Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sixteen Months Old and It's the Little Things :: 9

April 2nd
Weight: 22 lbs.

Height: 30.5 inches.

Sleep: Nothing new to report. Her bedtime is around 7:30 pm and she wakes up sometime around 7:30 am. Naps from noon to about 3:00 pm.

Clothes: Wearing 12 and 18 months.

Diapers: Size 4 in Pampers baby dry. FuzziBunz are the preferred CD, but the Thirsties and BumGenius do the job too.

Loves: Going places, eating ice cubes, giving leg hugs, putting her feet up on things (just like her mama), sitting in laps with a book (be still my heart),  having mama count to 5, being outside, birds specifically and animals in general, people watching, brushing her teeth, and opening doors.

Hates: She has really upped her hatred of diaper changes lately and getting her hands washed after meals. She isn't a fan of wanting something and not being allowed to have it either, especially cell phones.

Milestone progress: Nothing big to report. Walking is a little stronger. No new signs, but I'm trying to get her to sign bird. At the moment all animals tend to be bunnies. No words, but she makes a cute 'ps' sound for oops now (it was more of a 'th' sound before).

She helps me in the kitchen whenever there is something to stir (and I remember to pull a chair up for her). She also pulls everything out of the dishwasher for me, almost faster than I can take them from her. And, she closes the dresser drawers when I put away clothes or get dressed in the mornings. I think it is cute when we pop in the bedroom for something misc and she goes and pushes all the drawers shut.

She can open the latch on the dogs' cages now.

She can make kissing sounds (muah and the lip smacking type) and shh-ing sounds.

And, another tidbit I forgot to add to a past month-day post is that she winks. If you wink at her she will blink back at you. We were showing her Godfather how she winks a couple months back and she wouldn't stop blinking at him the rest of the night. Super cute.

Teeth: Nothing new. 6 teeth total still.

Eats: Aria has always been a non-adventurous eater when we go out. Usually she will eat bread and nothing else. Lately she has been trying all sorts of bits from our plates, and just this weekend she ate a whole actual kid sized meal while we were out. Twice. She is such a great eater at home and tries everything and loves all sorts of things, but we were resigned to a bread basket kid for months now. And, I am still amazed that she will eat chicken. But, still a no go on pasta.

She is officially no longer nursing - her last nursing was on March 11th. Sniff. It was harder for me to go from 3 nursing sessions to 2 than it was when she quit, emotionally. She self weaned from 4 to 3 to 2 one right after the other. It happened so quickly it caught me off guard, and I felt an emptiness and a sadness. I wasn't expecting to be hit so hard by it honestly, but it was replaced by a sense of freedom 4 or 5 days later. She took her time going from 1 to none so I was prepared mentally for the end. I'm so glad Aria weaned herself because I loved it so much myself it might have been harder for me to pull the plug.

I am also linking up with Ashley at Words About Waverly and Jess at Sadie Sky Boutique today for 'little things'. Today's video is from my Birthday extravaganza this past weekend where Aria got to go on her first carousel ride at Downtown Disney. It was also her first ride period. She absolutely loved it. Chris took her on it while I watched, waved, and captured from the sidelines. He said she wavered between huge smiles and baffled expressions of awe. Any lingering doubts I had about her not enjoying rides when we go to Disney are put to rest now. And, naturally I am twice as excited to put our annual passes to good use (which by the way will be in 10 days!!!!). Please enjoy this little video of my sweet sweet 16 month old baby girl.

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  1. I always wonder how the weaning process will go for us too! Aiden is now 13 months in 2 days, so I have a feeling we're getting closer. He still eats at night, but even that's getting better.

    1. At the start of the breastfeeding saga I was hoping to make it to 1, and by 1 I was ready to go until 2. But, I guess Aria knew what she wanted and that is even better than me dictating the timeline. I am sure Aiden will have no problems letting you know when he is ready to take his nursings down a notch!

  2. It always makes me nervous when I hear of other mothers children self weaning - I'm expecting to feel that same emptiness and sadness. My little one is only 8 months, so I'm hoping he won't self wean too soon, but at the rate he nurses, I can't imagine him ever weaning!!
    Gorgeous post and lovely photos!

    1. I always assumed it would be a little sad when she was finished (the bonding and cuddle time for nursing is awesome), but I was a weepy mess when it happened. I'm so proud of our breastfeeding journey with all of its ups and downs, and I feel so blessed to have been able to feed my daughter in such a way. It is such a big thing so I should have realized it would be emotionally loaded from start to finish. On the bright side, our mornings are so much easier if quicker and a lot of times more fun now that she doesn't nurse! Very freeing!

  3. The winking seriously melts my heart!! And amazing job on breastfeeding, lady!

    1. Ugh I know the winking is so cute. I miss her nose snorts she use to do alllll the time not too long ago. There is always something new popping up while something old quietly recedes into a memory. This growing up thing is rough...on mama. =)
      Thank you! I'm very proud of our breastfeeding journey. Prior to diving in I didn't at all realize how special the bonding would be, and how much I would cherish those snuggles. I think it is one of the best (if not THE best) thing we've done together. Even if it was something I cursed daily for the first few months, ha. Definitely a lot of work up front. I can't imagine with two.

  4. Happy 16 months sweet Aria!! So sweet!!!

    1. I will let her know when she wakes up from her nap! I think Mason is one of her favourite 'blog babies'. She will point and wave to him more than I see her do to other 'blog babies'. Must be a little internet crush =)

  5. Way to go for making it to 16 months nursing. That is an incredible job!

  6. Aria has the BEST sleeping habits! Marcus needs to take a page from her book.
    Just look at how happy Aria is on that carousel! We're headed to Disney Land in two weeks and I cannot wait to get Marcus on the carousel!

  7. Wow that's awesome that you've been able to nurse her until 16 months! I was only able to nurse my son until he was 8 months because I found out I was pregnant with Olivia! I am so jealous! She is so precious!

  8. Hi my name is Elizabeth and I am officially SO jealous of your kid's sleeping habits! Can Aria please come over and teach Mason some things? He goes down at 8pm and has been waking up recently at 4:30am!!! I have to wake up at 5:30am (which is already wayyyyy to early) for work but 4:30am is just wrong!

  9. the 2nd photo where she's looking over her shoulder? You totally nailed that photo!!!! Amazing little sun flares you caught too!
    winking how cool is that! love it!! Great job on BF but also yay for freedom ;) When it's time it's time and you both are happy about it. Glad you guys are in a good place! :)

  10. She is adorable! Love the blinking! :)

    Visiting from the linkup.


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