Friday, May 2, 2014

Seventeen Months Old

May 2nd
Weight: 23 lbs, according to the pediatrician.

Height: 33 inches, according to the pediatrician.

Sleep: A solid night from 7:30 to 7:30, but she usually rolls around quietly until 8. Naps have been crap. Super short with cranky wake ups going on lately. I'm assuming it is from the teething. Mom is extra tired, but I'm glad it isn't messing up night time sleep.

Clothes: Wearing 12 and 18 months.

Diapers: Size 4 in Pampers baby dry. FuzziBunz are actually no longer the fave. Aria's bum is big enough now that the Bum Genius fit better. The Thirsties tend to be the first to leak, so I've been skipping those altogether.

Loves: Playing outside in the water, squealing when a squirrel crosses the power lines out back, reading all her books, her bunny she got at Easter, going byebye, eating ice cubes, giving leg hugs, wearing decorative band aids, sitting on the potty for 3 seconds (and doing nothing), and being very attached to mama.

Hates: The usual - diaper changes, face wipes, and not being held by mama all day.

Milestone progress: We are loving animal signs lately. We do elephants, bird, bunny, giraffe, dog, and I think cat (I'm not 100% on that one). I've got to look up some more. No progress on words, but she has some very talkative babble days lately.

Her understanding of what is going on seems like it took a big leap. You ask her things and she understands and respond accordingly, or points to things you want.

We started potty training, sort of. More like potty training light. We have a toilet seat that sits on the regular toilet and she asks to go on it all the time. So far she has done her business twice. All in good time.

She got a set of forks and spoons in her Easter basket that she has been persistently working with. Not doing too shabby.

I don't know where else to put this so I'm just going to shove it right here. Her hair is all over the place. Long enough to be in her eyes, but too thin to stay in a clip for very long. Not enough to put up in any type of piggy. She leaves the clips alone though so maybe I should try a headband next.

Teeth: Oh hey, teething...I'm not your biggest fan. Aria has 9 teeth now, up from 6 last month. The molars are still working their way through, so I have the world's clingiest baby who only wants to cling to mama.

Eats: She started liking cucumbers and tomatoes again. She use to love them back at 6 months, but stopped for a long time. Her taste for meat has kind of dropped off. She decided to love pickles just recently. She had her first popsicle the other day, and loved it. She asked for one more after she devoured it, ha.
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  1. How is she almost a year and a half?! And how does she look older and more mature?! Tell her to slow down a tiny bit?

    I need to get my butt back into cloth diapering. I heard they potty train faster out of cloth? So that's a motivator!

  2. Oh she is THE CUTEST!! Love her darling dress!
    How are our girls 17 months this month? It's crazy how quickly the time is flying!

  3. So cute she steals at the squirrels when they cross the power lines!!!!! Do you put her to bed earlier when her naps are crap? That's the only positive thing about having a no nap ninja! What are leg hugs? Haha is it when they run up and stick their head between your leg? Lol Lily loved doing that for a while too. I think it's cute. Oh and that's how it started with potty training with us..Lily would tell us she needed to potty. Sometimes she did, sometimes she didn't. Yay!! Definitely a money saver!!

  4. Leg hugs, decorative bandaid, and going bye bye... she's a girl after my own heart!

  5. I wish my guy would sleep all night!! Evan loves cucumbers and tomatoes too!! Happy 17 months cutie!!

  6. How cute is she?! Oh. my. word. Hadley has always napped like crap, but even more so now that she's getting her first tooth.

  7. come on teeth get done with so mama can have a break!!! seriously she's so cute and starting to look so grown up!!! yay for potty training light! that's pretty much all we do. :) Yay for cucumbers they are a fav here these days too! clearly we have to get these two ladies together!

  8. She is seriously so cute!! That little striped dress (with the adorable orange flower) makes me so happy!!!

  9. Wow! 7:30PM-7:30AM?! I am jealous! I want Maylee to sleep like that! Did she used to sleep longer or shorter when she's younger? Tips please!

  10. First of all, SO JEALOUS of the sleep. Though I guess Mason is not that bad usually. Just when he wakes up at 5am it kills me. Sleep kid sleep! But seriously, Aria is looking like such a big girl lately! I love these photos! How is she almost a year and a half?? Time slow down!

  11. Awww...sweet Aria!! Love that she and Wyatt are about the same size! They would have so much fun together! ;)

  12. Wow.... almost a year an a half already! And what is it with toddlers liking tomatoes plain? Drew did too and I almost threw up in my mouth each time he bit into one!

  13. She's so precious!!! Is she tall for her age?


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