Monday, May 19, 2014

Disney Trip #2 - [Day 1] Aria's First Magic Kingdom Visit

We woke up at 4:45 so we could get on the road and check in to our resort, Disney's Boardwalk Inn, so that we could take advantage of the extra magic hours that morning at Magic Kingdom. I hate mornings. But, for Disney I dragged my butt out of bed.
 We got there bright and early, but Aria was all perky and ready to go! Our room wasn't ready yet, naturally since it was 8 hours before the check in time, but they said we'd get a text when it was ready. We were just in it for the extra hour of park time.
After we checked in we drove over to the Magic Kingdom, and got 'lost' twice. We made the wrong turn - the first time because we were chatting and got distracted, and the second time we accidentally followed a cast member going the super secret other way to park..oops. We eventually made it there in one piece, but we did miss the opening show (which I've never seen).
My favourite way to get from the parking lot to Magic Kingdom is the boat even if it is slower. This boat was particularly slow because we had to wait and wait and wait on the dock until they would let us board. Lame.
 But, we did get to our destination! And, I remembered to pick up a 'first visit' pin for Aria! She proudly displayed it on the side of her stroller the whole trip.
I mentioned this in my 5 favourite moments post, but we caught the trolley show as we were walking down Main Street USA. It was a little too much for me...our first visit to Magic Kingdom in two years and Aria's first visit ever and our first walk down Main Street and watching my little girl stare in wonder at the performers, it was a good thing I had my sun glasses so I could discreetly weep. There is nothing like Disney magic!
Ah, the castle. One of the nicest bits about a Disney trip is that there is always somebody around willing to take a picture for you. A woman came up to us and asked if we would trade family portraits in front of the castle with her. Absolutely! I sure hope I took a great one for them.
A quick 'us-ie' strolling across the bridge up to the castle on our way to New Fantasyland. We passed the Frozen princesses meet and greet, only 430 minutes. No way, no how.
 Our first stop of the day! The Journey of the Little Mermaid. Loved this one, great story development.
Since Aria hadn't walked yet we set her loose and she did circles around Gaston's fountain while Chris went in to the Tavern and ordered us some breakfast.

 Since it was still nice and early it was nice and empty! My favourite way to dine, with a table. Another of my top 5 favourite moments! That cinnamon roll was killer, and the LeFou's brew (which Chris surprised me with) was so strange yet delightful. I had to pick up some apple juice at the store this weekend because I've had a hankering for it ever since! It is like an apple slush with fruit punch foam.

 Back out for some more loops around Gaston's fountain.

 And, then over to get some more riding under our belts. First up, Small World. Chris' least favourite ride apparently, which I didn't know until just recently. Poor guy, I dragged him on it even before we had Aria. I love it! It is so happy, and the line is always fast, and air conditioning and butt sitting are involved. What's not to love?

After Small World we had a fastpass+ for Peter Pan's Flight, but no pictures - you'll just have to take my word for it, or check out the videographic proof below! 
After that we hit up the Carousel (Prince Charming's to be precise), which I think was Aria's favourite judging from her smiles and grunts and one mores. 
We grabbed some lunch at Pinocchio Village Haus, because I love that you can see Small World from some of the seats. I made sure we could snag one before ordering too - no point in Haus-ing if you can't eat by the windows! The flat bread pizzas were surprisingly delicious, I wasn't expecting much but they surpassed my low expectations.
I made us a quick fastpass+ for Haunted Mansion, which Aria did great on. But she was definitely ready for a nap soon thereafter. As was her mama, yawn. She passed out right after I put her in her stroller, with her super nifty fan to keep her a little cooler.

We weren't sure what to do while she napped, so we wandered around for a little bit until I remember I wanted to try a Dole Whip. The line for it was hot and long, and I didn't even end up liking it all that much. I liked it for about 5-7 bites, but after that it was just too much. I might try a swirl another time, but the float was a no go.

We aren't overly versed in the shady baby napping parent sitting locations of Magic Kingdom so we walked while I tried to eat my Dole Whip float. And, then decided to head for the car. We had to make a run to the mall, because I couldn't find any red lipstick closer to home so we needed to pop over to the MAC store. Aria and I both napped in the car. We were in and out in 3 minutes and then made our way back to The Boardwalk, because my phone said the room was ready!

 Longest walk to a room ever! When you pre-check in you can request floors or locations or views, so I picked a view. But, it was as far away from the elevators as you could almost get. Too much exercise after walking around the parks all day, next time I'm putting in a request for right next to the elevator! Plus, I got lost half the time - and guys, there was only one point where you had to choose a path. I'm talented in my inability to remember directions.

We also had wedding bags made up from Laura and Jeff waiting for us! Laura has been my friend since elementary school, and her wedding (a Disney wedding!!!) was the reason for our trip. So, those were cute..and we downed the two waters asap.

 We cooled off, and unpacked, and checked out our room for a little while before heading out for dinner.
 Aria enjoyed strolling around the Boardwalk on the way to Epcot via a perfectly timed friendship boat.

 I wanted to try out a few more Flower and Garden Festival booths, but ended up trying all of China and being too full to eat anything else. It was all delicious. There were candied strawberries, spring rolls, and a spring pancake. The spring pancake was one of the yummiest things ever! There were a few other things I had in mind to try out while they were around for the Festival (which I think ended yesterday), but I was only bummed to miss trying the Dole Whip with rum. I'm pretty sure that was a combination I could have gotten behind.

 After dinner we let Aria walk back through the countries to the International gateway (aka back to our resort). It was slow, slow, slow. For one she walks slowly with her short legs, but she also had to stop and smell all the flowers and stare at all the people and make mad dashes for places off limits and wiggle any door handles she could spot.

 At least she is a super cute slow poke.

A little blurry but I squatted down to take some pictures of her walking past me and she gave me the biggest smile. Loved it!

About an hour later, but we finally made it back to The Boardwalk and our room.
I tossed her in a bath and jammies and then she conked out in two seconds. Chris and I did the same thing shortly thereafter.
And, then 11:30 happened. Aria woke up crying. I listened to her for a minute, but she was really getting into it so I went and picked her up. Soothed. Down. Cry. Repeat. 
A few hours later the manager and a cop showed up at the door because one of our neighbor's complained, or perhaps they were concerned for her welfare because she would not stop screaming. They were very nice about it though, Chris just said she was having an extra hard time getting back to sleep. We think it was because she was too cold, and the room was very slow in warming up.
Sometime before 4:00 she finally fell back to sleep.
Our breakfast reservations sure came early the next morning...
Who needs sleep at Disney anyway? Me! I do! I really could have used that sleep. Thankfully that was the only night like that.
Like last time, I made a video for each day of the trip. Feel free to take a glimpse at day 1 of our trip!
Thanks for coming along on Day 1, Day 2 is coming up shortly!
See you real soon!
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  1. Your Disney post has me wanting to go back to now! haha I have a 6 month old so we are trying to hold off a bit before going again. The Boardwalk is beautiful, I've never stayed there but have visited it. I'm totally jealous you got to stay there =)

  2. That looks like you guys had some much fun! I want to take Aiden there, but it would be much more of a journey!

  3. OH.MY.GOODNESS!! What a busy, but wonderful day! I'm so impressed with how happy Aria was by the end of it. I can only hope our littles will be as happy.

    And don't you hate when you have a screaming baby in a hotel? I'm surprised we didn't have someone called to our room when we stayed in Austin back in November.

    Can't wait to see more!!

    1. Oh, and I totally teared up watching the trolley show!! UGH!! I'm blaming the pregnancy hormones!!

  4. Oh how I miss Disney! I love her romper first of all, and it sounds like you had a great first day there! I too probably will cry the first time we go there with my LO- being a mommy makes you more sappy, I can say that! Sorry you didn't like the dole whip; I've never tried the float, but the vanilla/pineapple swirl is sooo yummy! I agree that a rum version sounds super good though.

    Don't you hate when they cry in the middle of the night and you can't figure out what's wrong?! Poor thing - glad it didn't happen any other night, but the lack of sleep is brutal.

  5. SO FUN!!! Makes me want to plan a disney trip! Also, I ADORE A's romper. My girls are both potty trained now, which I'm thankful for, but rompers are not a great choice for quick potty breaks and I'm so sad I don't get to buy them any for this summer :(

  6. A looks so happy in all the photos you've shared. It's like she was made for Disney!

  7. I cannot WAIT to take Camdyn to Disney! This post just made me so excited. Such a cute family! :)

  8. I'm still so bummed about the Dole Whip experience… I could live off those things (especially if rum was involved)!
    It's a Small World is CLOSED at DL right now. SO bummed about that.
    Do you think maybe Aria was over stimulated and that's what caused the trouble sleeping? We occasionally experience the same thing, and often it's after a jam-packed day.

  9. What a great day!! Minus the late night cry fest. But that tends to happen. I've never had a cop show up though. You win there. I want to go back now!!!!

  10. I love how much you guys pack into a day! That's how we are too, make the most of it! And we've been there with the screaming baby in the hotel. Mason would get so tired and out of his element and would just cry and scream! He eventually got over it because we traveled quite a bit. I was curious about the Dole whip...I've heard so much about them!

  11. Ok seriously? You're making me SO JEALOUS right now! I SO want to go to DisneyWorld right now. Oh and, we might as well start planning the wedding right now. We can have it on a carousel because that is Mason's FAVORITE ride ever as well. You guys look like you are having so much fun in all of your pictures! And Aria looks so happy and curious to see whats going on. I love it! And YAY for first visit buttons!

  12. LOVE this post!!! (Of course!! :)) My youngest daughter watched the video with me and immediately said, "CUTE FAMILY!" A few minutes later added, "They have such a CUTE little girl!" (...then at least once a minute said "she is so cute!") I wholeheartedly agree with her! ;) I had to rewind and rewatch Aria's smile on the carousel - so sweet!! Glad she liked your room! Too cute how happy she was when checking it out ;) Loved seeing Aria taking a closer look at all the details and taking time to smell the flowers! So very sweet (: Thanks so much for sharing the magic!!

  13. I LOVE all your details!! Ok first I still LOVE that cinnamon roll - yum! The photo as a family in front of the castle? Perfection. I don't think a Disney trip is complete without it. The mirror picture on the stairs - just as cool! Aria just looked like she was in heaven running around checking things out -- she's such a trooper seriously!


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