Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Twenty One Months Old

September 2nd
Weight: tba.

Height: tba.

Sleep: Bedtime is at 8 and up around 7:30-8:30, same as last month. Nap time is around 12:45-1:00, and lasts until about 3:30.

Clothes: Wearing 18 and 24 months outfits. I'm excited to add more pants into the rotation when the weather cools down a bit (hopefully sometime in the not too distant future).

Diapers: Size 4 Pampers baby dry. No cloth diapers. Same on the potty training front, she'll do her business if you put her on the toilet but doesn't ask.

Loves: attempting to put on her own clothes, stealing mom's mason jar tumbler, fishing around in the dogs' water bowls, being outside even though it is hot hot hot, going to Disney, Mickey and Minnie, playing with her diaper cream during diaper changes, going for walks with dad and an alternating dog, swimming, keys, Christmas carols, watching home videos, milk, reading her books, looking out the front window, saying no to everything, and watching Pioneer Woman before nap time.

Hates: listening to 'no', and other irrational tantrum inducing odds and ends. She's had more hissy fit days lately, and one spectacular tantrum the other day - Chris tried to help her put on her bloomers, monster. I'm glad the other ones are short lived.

Milestone Progress: She can put her shoes on pretty well now, especially if she picks the right feet from the start. She hasn't really mastered pants tops or dresses, but my gosh if she won't try and try and try. The trick is to tell her we are putting clothes on to go outside, or just go in general. Then she will let somebody help her, and of course then we go somewhere.

No new signs, but with all her words popping up it's not the priority anymore. We still like to do animal signs and sounds though. She can do a dog bark now.

She says so many words now I'm not sure I could even being to list them. She put together more and that, and , which I was totally excited about. Her new fave word is no. Everything is no.

When she goes to the park she can do the bar steps pretty well now and cross the wiggle bridge. She goes on long walks with dad without getting tired and asking to be carried now, and she likes to walk the dogs.

It's impressive how well she can polish off an apple.

Teeth: She has 8 teeth on the bottom, and at least 6 up top but she hasn't let me take a good look at the top teeth lately. I assume something is going on though because she is constantly chewing on her finger. 14+.

Eats: Nothing new really. Although I made paleo pancakes yesterday morning and her and Chris devoured those suckers. I personally thought they tasted like saw dust. She loves fruit and bread and veggies. Picky about her meat and potatoes. Not a big fan of pasta.


  1. Wow she ate paleo pancakes. Daughter of the year award!

  2. We're starting to get into more of the 'hissy' fits around here too. Nothing too bad yet, but she's definitely pushing our buttons, especially when it comes to throwing her food/cup/plate, etc. I'm impressed Aria can eat an apple like that! I'm too scared to give Reese anything like that, because she likes to take big bites and I'm afraid of choking.

  3. Aria always is so good about trying new foods. I need her to teach Lia about that please !
    She is adorable! Love that expression in the chair with her apple! Girls = hissy fits( drama) especially when they are determined to do something and can't or we try to "help". We have learned to let Lia work it out and ask for help when she needs it. I will let you know when the drama ends. I think it might be at 25!! heheheheh

  4. He tried to help her with her bloomers. Ah man I giggled. I sense a case of someone wanted to do it on their own. She is so cute and I always adore her beautiful blonde hair. It is perfect.

  5. Her hair is just getting more beautiful by the day! And so wonderful that she can put on her own shoes! None of Liam's shoes are "kid friendly", but I don't mind helping him out! Fashion first! :-)

  6. I love her!! I cannot believe she is almost 2. OMG. I hear you on the hissy fits, I feel like Savanna FREAKS about everything these days. Especially when she wakes up from naps..I can never calm her back down? Hopefully it's just a stage..

  7. I pretty much am in love with the fact that you used the phase "hissy fit"!! I grew up with that but I don't think I've heard anyone our age use them. It's so true about toddlers. If it's any help Callie's tantrums were at their worst 20-25mo and have actually become less now that she is 2. And it's almost totally predicatble when they are coming now. I love her with the apple and her whisps of curl flipping up. She's just the cutest little toddler! :)

  8. I'm so impressed she is going on the potty. I'm not ready for that BIG step just yet.

  9. she's so cute, I love when people do these about their kids, yet I never do them for mine, haha. It's the best when they start talking, especially when you can have a full conversation with them! I feel like 2 is when they really can start doing that. :) Almost there!

  10. This is such a fun age, but the tantrums are stressful sometimes.

    Isn't the language/talking amazing? So much fun!

  11. Christmas Carols!! A baby after my own heart! What a sweet girl!

  12. What is it with the diaper cream, or any lotion like bottle?? Wyatt's obsessed! Ha! Also, tantrums...not fun. Sean and I giggled through dinner one night as Wyatt layed on the floor screaming. He finally decided he'd eat, but only in my lap. Can't believe she's almost 2! Have you started party planning??

  13. She's getting so big! What is it about getting dressed that is so efficient at pushing a toddler over the edge? Ezzy doesn't want to get dressed by himself, he just doesn't want to get dressed. Period. It's cute she's being more independent and doing stuff herself though. Does she pick out her own outfits too?

  14. So quickly approaching TWO! Can you believe it? That last picture is a framer! Love that sweet little smile.

  15. Oh my gosh, TWO is knocking on your door. Please tell me you've got a million and one things planned for her party!


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