Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

Moose riding toddler!
  No, we aren't Canadian ourselves, but that doesn't mean we can't get in the spirit. We are neighbors after all, in the broadest geographical terms. So, Happy Birthday Canada - 147 years young!

Aria and I are getting our red and white on today. If you need any ideas check out some of the links I found for fun Canada Day festivities:
1. I love these shirts. A lot.
2. We've got these red and white pops in the freezer. I used strawberry instead of raspberry.
3. I wish I had seen this yarn wreath sooner. You could make the base red and white, and then add in some blue embellishments for the 4th after Canada Day. Not to mention change out the blue and add something for Christmas later in the year. So very cost efficient!
4. You could DIY a red and white maple leaf banner. The link is to an etsy shop, but you could get a leaf shape to stencil onto red and white paper and then cut it out to hang on a string. Simple, but your hand would definitely be feeling it. Been there, done that. Instead of leaves you could do circles, especially because those round punches are easy to find and would save a lot of time and hand cramps. Or, pennants.
5. I've already got one of these colouring printables ready to go for Aria.
6. A toast moose? Practically the best thing I've ever seen
7. The food options are endless...one, two, three, four, five.
8. Stock up on Freshly Picked moccs with free shipping to Canada (ends tonight) with code 'OHCANADA'.
9. Have a family sing along of O Canada.
10. Canada Day mani!

Any excuse for a little extra festive in our day is a good excuse for me!
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  1. How fun that you celebrate this! I'm sure living in Florida you get to see first hand that Canadians are just the friendliest darn people.. I guess they are drawn to us down there being from the North and all because I feel like we always make friends with Canadians when we come down that way;)

    Funny that you made popsicles, we did that yesterday too! ;)

  2. That picture!!! I died. SO CUTE!
    Those popsicles!! I must try asap!

  3. I'm embarrassed to admit I forgot it was canada day until I read your title... AND IM CANADIAN. Shame on me!

  4. Ohmygosh- that toast moose! Love it! I would definitely consider living in Canada some day - we've been there twice and vacation and love it. Although, anytime I hear something about Canada, all I can think of is Robin Scherbatsky :) 'Let's go to the mall... today!'

  5. All good things all good things. ;)

  6. I really have no connection to Canada, but what fun activities!

  7. I have only been to Canada once. I stayed at the Embassy hotel near Niagara Falls. The view was amazing! That moose looks awesome! It makes me want to make one haha. Popsicle sounds like a great idea too. This reminds me, we bought some last night! Yesss, popsicles!

  8. Cutest picture everrrrrr!!!! Happy Canada Day!

  9. I love that you celebrated Canada Day!!
    Sounds like you had a lot of fun lined up!

  10. I never think of celebrating Canada Day since we're not Canadian but like you said, why not? We're neighbors! And I love any excuse to celebrate :) Loved your pics on IG today! So festive and smart!

  11. I love that you celebrated Canada day! Great list of resources! You would think I would've remember since I'm just a few hours drive away from Canada and in college we use to go party there because it was legal for us to drink at 19! :)


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