Thursday, June 12, 2014

Historical-ness: Honeymoon Day #2

I've made my way from how Chris and I met up through our wedding day in this historical-ness series. So the next few posts will deal with our honeymoon at Disney World. After we got married and reception-ed at Epcot, we honeymooned for the next three days at Disney's The Boardwalk. Today's post is from April 14th, 2011 - honeymoon day 2.
We got up and explored the resort while making our way down to the boardwalk for breakfast by the water. We feasted on fruit, an eclair, and muffins. Donald's cousin came and joined us as well.
Walt Disney World, Boardwalk Bakery
After we filled our tummies we bussed it over to Hollywood Studios for the day. The photopass photographer gave us free fastpass tickets along with some advice on marriage that I don't remember anymore because the only thing that stuck with me was how he said it in his mother's voice. A little odd, a little fun.
Disney's honeymoon
We hit up all our favourite rides, which for me is Tower of Terror! And, we made sure to catch the car stuntshow because we hadn't seen it before.
Disney's honeymoon
Since Hollywood Studios is our least favourite park we did the highlights and then called it a day.
Disney's honeymoon
We headed off to the Polynesian resort for the evening.
Walt Disney World Dining
Chris was smitten with dinner at Ohana. He hasn't stopped talking about it since! They even gave us a celebratory cupcake to celebrate our honeymoon, although after all you can eat awesomeness I think the bread pudding was more than enough to end the evening! But, there were Mickey sprinkles, and I'm a sucker for Mickey sprinkles.

We were going to watch the fireworks from the beach but we were still lingering over our food when the time came so we decided to just stay and relax before rolling back to our resort. Definitely go to Ohana with a belly ready to be filled, phew.

And, with that our second honeymoon day is over and done. Stay tuned for the final day in the coming weeks!

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  1. Aww, fun! I love Disney! I actually can't wait to take Plmaer there when she is a little older!!!

    Alycia//Crazily Normal

  2. You look like you had so much fun on your honeymoon!

  3. Apparently I must get to Ohana. Like yesterday.

  4. I love that dress you have on! I've never been to Ohana, but I've heard really good things about it, so now it's on my list for next visit :) Along with Boma & Crystal Palace - I'm going to need like a 2-week vacation there so I can fit in all the stuff I want to eat, ha!

  5. O.k I'm taking notes now, never been to Disney but when we decide to go... We will be ready. Thanks to you! :)

  6. Word of advice: Yes dear, I'm sorry dear. I was told these would solve any problem.

    1. Hi, hun =P That's why I married you, you can remember things.

  7. You sure to do love Disney World! HA! What a fun honeymoon. I know see how important the happiest place on Earth is to you and your family.

  8. I would love to hit up Disney, now, sans child. It looks so much more fun and relaxing. :)

  9. I love your blue dress - so pretty!! Free fast passes? That's awesome! Love catching up with your "historical-ness" series! :)

  10. Love this series!!! Chris looks so different sans a beard!! Y'all look so happy and full of the moment!!! Sweet memories!


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