathroom trip before getting on a night time diaper, pjs, teeth brushing, mom and dad each read a book in bed, Aria 'reads' a book in bed, lights out, 3 songs unless she's lost any by not listening, dad gets a hug and a kiss and sometimes prayers, mom gets a hug and a kiss, and then usually mom sits in the room until she falls asleep. She was on a dad stays in the room kick for a couple weeks, but at the moment she has been asking mom to stay with her.

potty training: The whole thing went better than I was expecting. She got the hang of it on the first day and has been doing great ever since. She had a few accidents where she was trying to get to her potty but wasn't fast enough. And, one accident at the library when she was too busy playing to remember to say she had to use the bathroom. She wears a diaper at night still.

things she says:

"I'm going to run away and you'll never see me again." She's dramatic.

"Santa is going to be soooo mad." Anytime I tell her something she is doing is not nice.

If I sing Santa Claus is coming to town, she will say "no, Santa Claus is coming to Florida".

When the answer is no she says "maybe later, maybe after".

And, her favorite "poop sausage". If you ask her what that means she says "for when something is bad".

food - fruit
books - her Disney Princess collection books
songs - a made up song called 'big butter', twinkle stars, Frere Jacques, and Let it Go
toy - play kitchen, and B. Toys musical ones
show - Paw Patrol

likes: The cooler weather so we can play outside with the dogs more, park trips with dad, snacks - popcorn and pretzels in particular, helping mom bake, playing in great-grandma's room, dancing, driving the dogs bonkers, jumping on the couch, going to Magic Kingdom, that it is her birthday and that Christmas is soon thereafter, watching TV/movies, crafts and painting, reading, arguing about anything and everything, and making people laugh.

dislikes: When great-grandma can't understand what she is saying, when the answer is no, when you do whatever it is she wants to do herself at any given moment, and being reasonable at bedtime.

1. What makes you happy? Candy
2. What makes you sad? Snow makes me sad.
3. How old are you? 2.
4. What is your favorite thing to do? Push buttons.
5. What do you want to be when you grow up? Me!
6. What is your favorite fruit? Pineapple and strawberries.
7. What is your favorite dessert? Ice cream
8. What is your favorite animal? Puppies.
9. Where is your favorite place to go? Disney.
10. What is your favorite ride at Disney? Dumbo.
11. What is your favorite color? Blue.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Bedtime routines (ours included) always crack me up... So much involved for a little kid to go to sleep!

  2. Push buttons, hehe! Makes me think of Buddy in the elevator in Elf. I can't believe she is 3!

  3. She is so sweet! Yay for potty training. I'm hoping Wes will show interest sometime soon!

  4. "Santa is going to be soooo mad" - hahaha I love it! Her interview is precious. Candy makes Mason very happy too. Adorable photos sweet Aria.

  5. Happy birthday Aria! Poop sausage made me LOL.

  6. You go girl you don't be anyone but yourself when you grow up! And I love how she likes to push buttons. I am sure that means something different to you than it does to her. Happy birthday sweet girl!!

  7. Happy Birthday sweet girl! I love her fancy dresses!! Sleep wow. I don't have any good advise but I hope she keeps on her good sleep streak! She's got some sass in there that makes me think so much of Callie! I think these two would be trouble if we lived closer!!

  8. Happy Birthday Aria!! Oh the sleep. Reese has been waking up a few times a night more often now too, and it's exhausting. She's harder to manage than Charlotte right now! I'm glad it's gotten better for you- we're thinking about trying the 'big girl' bed to see if that helps any. I love Aria's answers to the questions and some of the things she says. :) I really need to start keeping track of some of the things Reese says.

  9. Happy birthday, pretty lil lady! She really is a cute lil thing. :)

    You can tell her that snow makes me sad as well. :(

  10. Feeling your pain on the sleep. Marcus wakes almost nightly. Usually it's just to be re-covered (because apparently he's not capable of pulling the sheets up himself?), or he can't find his blanket (which is usually directly under his head). And, the past few nights he has refused to sleep unless one of us is in the bed with him. Fun times...
    In other news. Aria's answers are the best! What she's wants to be when she grows up? "Me!" Basically the best thing I've ever heard.
    I'm with Aria, the cooler weather is glorious. Too bad it never sticks around for very long.
    Happy Birthday, Aria!!

  11. haha, dislikes, being reasonable, so funny! Happy, happy birthday! She is seriously so cute!

  12. Im pretty sure "poop sausage" sums it all up! She's a funny one, that Aria. Happy 3rd Birthday!

  13. Ha ha! Silly girl! Happy Birthday Aria! Love birthday interviews, they are so fun to look back on.

  14. Happy Happy 3rd Birthday, little Aria!

  15. LOL at all the things she says. Poop sausage? Probably better that we don't know what she's talking about ;) And the whole getting pissed when you do something she wanted to do herself sounds really familiar.

  16. She sounds like the perfect mix of sweet & sassy! I love it!


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