Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's the Little Things: Pond Walks, Dad Shoes, and Cheers!

I was doing a little photo organizing and realized that I let a few good pictures slip through my sharing fingers. So naturally I had to snatch them back up so that I could pop them into a post. Letting one leaf go undocumented would be a travesty.

The cat is watching a butterfly zoom around the front porch.

I need a new wreath for the front door. My spring yarn one is still hanging out. I wish it was time to put up my fall one though. Anybody have a fun recommendation for a two months end of summer wreath? Let me know!

Last week I was super on top of my blogging calendar and had whole nights free from blogger! So a trip to the library to stock up was needed. I went in to peruse my options with two hands and Chris took Aria for a walk around the duck pond. I love daddy and daughter hand holding sightings. I also love that when she eventually spotted me she did a double take and then took off running for me. That's the good stuff.
Aria has recently become obsessed with wearing Chris' shoes. She is constantly stealing them and you can hear her clomping around the house in them. She can walk in them just as fast as I can walk barefoot next to her. My fave is when she insisted on wearing them to go get the mail. The simple pleasures in life. Just like dad.
Aria is such a little boss when she makes people sit down. This is the first thing she sees when we hit up the children's section at the library, and usually her and dad pop a squat while I go off and hunt for some new books. Eventually she moves on to destroying the board book train you can just see in the background.
And, for Aria's newest trick! I taught her to clink glasses the other week, and she is obsessed now. We cheers over and over during most meals. I think it is pretty cute.

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  1. What sweet captures! Little ones seem to love cheers with their drinks, my younger son loves it too :)

  2. Aria in the shoes is too much! Such a cutie. We have the same shoe-wearing going on, too. It's funny that they always go for daddy's shoes!

  3. LOL at Aria in her daddy's shoes!!! Love it!!!!! P.S. I've noticed your blog hasn't been showing up in my bloglovin' feed this week. I have to go and actually type in the address...did you change something that would affect this during the conversion? Do you know if anyone else is having this issue? Bloglovin' was showing that there weren't any unread posts, but I knew that was wrong because you typically post daily during the week...

  4. Umm so my bloglovin is being a jerk and is not showing that you have any new posts! what the heck bloglovin. I'm not lovin it.

    Anyway, now that I found you, I love this! Mason has been obsessed with putting Seth's flip flops on and I think it's the cutest thing! Also the cutest thing? That Aria saw you, did a double take, and then came running. Melt. My. Heart!

  5. Aria in her Daddy's shoes. I'm dying over the cuteness:)

  6. Love her wearing daddy's shoes! That's adorable! And I was in love when Callie got "cheers" we do it a lot still. Sometimes she'll "cheers" with food not even a cup - cracks me up!

  7. Oh, that was one of my favorites when Henry learned to do cheers! So fun! Love the pictures of her in the shoes.

  8. As we say in my family- cin cin aria!! Adorable!

  9. The shoes, what is with the shoes? I will find my shoes and Scott's shoes all over the house, thanks to the resident 2-year old.
    The "cheers" is adorable!

  10. Wyatt is the same way...he's obsessed with shoes! He even tried taking a little girl's flip-flop at the park, ha! Aria is so adorable! Love the "cheers"!

  11. I think my Bloglovin was messed up like Elizabeth's too, so I missed a whole bunch of your posts - boo! The thing with the shoes is funny, because that's totally Reese's new thing to do. She'll find a pair and try to walk around in them :) A few days ago, she tried with flip flops that didn't work so well, haha.


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