Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sweet Sunday

June 1st - 7th
All of our sweet and simple moments from the week.
Door Bells
One of Aria's favourite things is ringing the bell on the door. It makes the dogs go nuts. So, fun for everybody...

B Toys Woofer Guitar
I rotated in some toys this week. Aria and I rocked out to her hound guitar for quite some time. Although, she would not let me pick the song. Clearly we have different taste in music already.

I told Aria to take a picture with me, so she kiss/licked me...or maybe from the looks of the picture she just lower lipped me.

Toddler and Dog love
Lizzy makes an excellent bed.

Disney's Frozen DVD
She was giving the Frozen case a hug, can you tell that she likes it?! The cartoon of Mickey being drawn at the start gets her so excited, she is trying so hard to say Mickey. See, educational!
Cracker Barrel Rocking Chairs
We had a family dinner at Cracker Barrel yesterday, home of the rocking chairs. 
Have a sweet Sunday!
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  1. I feel like every Sunday, I write the same thing - "awwww, Aria is the cutest". And, today is no different. I always love your photos, but the one that made me really go "aww" this week, is the photo of Aria sleeping on your dog!!

  2. Cute moments for sure! I love her chubby legs!!!

  3. LOVE baby kisses! Wyatt just started giving them this past week and it's all open mouth, ha! Such cute pictures of Aria this week!

  4. These are all too cute. I especially liked the picture of Aria kissing you. Even though it's only "lower lip kissing" it's still so precious! I cannot wait til Maylee gives me an actual first kiss ♥ (She only does the open mouth kind of kiss haha)

  5. The picture with the dog is too cute! Your dog seems like a trooper!

  6. So cute that she is ringing the doorbell!! I bet it is so exciting for her!! Too funny!!

  7. Marcus does the same thing with the doorbell, just to make our dog bark. It's fun times.

  8. So sweet... is that a beagle? My little old dog was a beagle...she died last year... she was a sweet little old lady!

  9. She is a definitely a cutie! Sweet little moments! Love your door, too. :P

  10. Fun pictures! I love the one of her laying on the dog, haha. Her giving the dvd a hug is the same thing that Reese does too - it's super cute! And yum to Cracker Barrel - one of few restaurants I'm willing to go to with a toddler :)

  11. Seriously so cute! Loving that guitar! Does it play actual songs or does the kid get to "play" their own songs on it?! I'm thinking Mason might need one for his birthday...

  12. Haha! Love the picture of her ‘lower-lippin’ you! So cute. And her on the dog? I die!


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