Thursday, October 2, 2014

Twenty Two Months Old

 October 2nd
Sweet Turtle Soup: Twenty Two Months Old
Sweet Turtle Soup: Twenty Two Months Old
Sweet Turtle Soup: Twenty Two Months Old
Weight: 27 lbs.

Height: 33 1/4 inches.

Sleep: Bedtime is at 8 and up around 7:30-8:30, same as last month. Nap time is around 12:45-1:00, and lasts until about 3:30, also the same as last month.

Clothes: Wearing 18 and 24 months outfits. Mostly 24 these days.

Diapers: Size 4 Pampers baby dry. No cloth diapers. Same on the potty training front, she'll do her business if you put her on the toilet but doesn't ask.

Loves: going anywhere - she asks to go bye-bye constantly; being outside - chasing lizards, running laps, and feeding the dogs sticks; turning off Pioneer Woman before nap time - I flip it on at noon while we wind down for nap time and clean up from lunch, and then as soon as it is over she runs over to turn Barefoot Contessa off (I don't blame her, she isn't my fave either); watching home videos; reading; watching trucks drive down the street, especially the garbage trucks; saying no; singing carols before nap and bed time; investigating great grandma's bedroom; closing doors ; and putting anything she can fit into purses and bags.

Hates: listening to 'no', and other irrational tantrum inducing odds and ends - being given ice instead of picking it up herself or having the wrong parent change the diaper, etc.

Milestone Progress: All the words. I've kept a running list since last month and I'm going to bore you with the whole lot. She says so many things now it is crazy, next month I'm going with the 'she says a lot' trick. But, this month Aria is, da, cheese, plate, book, door, hand, poop, pee, feet, shoes, suit (as in bathing), me, bite, more, eat, dip, Bak (Baxter), Izzy/Diz (Lizzy), no, done, down, up, milk, out, Mickey, Minnie, kitty, ears, eyes, straw, this, that, please, oops, bra, boob, bath, TV, boom, go, nomnomnom (cutest thing), duck, light, one, two, three, baby, butt, blue, snack, bread, pop, bug, mailbox, teeth, hair, bye-bye, spoon, fork, sit, keys, bird, man, shit (my bad), ouch, fan, in, beep, vroom, hohoho, moon, stars, nut, beer, truck, car, beach, mow (the lawn), it, tape, hot, swing, beads, bowl, ice, trash, trees, tall, pizza, gum, purse, mamaw (Grandma), get, paint, cup, home, hands, nice, dirt, pen, mouse, hat.

She is putting together a few more words, which is definitely my favourite. We hear 'byebye dada/mama' a lot, or 'dada home'. I ask her if she is my baby, and she will say 'my babies'. Also a lot of 'in up' or '___ this/that/me' or '___ please'. She matches Baxter or Lizzy with whatever they are doing - 'Bak eat' 'Izzy poop'. It is hilarious to hear her have this whole conversation with a few words repeated and a bunch of unintelligible sounds thrown in. One of my personal faves is 'oh no'.

But, her favourite word is definitely 'no'.

It is really nice that she can tell me what she wants to eat more now, or when she wants to do something specific.

She can take off her pants pretty easily, and occasionally put them on. She likes to pull up the front and I'll pop the back over her tush for her. Then she helps me put my pants on the same way, so we are all about teamwork around here. Her new shoes have buckles so those aren't as easy as the last pair for her.

Her helpfulness is starting to be actually helpful. She will throw things away. She will help me sort laundry, then pick up all the laundry piles that are spread throughout the house and push the laundry basket out to the garage for me. She will put away her books or put a specific toy in it's spot. Blocks are still a weak spot for her, but she really likes to dump them. She will wipe up something that spilled with a paper towel, and then throw it away. We are working on helping more in the kitchen, but mom tends to get frustrated with the resultant messes.

Whenever she hurts herself she immediately asks for ice. I went in to her room one morning and was brushing her hair back from her face with my hand. I noticed a bruise on her forehead and said oh is that where you bumped your head last night to her. She brought her hand to her forehead and then her eyes lit up and she exclaimed ice!! Ice makes everything better.

She has been stellar with teeth brushing. I was having to wrap a leg around her and hold her hands down so I could get in there and brush her teeth, but now I tell her I'm going to start the brushing and she just opens her mouth and lets me. After I brush everything decently well, I give her the brush and she finishes up the job. Phew, so much easier.

Teeth: I counted 8 on the bottom still, but I haven't been able to talk her into letting me take a good look at her top teeth. She is still chewing on her fingers a lot so I'm guessing something is going on. At least 14.

Eats: She has flipped back to her eating all the things growth spurt type cycle, which is way better than the barely eating anything cycle. She loves sharing a banana, can put away plenty of toast, and we can't keep fruit in stock.
Sweet Turtle Soup: Twenty Two Months Old


  1. She's so cute! We're still struggling with teeth brushing, she just likes to suck the water and paste so I have to hold her down too.

  2. i love her in her jams!! happy 22 months!!!

  3. I can't believe the changes since last month; she looks so much older! And that hair! So cute. Isn't it nice when they can start to 'help' some around the house? :) Not enough to make a huge difference, but Reese likes to help me unload the dishwasher and that speeds things up some. Is it bad I'm looking forward to chores? Hehe ;)

    1. I'm counting down the days till Ez's "helping" is actually helpful! Right now he loads the dishwasher with his toys as I'm putting the dishes in...

  4. Aria's looking so big! And all those words...I can't wait till Ez can start telling me what's going on in his head.

  5. LOVE her curls!! So, so sweet! I'm so impressed by her vocabulary! Can't wait until Wyatt starts saying something besides "where'ditgo" (one word) and "dat". ;) And she's so petite! I hope Stella is a little more petite than Wyatt, I feel like he's so big (and I mean tall, I guess).

  6. She is just so stinking cute! And growing so fast!!

  7. awww, i just brushed Mini Fox's two teeth last night for the first time and she thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. I love this age...okay i love all ages, but after 2 is when you can start having real conversations with them, it's awesome.

  8. Isn't it the best when they can really start communicating, and the guessing game of "what do they want/need" is all but gone?!
    I also love the fact that "no" is the favorite word. Somehow I have a feeling that will be our kiddos favorite words until they're out of the house. :)
    Happy 22 Months, Aria!

  9. Such a cutie! Love the Halloween PJs!

  10. Shut the front door with that first picture! I am dying. She is SO adorable! And that smile? Forget it. It's a good thing I am not her mom because I would let her get away with EVERYTHING if she smiled at me like that.
    Oh, and it must be a "thing" because Mason's favorite word is 'no' also. In fact, so much so, that preschool asked Seth the other day if Mason says no to everything at home too. LOL.

  11. Such a BIG girl doing all sorts of BIG girl things!! She's so cute:)

    Do they have those jammies in my size?!!

  12. What a cutie! Wes is just 18 months and it's crazy to think of how much more he'll be taking in a few months!

  13. Adorable. Have you started to plan her 2nd birthday? Crazy how fast their birthdays come, right?

  14. I kept a running list of my daughter's first 100 words, and I thought it was so interesting! Now I can't wait to compare them to her little brother's when he starts talking.

    Can't believe Aria says sh*t. Ha!

  15. Cutest little 22 month old ever!! Also, I am jealous that she naps. Mason boycotted naps at the ripe age of 2 and despises them still. And her painted little piggies? Love!


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