Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Day in the Life - Spring edition

Time for the quarterly link up with Navigating the Mothership, for the other couple I've done click here, here, and here.

Our day: April 23rd, 2014

7:30 am | The alarm goes off. I almost fall back asleep before I remember I have to finish up a post.

8:20 am | Post is done and published. Aria is still magically asleep, awfully nice of her to let me finish up some blogging. I fiddle around online for another 10 minutes.

8:30 am | I go in and wake up Aria for the day. Starting with a fresh diaper.
8:39 am | I ask Aria if she wants to feed the dogs, and she nods. So we feed the dogs. While they are eating their breakfast I grab Aria her milk and myself a yogurt, and then we all go outside to enjoy the cool morning. Aria asks for a couple bites of yogurt by sticking her tongue out or coming over to me with her mouth open, which is always good for a laugh. She decides to dash out into the grass and then realizes it is all dewy so she dashes right back.
9:08 am | Back inside so I can get breakfast together.

9:26 am | I land on oatmeal and fruit.
9:50 am | I clean up Aria, her high chair, and unload the dish washer. We are getting quite the sippy collection.
10:22 am |  Aria gets dressed. I've opted to stick with pajamas this morning.
10:30 am | We play with the pin wheel for a bit before grabbing all the books in the house to read.
11:00 am | I head to the kitchen to find something to feed Chris for lunch. Since I didn't thaw anything out in time, left overs it is. Aria entertains herself for a hot second and then demands some attention. Mama, mama I don't understand why you can't do everything one-handed?
11:24 am | Lunch is plated and on the table. Now we just wait for dada to come home. I cut Aria's nails to pass the time. I distract her from the process with her music push button book. And, then we perch in the glider so we can peak out the front window until dada pulls in the driveway.
11:36 am | Dada pulls in the driveway, and after a big hug we eat lunch.
11:57 am | We wave dada off to work. And, then I clean up Aria.

12:05 pm | A new diaper and a new onesie. Aria is ready for a nap. I give her a kiss and put her down.
12:06 pm | I let the dogs outside while I clean up the dishes from lunch and load the dish washer.
12:20 pm | I grab myself an iced tea, straighten up the living room, and grab all the essentials for butt sitting - lap top, drink, book, lip gloss, phone, etc.
12:22 pm | The dogs are hot and I let them back inside.

12:30 pm | I get to sit down with my feet up, a cup of those crunchy cadbury eggs, my iced tea, and read emails and catch up on some blogs.
1:17 pm | I switch from my laptop to my book. I'm reading James Rollins' Eye of God.
1:39 pm | I'm finally hungry enough to grab the rest of my lunch.

2:03 pm | I've already cried twice reading my book. Geesh, normally his books aren't so tearful.

2:30 pm | Aria wakes up from her nap. I go in and get her. While I change her diaper I ask her about her nap, and if she had any dreams. She just nods along to everything. Did you dream about unicorns? Nod. Oh, what about unicorns? Were they eating sugar cubes? Nod. Wow, sugar cubes those are fun. Nod. Anything else? Were you going to go for a ride on the unicorns? Nod. And see flowers? Nod. Having a kid is very entertaining, plus it usually is enough to keep her distracted and non-screaming for diaper changes.
2:35 pm | I give Aria her afternoon milk while I clean up the plates and cups I used during her nap. Aria does her part by stealing the dish towels and wiping up the floor.
2:50 pm | I spontaneously decide to give the dogs a bath, just so that I would seem super productive for this here post (talk about motivation). I drag out Aria's new water table, get towels ready, pull out the soap, and put Aria in her bathing suit. Aria and I fill her water table up with water but she is more interested in helping me hose the dogs off and then handing me the soap every 4 seconds. After they've both been scrubbed, rinsed, toweled off, and let back inside Aria and I splash around in her water table until she signs all done.
3:25 pm | I take her bathing suit off and we head back inside to find a new outfit to put on. And, then we dry off the dogs a little bit more.
3:31 pm | I realize the dog bedding needs to be washed too. Clean dogs, clean beds. So, I start a load of dog bedding.

3:35 pm | I put Nemo in so I can do a few things with two hands. I set Aria in the rocking chair and hand her the rest of her milk.
3:50 pm | She happily sat and watched Nemo for 15 minutes, but now she is over it.

3:54 pm | I decide that we need a piece of pumpkin pie. Aria is content playing with her toys, glancing at Nemo, and coming over for a bite every time the fancy strikes her.
4:14 pm | Pumpkin pie shared and savored. Baxter asks if there are any left overs for him. Sorry, buddy.
4:25 pm | Aria needs a new diaper, which leads to me discovering that her little denim romper does not have bottom snaps. I make a mental note not to wear this one on her at Disney.

4:45 pm | We've been playing with toys on the floor, but now we aren't sure what we want to do and are pretty unhappy about it. The only thing that sounds good is having mama hold me while swaying and watching Nemo, or else I loose my shit.
5:08 pm | Calmed down enough to be rational again about not being held. So, we sit on the floor and read a book or two.

5:12 pm | Nemo ended, and I realize the mail hasn't been grabbed yet today. We go grab the mail.Mostly junk, although sure I'll take another Coach purse.
5:14 pm | We head out to the back yard until dada gets home to sit in the sunshine and watch Baxter along with any other critters that cross our path or airplanes that fly overhead.
5:37 pm | Dada walks through the door.

5:41 pm | Dada walks out the door again, but this time with Aria and a list of essentials to pick up at Publix.
5:43 pm | I'm back to reading again, so close to the end...must finish!

6:10 pm | Dada is back home, so I close my book. I'm also reminded that I need to toss the laundry in the dryer so that gets done.

6:18 pm | I start making dinner, which consists of hot dogs and potato wedges from the store.

6:38 pm | Dinner is on the table. Aria also has pickles and a banana for dinner, delicious sounding combo - the banana was first though and the pickles were a last minute addition at the end.
7:20 pm | Aria lingered over her food for a long time tonight. We were also having fun signing different animals, some of them made up on the spot. But, she is done now so I scrape off most of the food and hand her over to Chris for a bath. I clean up dinner, and set her nursery up for bed time - cloth diaper round up, curtain closing, and turning the baby monitor on. Aria gets in a few last sips of water before bed.
7:33 pm | Bath time is over. Time for drying off and fresh pjs - Aria's least favourite form of torture.
7:40 pm | Bed time! Normally we read a few pages from Harry Potter, we are on book #2 now, but dinner lasted longer than usual and mama is spent so we just do a little board book item spotting with dada before going to sleep. We do a last diaper poo check (it is amazing how many times she manages a poo during the few minutes of story time), turn on the sleep sheep, make sure the blanket tag is found, turn the fan on low, turn on the turtle star nightlight and turn off the light before giving one more kiss and saying good night.
8:20 pm | I've showered, and grabbed a glass of water, and crawled into bed to finish up my book.

8:27 pm | Aria cried out so I went in to give her a hug, and fluff her blanket for her - which was the reason she was crying. I was in and out in a minute, and back to reading.

9:01 pm | Finished my book. Crying for the last half an hour. Oy.

9:25 pm | Finally pulled myself together. It was a good book, but did he really need to off those two? sigh. I start drafting my post for DitL.

10:36 pm | I've got the body of this post typed up, and since I don't feel like working on the pictures tonight I will call it a night. First, I have to go let the dogs out and check my laundry that I forgot about. Then I can crawl into bed and get some shut eye.

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  1. This is Mason to a T these days... needy and wanting to be EXACTLY where I am. Like standing on my feet. Then tearing the towels down and throwing them on the floor. Then sitting for approximately 5-15 minutes for a movie, depending on what the movie is. Oh the joys of toddlerhood :) Happy Saturday!

  2. No fun on the neediness but yay for finishing that book! I love all the daddy time she gets and that he comes home for lunch - so sweet :) Our schedules are similar except that our day starts WAY earlier! :) Ok gotta go finish my post now!

  3. Love this post! I keep meaning to do one myself..but you know. Love the neediness! Makes life around here look normal! She gets so much daddy time, I think that's so sweet. For the both of you :) that's a good idea for some outside fun! Washing the dogs! Ha! I'll keep that in mind for one of those extra long evenings! Thanks for letting us be nosey for a day! -xo

  4. Busy day! I love reading these kinds of posts. And I love that your husband gets to come home for lunch!

  5. Aria is such a great sleeper! You are so lucky.
    Feeding the dogs is a chore we love to do in this house. And, you mean to tell me you can't do everything with one hand while balancing a toddler on your hip with the other hand?? :)
    Love that this post was the reason for the dog bath - HA! Maybe I need to do another one of these, there are a lot of things that need to get done around our house. A post like this would be a good push to do some of that stuff!

  6. Geez…I was getting awfully jealous at how calm and leisurely your morning was. But then as I read along and saw the clingy, tantrumy toddler, I thought, "ah, that's more like it!" Haha! Not that I don't wish you a perfectly calm and peaceful day, but that ain't life with babies, am I right?! She is such a doll though! And seems like a real joy most of the time…and such a good sleeper!
    That's so great that your husband gets to come home for lunch during the day. What a treat for all 3 of you!
    Thanks for sharing your day :)

    1. haha, Aria has always been at her best in the mornings. Combined with going outside she is usually great in the mornings. Anytime I want to get something done though, it is usually a toddler cry fest. Some days more than others but generally a pretty happy baby. Can't have everything though haha no days go by without some really nice tears.
      Thanks for stopping over! Looking forward to reading all the other posts!

  7. I love these DITL posts - it's always fun to see how other mama's spend their days. That's so great that your hubby can come home to eat lunch with you and Aria, and wow, she does seem like a great sleeper- I'm jealous! Clingy toddlers can be a handful sometimes, but when that happens, I try and remember that they won't be like that forever, and I soak up the cuddles and the 'Mama!' :)

  8. What a great idea....a cup of water for bathtime!! Wyatt drinks his bath water the entire time he's playing. HA! Also, can't wait until the weather is nice again, it's actually been a bit cooler here and we need some major outdoor fun! And what is it with kids and getting ready for bed after baths?? Wyatt's the same way....half the time it takes both of us to get him dressed!

  9. I must put that book on my list... not that I want to cry or anything, but it sounds like a good one. And Baxter's face when he didn't get any pie is great.

  10. Ha! Clingy toddlers don't even phase me anymore...I didn't really even think your girl was acting overly so. ;)

    I'm impressed by how late she sleeps! Soooooo awesome.

    Also just read your About Me section (coming over from the linkup) and wanted to say husband and I both went to CU too! Both comm and business majors. Good stuff! :)

  11. Clicking over from the DITL link-up ...

    Love the name Aria – so beautiful. I don't think I've ever heard it before.

    I found myself pretty jealous of your nice spring weather while reading your post! Someday it'll warm up in Minnesota and I'll be able to take my kiddos outside to play. (I hope!)

    And, LOL at your "essentials for butt sitting" … I love it. The perfect way to spend nap time if you can manage it!

    Thanks for sharing your day!


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