Monday, July 28, 2014

See What's New on Sweet Turtle Soup

I thought it was about time for Sweet Turtle Soup to get a bit of a makeover. For one, I just really like rearranging things. For two, I wanted to up my reader engagement with all sorts of fun favourite categories and popular posts. So let me show you!

First you'll notice all new tabs at the top. If you click the first one 'Meet the Family' you will find my about us page.
Sweet Turtle Soup header tabs
There is a little intro and miscellaneous tidbits about the whole gang - myself, Chris, Aria, and the fur kids.
Sweet Turtle Soup's Meet the Family page
This here is my favourite new bit. A collage of Aria from each month up until 18 months. Honestly, there is a lot of cuteness crammed into that rectangle. It is also one of the parts that isn't 100% complete yet. I will be adding Aria's next month-date underneath, as soon as it occurs - in about a week.
month by month photo collage
If you click the 'NEW? Start Here' tab you will find a quick blog timeline to catch one up to speed.
Sweet Turtle Soup header tabs
There are links to all the highlights, various series and link ups, and a few favourite clips.
Sweet Turtle Soup's New? Start here! page
If you click the 'Blogs I Love' tab you will find...blogs that I love reading! Shocker.
Sweet Turtle Soup header tabs
I pondered how to make this page more fun, but I came up with zilch. So a list it is. It is in no order other than I wanted the shape to undulate down the page. These are some excellent reads if you are in the market for a new favourite.
Sweet Turtle Soup's blog I love page
If you click the 'Best of' tab you will find visual links to my most read posts along with my personal favourite posts.
Sweet Turtle Soup header tabs
This is pretty straight-forward, but there is something about pretty little squares all lined up that makes me happy.
Sweet Turtle Soup's Best of page
Sweet Turtle Soup's Best of page
If you check out my side bar and scroll down a wee bit you will find my favourite addition, a list of my top categories all pretty in their own picture graphic.
Sweet Turtle Soup's Favourite Categories
The 'Recipe Book' rectangle is a little different from the rest though, if you click on it you will find a page of all our family recipes collected into pretty squares and easy to click links.
Sweet Turtle Soup's Recipe Book tab
Right now there are only a handful, but I've been working on making all of our best recipes and photographing them. So with time more and more will be added. Also note that not all of the links are to Sweet Turtle Soup. The photos are however all mine. I figured out that I wasn't really much of a food blogger and stopped posting recipes months ago. I do enjoy cooking and baking so I thought this was a fun page where I can share all the good things that come out of our kitchen. Not to mention the recipes I use are all conveniently located for me, I've already been putting this page to good use and it has only been live a couple of days. Naturally I put the 'desserts & drinks' at the top. Priorities.
Sweet Turtle Soup's Recipe Book page
These aren't all the new changes, but a few I wanted to draw your attention to. I encourage you to click around and check everything out. The redesign is mostly complete, but there are a few more ideas rolling around in my head that I may still work on.

Thanks so much for having a look around, have one heck of a week!


  1. Love the updated look! And thanks for including me on your list! :-)

  2. I love the new look! I have been meaning to do a Most Popular Post page and perhaps a New Reader page but haven't gotten around it. How do you find the time to do all these?! More props for you, my friend! You did great!

  3. Seriously....yesterday, after I noticed you finally made the switch, I spent like a half hour looking around at least! I was going to comment on everything new I saw but then I felt like a total stalker. ha! Love love love all the changes. You did SUCH an AMAZING job. Did you take coding in school? Also, your "meet the family" page is top-knotch. Seriously you hit your design out of the park!!! So jelly!

  4. Umm, you're amazing. LOVE the new blog design!!!
    Oh and thanks for including me on your list! :)

  5. Very nice! Good job lady blog updating can be hair pulling work!

  6. I love it even more! You did an amazing job and it's so organized! I love the new side buttons/picture categories/labels. I thought that was so cool. And your follow along links as a list is super easy to read too. You did an amazing job! Want to do mine next time I'm in the market for a re-design?! :) PS thanks for the love on the fav blog list!! :)

  7. Awesome re-do! You did an amazing job!

  8. Well done! Definitely more engaging and a ton for me to sift through! Which I love.

  9. Holy smokes - you did all of this?! I'm beyond impressed.
    LOVE IT!

  10. Love your new blog design! It's awesome and I love everything you included.


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