Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sweet Sunday

April 6th - 26th
Things, life, and holidays have gotten in the way of my usual Sweet Sunday posts, so today's post is extra long. Playing three week catch up with our simply sweet moments.

April 6th - 12th
Just a girl and her balloon on a stick.

Let me do yours now, mama.

First orange juice. I think she is officially a Florida girl now.
Hanging out with great-grandma.

Pre-water table era. Just playing with the hose. So much happy I couldn't narrow it down to just one.

The last sleep before Epcot! Aria is like...oooook.

April 13th - 19th
A little reflection silliness.

My little helper making brownies.

This is our neighbor's dog, Bella. She came for a visit and had a blast running around with my two dogs. Her owners fixed the hole in the fence though, so now we just get nose kisses through the fence.
Yesterday a different Bella came to visit though. She slipped her collar while her mom was walking her and ran around the back with Baxter until her mom could catch her. Our back yard is pretty fun - it brings all the Bellas to the yard.

Checking out the canal and passing cars with great-grandma.

Our morning entertainment. A flock of ibis came to feast on our buggies.

Some days you just need your bacon fix.

And, some days you just need to run around in your diaper.

A little yoga before reading. Good for the body and mind.

This quiche was out of this world. I've been craving it since I made it.
A combo of these two recipes [ 1 / 2 ] I'd cut the garlic salt in half.

 Opening up Aria's Easter box from Aunt Arianne and Uncle Ian. Mama had a little too much fun with the grass. (Aunt Arianne - Aria loved that skirt, it was her favourite of the goodies! Thank you!)

 Always waiting for dada to come home. I think she is fond of him.

Helping mama make pumpkin pie for our Easter dinner, technically the dough at this point. Let me just say there that was flour everywhere by the end.

 Chris is very precise with his egg dye measurements.

Writing on an egg with dada. This one turned out to be my favourite, but I didn't get any pictures because Aria broke them all on Easter morning, ha.
I like to dye my eggs with multiple colours, while Chris just wants to plop them in a dye bath and leave them for hours. My way is clearly better, because Chris' is boooring.

 Family shot attempt #1.

Family shot attempt #20.

April 20th - 26th
She can reach the bottom row of our convection oven now. Every time I try to look at the time there is some preset flashing on the screen instead. Good thing the start button is a little higher.

The lizard whisperer.

 Our favourite way to spend the afternoon.

I'm happy.
I'm sad.

Grilling with dada.
Marching around the yard.

Giving her bunny some love.

I love going through my photos from the week and finding big smiles. It has been a while since she would smile for the camera, so these are like little gems!
Sitting on the floor watching Food network eating her raisins.

Playing blocks with great-grandma. More cheese!

This is my little old lady baby. It is funny how a dress can add four years.

Dada went to Target for butt paste and came back with a new water toy.
I'm not so sure about this mama.

When it was just on the wood, Aria wanted nothing to do with it. I told Chris to set it on the water table, Aria loved it. Feels good to be a genius sometimes!
Have a sweet Sunday!

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  1. You have been busy!! Your little Aria is the sweetest!

  2. She is a doll...and I'm so happy she likes bacon! :)

  3. If I let D walk around in a diaper it would be off. Like. Super fast. Boys! Such a fun life you have. :)

  4. Love all the play in the diaper time! so cute! my favorite is by far the one of her eating bacon. It's just so cute! And great family photo--- by the way I spy what looks like someones 1year book in the background?

  5. I love all your photos! She has the best smile :) The pictures of her with the hose are my favorite - so much joy!

  6. Wonderful photos, wonderful blog. :)

    Lovely greetings from Sandra


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