Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Currently: September

Thinking about: which foods I want to try at Epcot's Food and Wine Festival. Schinkennudeln, moussaka, and cannoli oh my!

Sweet Turtle Soup
Working on:  my to do list of all the fun things I want to do over the course of my Countdown to Halloween. I've got the list, but I need to figure out where they should all go! A pretty fun task if you ask me.

Reading: not a gosh darn thing.

Listening to: Taylor Swift's 'Shake it Off'.

Eating: boring Paleo food.

Watching: movies on Amazon prime...An Officer and a Gentleman, Footloose, Clueless, etc.

Wanting: some Baby Ruth fun size candies and pumpkin spice chocolate chip cookies.

Feeling: so excited that the start of the best months of the year are about to begin. There is so much to look forward to over the next few months. All the holidays, the weather getting cooler, Aria's 2nd Birthday! It is good stuff.

Loving: how super sweet Aria has been lately and how free with the kisses she has been. Really, is there anything much better than getting spontaneous smooches from your child? Top 1%. Definitely.

Thankful for:  my blog friends that make doing this hobby even more fun. I enjoy reading their posts and sending a few too many emails daily. Ladies you are the icing on the cake!

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  1. Oh food and wine festival. Yes yes how I love you!!!

  2. Wine fests are awesome! We just went to one this past weekend & it's the biggest in all of Germany! Germans go hard!

    And I'm totally making a list of fun things to do for your countdown! I'm anxiously awaiting October so we can do it all! This really is the BEST time of the year! ;)

  3. When I went to Epcot I was there on the very last day of the fest.... kind of sad I didn't take it in a bit more.

    Your so close to being done with the paleo month right?!

    There is nothing better! Emily and I snuggled in bed the other morning and it was the absolute BEST!

  4. You have some great things on the horizon! PS now I want a cannoli!

  5. I've been searching for one more blog idea for this week, and this is it! Thanks for the fab idea. :)
    The wine and food festival! Take me with you! Disney Land doesn't have anything like that (at least that I know of), and I'm certain we would LOOOOOOVE something like this! Please, have a good glass of pinot noir for me!
    Marcus has been really snuggly lately, too. Especially right before we head for our bed time routine. I love it.

  6. Can't wait for the link up! Cash loves "Shake it Off"!

  7. When is Aria's birthday? I can't ever remember.

  8. The Food and Wine Festival sounds amazing! We were looking at plane tickets for a quick Halloween weekend getaway to Disney. Turns out they are a little too pricey this last minute. I hope you guys have a blast at the festival. I'm looking forward to reading about it.

    We have nightly dance parties to the new T. Swift. Loving that right now!

  9. 'Shake it off' is the main song being played in our house these days too!

  10. I think I am probably the only person who hasn't hear the Taylor Swift song. Maybe I will have to listen to it. She's not an artist I would listen to, but maybe I should try.

  11. Shake It Off is Liam's new jam! We are having many a dance party these days!

  12. Yes! What Desiree said! Why doesn't Disneyland do anything nearly as fun at DisneyWorld? I feel like we get screwed here in CA! So jealous of your food and wine festival. Have a glass of wine (or a drink!) for me too!
    Mason has been all sorts of terrible twos lately and the cuddles and kisses make it all worthwhile. I'm actually posting something about this tomorrow, but tonight he was an angel when I put him to bed. He did brushing his teeth like a champ and even picked out his own two books to read. Then he laid his head on my shoulder and gave me a long hug. I asked for a kiss and he gave me one right on the lips and then we hugged again and I never wanted to put him down...

  13. I love the food and wine festival!! So jealous you're going!! :)


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