Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sweet Sunday

March 15th - 21st
All of our simple and sweet moments from the past week.

Jumping in a princess dress
Jump, jump, jump.

Target popcorn
Don't even think about it, mom. My popcorn.

Red. Green. This is as far as we got in our rainbow photo hunt. 

Painting Easter eggs
Painting Easter eggs to go on the windows.

Moose drawn carriage, toddler pretend
Giddy up, moose! Aria's been going all over the place via moose drawn carriage lately.

Watering can
She's already way better at taking care of plants than I am. Now if she'd just stop pulling them all up after she waters them.

Have a sweet Sunday!


  1. Oh whoops! Maybe she thinks she is picking flowers or something? Cutie pie as always. :)

  2. Emma saw all the balloons and asked what was going on there!!! Great week!

  3. That popcorn face is priceless! Don't even come near this popcorn mom.

  4. She has such great expressions :) Rainbow hunt - genius! I'm mentally saving these ideas for summer.

  5. So cute! That first picture she looks like a little fairy! Love her!

  6. I love her lil green toes...I have green toes right now as well. :)

    Mandie ~

  7. I love that first pic so much! Perfect action shot :) And I love her imagination with the moose drawn carriage. Kids come up with the funnest stuff.

  8. Precious, precious Aria. I adore these pictures. She looks so grown in the picture of her with the orange shorts! Wowza!!!

  9. Girlfriend is serious about her popcorn. Smart lady. :)


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