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Disney Trip #2 - [Day 2] Polynesian Mornings and Magic Kingdom Afternoons

Aria's First Monorail Ride, and more Magic Kingdom fun
Disney resorts
If you caught yesterday's post then you already know that day 2 started off a little groggy after hours of middle of the night baby soothing. Unfortunately we had an 8:30 reservation at Polynesian's Kona Cafe so we were up and at em early. Although, I think Chris is the only one who could have slept in. Aria and I were both up at our usual time.
Disney transportation
  We made our way over to park at Magic Kingdom so we could just hop on a monorail to the Polynesian for breakfast and hop right back on one to get back to Magic Kingdom afterwards. It was Aria's first monorail experience, very exciting stuff!
Disney's Polynesian Breakfast
 Aria did the word search at Kona Cafe before our breakfast came. She got a smoothie, Chris got steak and eggs, and I tried out the Tonga Toast. It was good, but not as good as the raves I've heard about it. I prefer my French toast, but it is kind of hard to beat eggnog French toast - am I right?!
Disney Transportation
  The second monorail ride back over. I think she preferred this one! Look at that happy =)
Magic Kingdom's Swiss Family Robinson Tree House
  Since we headed straight on day 1 we decided to veer left on day 2. Theme park strategizing at it's best.
But, first I slathered the baby with sunscreen while Chris went and picked up his Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom cards. I honestly couldn't explain it to you, but it is some sort of card game you can play at portals around Magic Kingdom - Chris was super into it and bummed he forgot to start on day 1.
First up was the Swiss Family Treehouse.
Magic Kingdom's Swiss Family Robinson Tree House
The perfect place to let Aria walk and look around since it wasn't very peopled.
Magic Kingdom's Swiss Family Robinson Tree House
Magic Kingdom's Swiss Family Robinson Tree House Attraction
I picked her up for a few pictures, but she walked just about the whole thing by herself. Much to the chagrin of the young boys that were behind us and whose mom didn't want them to pass. Aria tried her hardest to turn around and do each set of stairs twice, but I convinced her there were plenty ahead.

Magic Kingdom's Swiss Family Robinson Tree House Attraction
I thought it was cute that dad walked her in and then walked her out at the end, and mom got the middle (aka the part with stairs).

Disney, Magic Kingdom, Attractions, Aerial Spinner
Next up Chris took her on The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, so I could play photographer with the other parental halves standing by the exit.
Magic Kingdom, Attractions
 Phew, it was already a hot one, so we were glad to get into some shade with a visit to the Tiki Room. There was a kid in line that was in a carrier on his dad's back, but instead of it being like a sitting thing it was a standing thing...there were little foot stirrups and the little boy was just hanging out on dad's back like a monkey. It was weird, but fun.
I'm not sure how much Aria enjoyed the show. She was super restless and just climbed up on the seat, popped back down, hung on the gate in front of her, sat on the floor, then climbed back up for a repeat cycle. Whatever floats her boat, she wasn't fussing at all.
Disney's Magic Kingdom Attraction
 Speaking of boats (see what I did there?) we hit up the Jungle Cruise next, which we had fastpass+ for. This one can be super cute if you get the right guide, but we did not this time. He was a snooze. Maybe next time it'll be better.
Disney's Magic Kingdom Attraction
We used another fastpass+ for one of my favourites, Pirates of the Caribbean. Although, I did not realize you can get really wet if you sit in the front. And, that drop threw me to the side...the front is rough apparently. Chris said when I went flying he was thinking 'oh shit, did she just get thrown out of the boat'. No worries, I cushioned it for the baby. It was smooth sailing after that though.

Next up was lunch at Sleepy Hollow, which was another place I wanted to try based on a recommendation - with a miss (the dole whip) and a meh (the tonga toast), I wasn't expecting much so naturally it was the best ever. I got a nutella and fruit stuffed waffle. Oh man, it was good. The only downside was no inside seating, and the shade seating was all taken at first. I snagged a table when a family scooted out though, much better.

Disney World, Magic Kingdom
After lunch Aria was definitely getting tired and a little cranky, so I tried her in the stroller to see if she would conk...but no luck. Instead, we took her to the bridge where she could run around without getting run over. Chris was off working on his Sorcerer's card game so we slowly made our way over to him.

Disney World, Magic Kingdom
The Riverboat was just starting to board so we decided to hop on since we were right there. I thought Aria would love watching the big paddle thing on the back spin with all the water, but nope. She wanted to do the stairs and only the stairs and no we can't take a break, thank you very much. She threw a mini fit when I had to hold her when we were getting back off, but she went down for a nap shortly thereafter.

Chris finished up a few more Sorcerer's portals and I pushed Aria around, before we called it a (hot) day and headed toward the car. Aria slept on the way out of the park, into the car, back out of the car and into the stroller, and then a little bit longer back at the room.

Disney World Resort pools
After she woke up we grabbed some cheese fries and checked out the main pool, but it was too busy for my tastes so we headed to the quiet pool instead. Aria loved playing in the water. She would almost run around the edge and then spontaneously dive into the water where I would catch her. It was super relaxing, definitely. But she wasn't loud, and she didn't drown so it was win win.

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, Donald Duck, Disney World
 After our swim we thought we'd head over to Epcot for dinner and try to get a seat at Germany's Biergarten. But, no luck, which was odd to us because we've never needed a reservation there before and it was still pretty early.

So we grabbed a bag of caramel chocolate covered popcorn to snack on while we hemmed and hawed on where to eat.

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, Disney World
By the way, can you spot the duck in this picture above?

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival
We were really popular with the ducks while we were snacking on the popcorn. Probably because Chris tossed them a few even though I told him there were don't feed the animals signs. He didn't believe me until I pointed every single one I saw from there on out to him.

We ended up going to the American Adventure because we really wanted to sit somewhere with a little AC. Chris grabbed some smoked beef brisket and smoked turkey from the Flower and Garden Festival booth the Smokehouse, along with some french fries from the counter service whose AC we were using just to make it legit. The brisket was so delicious, and while Chris loved the turkey I thought it had a terrible flavor. Aria just ate her 13th helping of french fries for the day (or 2nd if you want to get technical). She was pretty grumpy about having to sit at that point.

When we were done eating we slowly walked back to The Boardwalk so that Aria could stretch her legs (with an American Dream to go of course - a red, white, and blue slushy).

Disney World, Epcot's International Gateway, Epcot's back entrance
Aria couldn't resist the gift shop at the exit, and tried so hard to stand up in the shelf - but kept losing her balance. The cast members were smitten with her and tried to give her some stickers, but she just awkwardly stared at them immobile until mom took the stickers on her behalf.

Epcot's International Gateway, Epcot's back entrance, Walt Disney World
After the gift shop we walked by the test garden, where Epcot has a whole bunch of different plant species that they are trying out in Florida's climate. Aria really wanted to frolic through them, and made a few good bids at it too. After all, she did match.

Walt Disney World
Still walking...and this picture kills me. She has such a determined walk.

Walt Disney World resorts
I love the lamps and the view.

Beach Club, Yacht Club, Disney World Resort
Walt Disney World resort, Sea Breeze Point
And, a couple us-ies to end the evening.

We made it back to our room and Aria got a bath followed by pjs and then passed out immediately. She slept soundly the entire night, as did her parents (and the neighbor's I'd imagine). Praise the Lord!

And, here is day 2's video!
Thanks for coming along on day 2, keep a look out for day 3.
See you real soon! 
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  1. Another great day! That Tonga Toast looks delicious, so it stinks it didn't live up to the hype. Sleepy Hollow is on my food list for next time, along with 384 other places :) It sounds like you got in some fun rides, and now I'm curious about the standing carrier thing that the other person had. I love Aria and the flowers - she really does blend in!

  2. these posts have me itching for a disney visit. even just to disneyland which in no way compares to the fun you guys are having!!

  3. How fun! You capture the greatest photos. I love all of these memories you are making with Aria. And, I am so jealous of your Disney trips!!

  4. Such a fun trip. I am drooling all over my keyboard at your descriptions of all the food. Is it crazy that I've never been to Disney? I feel like I'm SO far behind on the lingo and what to do/how to do it that I'd be way too overwhelmed with research to ever go. :)

  5. Looks like SO much fun! How old is she? We're thinking about going next April for BK's birthday and taking Jud!

  6. A jam packed day for sure! And a good night's sleep! This is key!

  7. We didn't hit up the monorail last time, or the Jungle Safari. I'm hoping we can get to both, TOMORROW! Sadly, Pirates is closed (as is Space Mountain)! :/
    Love all the fun you three had. And, love even more that everyone got some good sleep! :)

  8. What a great trip! (Minus the cops.) This makes me so nostalgic for Disneyland, I wanna go back! Or, maybe if we're lucky, one day we'll make it over to Disney World. It looks like you guys have way more stuff than at Disneyland.

  9. I'm baffled by the fact that it looks like there are like no people there when you are there! How did you get so lucky?! Is this just a good time to go?! PS all of your food sounds SO GOOD.

  10. Sorry nobody slept well ...looks like you guys enjoyed a magical day anyway ;) Loved all the pics and video!! (Both my girls gathered at the computer to watch this one with me. :)) Thanks for bringing some Disney magic to our day!!

  11. Ok the only think I keep thinking is you move Aria THREE times during one nap and she slept?! I cannot even imagine that ever happening! The steam boat ride and the Pirates sounds so fun! Looks like another great day at Disney! Chocolate popcorn sounds yummy :)


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