Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sweet Sunday

July 13th - 19th
 Our simple and sweet moments from the past week.
Kitty, Kitty - Come out and Play!
 Do you see the cat?

This big piece of paper came with our amazon box this week (along with The Book of Life that I've been completely ignoring everything else for while I read it!). Aria decided to wear it around the house like a scarf and a cape for a while. Just because.

Always climbing
 This is Aria's favourite place to sit. No, I take that back. This is her second favourite place to sit. The first is the ledge by the veggie drawer in the refrigerator.

Getting Dressed!
Aria stole a pair of her pants from the (clean) laundry and put them on while I got dressed one morning. She got one whole leg on the correct way and everything too. She moved too quickly to get a picture of that, but this is her taking it back off. I didn't think she'd ever get her foot in the hole let alone all the way pulled up. Always impressing me this one!

Bacon for Breakfast
 We had breakfast with a side of fried this weekend. Chris had to work a shift on Saturday but took his break to come have the morning meal with us. Fried eggs, bacon, and potatoes are his jam. Aria doesn't mind them herself either. She stole his fork after he headed back to work. Can't leave anything near her side of the table anymore.
Have a sweet Sunday!
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  1. I have one that used to love sitting on the fridge ledge...great shots! Visiting from Simple Things Sunday :)

  2. She's looking so grown up! I'm really excited when Aiden puts clothes on himself too.

  3. I'm so glad to know Wyatt isn't the only toddler obsessed with climbing into refrigerators! We have a fridge with the freezer on the bottom so he has a hard time, but he tries. At Mimi's house, it's a whole new ballgame!

  4. Cuteness all around. She's like a little monkey with her perches!

  5. It is soooo funny where kids like to sit! Very cute pics!

  6. I always love seeing these sweet photos. She is so precious!

  7. That picture of her sitting under the table is too funny and cute! Also super funny that she likes to sit on the ledge in the fridge by the veggies!

  8. she is adooooorable. so precious.

  9. The paper scarf - why not?! That'd be a fun piece of paper to also make a big old mural on. Toddler scribbles, finger paint, stickers. You name it. Good place to add all of that fun.


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