Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's the Little Things :: 13

This week's home video is a little dated. It is from Easter a couple weeks back. There were several clips to go through and trim so it wasn't a 27 minute boring video, so naturally I put it off a few weeks. Also I am excessively loud when I cheer on Aria, so I had to mute a few parts in order to save ear drums - you're welcome. Screaming 'yay' while holding the camera is apparently a poor decision, so I'll work on that. But, here is a little montage of our Easter Sunday (although technically the pumpkin pie making was on Saturday). Check it out!
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  1. haha! So funny! I do the same thing in videos which is why 99% of the time I don't post them. I sound like an annoying teenage cheerleader squealing! Aria is so cute! Love her little outfit!

  2. Cute video! I love how she would stand and point at the eggs in the yard - I was laughing :) They're great at this age aren't they?

  3. Such a fun age! She is precious!

  4. i hate my voice via video. pretty sure if i sound like that in real life I'm surprised i have friends who talk to me :) aria is the cutest!!

    and YAY!!!!! times a million. in loud voices.
    bring it on next time :)

  5. I am wanting to do a vlog but am scared that I'll sound like a dipstick on the video.

  6. So cute! The Easter Bunny treated her real nice!!

  7. So cute!!! And LOVE her little pink shirt!

  8. Those easter bunny paw stickers on the floor were a great touch! I love how she silently took it all in, stopping every now and then to point stuff out to you. So cute :)

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