Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Sunday

May 18th - 24th
I just realized I have been doing this weekly series for over a year now! If you wanna take a step back in time, check out the very first post back in May 2013.
And, then back to the present for all our simple and sweet moments from this week.
 Well, hello there. Just so you know the bread is behind you.
 We finally remembered to take out all the bread ends from the fridge and go feed the birds. We had quite the collection.
Aria wavered between dropping the bread at her feet for the birds and trying to eat it herself.
All the birds come running for the bread.
After a while Aria noticed the playground and made a beeline for it. 
 Bird feeding and slide flying is hard work.
Great-grandma brought Aria home her very own crown.
A little milk drinking in the tent.
It's been quite some time since we had corn on the cob, like sometime last summer. I remember giving Aria a piece and she tried her hardest to eat the corn off of it. She sucked the hell out of it for certain. But, now that she has some teeth she makes short work of it. She stripped the corn off in no time.
I sure do love when there is corn and watermelon on the menu.
Aria got it in her head that Baxter really needed a hug. She followed him all over the yard trying to get him to stop moving for a second so she could love up on him. Baxter is looking back like what in the world is she doing?! She finally got her beagle hug though.
About a minute after this she picked up a piece of poop and when I told her to put that down and scoot her tush over to the porch...she dropped it and then rubbed her hand down the middle of her face and then came back to the porch. Sorry was anybody eating? Blech. We hightailed it inside so I could sanitize her...and then myself after picking her up. I'd love to know what decision making processes were going on during that. Chris says she just thought Baxter would let her give him hugs if she smelled more like a butt.
Moving on to something far more pleasant. Rory and her mama Silvana came for a visit. I love how intently Aria is looking up at Silvana in this picture. She was very shy at the start.
Just checking each other out. Rory was definitely not shy, such a social butterfly that one.
This picture is my fave.
Going in for the kiss. I don't think they ever connected, haha. Aria usually just leans in for a kiss and waits for the other person to go that last bit. Rory didn't get the memo.
This is how I like to eat breadsticks too! Sitting backwards on my bike while watching Frozen.
Have a sweet Sunday!
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  1. Oh the Baxter hug is the cutest! I would love to know what they are thinking too, yuck, yuck, yuck!

  2. Baby kisses are so sweet! I'm hoping Wyatt gets that memo at some point. Right now he just thinks it's annoying when I kiss him. Looks like a great week!

  3. Every photo is sweet but the best for me would be Aria and Baxter hug. Its just the sweetest thing ever =) #SimpleThingsSunday

  4. First that scary pelican SO close and then picking up poop?! Quite the adventure!
    Loving that she loves corn on the cob too. We gave some to Mason for the first time a couple weeks ago and the little crunch noise he makes when eating it was just SO CUTE and then to see the little (and I mean little) teeth marks in the corn when he was done was so cute too.
    The kissing picture is the sweetest!

  5. These are such precious pictures!!!! Especially in the denim romper, Aria is starting to look more like a little girl and less like a baby. :/ ugh. So fast!!! Love the pelican picture and Aria and daddy feeding the birds! I was happy I realized this was at a park and not part of that magical forest you live in! Ha!

  6. She has such cute outfits! I like the pictures of her feeding the birds too. I'm pretty sure I would've freaked about the dog poop - yuck! I love the picture of her in the teepee drinking milk - what brand of tent is that?

  7. What a sweet girl you have! Although I'm loving my all boy lifestyle, seeing her sweet face and adorable clothes makes me wonder what life would be like with a little lady!


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