Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fifteen Months Old

March 2nd
Weight: 22 lbs.

Height: 30 inches.

Sleep: Aria weaned off of her before bedtime nursings so now our bedtime routine consists of bath time with dad, jammies, and then story time with both me and Chris. Sometimes I'll read a few pages of Harry Potter, and sometimes we each read one of her little books. Usually she takes a poo during story time, right after she is all clean and freshly diapered (naturally), so we always double check. She isn't a snuggler so while one of us is reading she is running around climbing on stools and begging for foot rides, etc. Last night dad gave her a ride on a pack of unopened diapers until he couldn't move his arms any longer. Then we give hugs and kisses and she turns out the light for us before I put her down in her crib and hand her the blanket. Sometimes it takes her until 9 to fall asleep and other nights she is out like a light right at 7:30. She is up by 8 give or take half an hour.

Naps are the same, from noon to 2 or 3.

Clothes: Wearing 12 and 18 months, she even still has a few 9 months onesies in rotation. We just picked up some new 18 month pjs. Next on the list are some more short sleeved onesies now that it is starting to heat up in Florida.

Diapers: Size 4 in Pampers baby dry. FuzziBunz are still the go to cloth diaper, but the thirsties AIOs work fine too. The Bum Genius and Oh Katy's are all but unused.

Loves: Taking walks with dada in the backyard, post nap milk drinking on the back porch with mama, loving on the dogs, hammering everything she can reach with her pounding bench hammer, visits to her Godfather's, helping, waving to airplanes, looking at her books, looking out the front window and shouting dada, and staring awkwardly at strangers.

Hates: Same old same old - diapers changes, face washes, not being picked up when requested, and face planting. Also, not being allowed to go outside every time the dogs go out to potty, or when I won't let her bring her blanket outside with her.

Milestone progress: Lots of walking. She still trips over herself pretty often, but she is like a little speed train now.

She signs more, all done, all gone (which is just holding her hands up - I'm not sure what the real sign for that is), water, milk, diaper, eat/food, banana, bunny, dog, dad, bath, fan, and book. But, mostly more...for everything.

Still only says dada and mama. She is constantly babbling noises and sounds though.

She loves to help. She helps me feed the dogs in the morning, and grab things for me when we clean up, and push the laundry to the garage, and throw away trash, and close drawers or doors. Just the other day she helped me make biscuits. They turned out like chewy hockey pucks, but I don't think Aria had anything to do with that failure.

Last month-day she had learned how to blow, but I forgot to write it. She blows when she sees the bubbles. She also tries to whistle when I whistle for the dogs, but it ends up being just her blowing.

Teeth: Nothing new. 6 teeth total still.

Eats: She decided to start liking chicken and mashed potatoes recently. She likes to steal dad's fish when he has it for lunch, and his broccoli, which are both foods she tends to avoid. Still anti pasta and ground beef. She loves her carrots and corn. Some days she loves things that she hated the day before and then hates them again two days later, so basically who knows what she will eat. She is very good about trying everything though.

She is down to a single nursing when she wakes up in the morning.
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  1. I love that little romper on her and the pics on that bridge are super cute! Only 1 nursing.. so bittersweet I'm sure! Don't stress about words... apparently they only want like 3 at 15mo and 6 by 18. Callie barely barely had 3 at 15mo and then around 16/17 just took off! :) She'll get there in her own time. Talking is slightly overrated.... because sometimes I have to say no to what she wants and she still has a fit as if I didn't know what she wanted... sometimes NOT knowing is better :)

    1. Isn't that romper adorable? It was a Christmas present. The company is tea, they have some fabulous pieces. It made me laugh when people she met couldn't tell if she was a boy or girl though, just not enough pink in it I suppose =)
      Oh yeah when she knocked it down to one I was all choked up for about half a week. I didn't think I'd get so emotional about it. I'm still half 'yay freedom' and half 'boo no more snuggles'.
      I keep telling myself not to worry, and then I do anyways. I probably wouldn't be if I didn't see the 'milestone progress' chart thing from the ped's office, before that I wasn't even aware she would be picking up any words just yet. It was all a vague sometime in the next few months/half a year time frame until I saw #s and goals. Peds always ruining things. Mostly Im just excited to hear her say words, I have a high pitched freak out whenever she does a new sign as it is.

  2. I have no idea how to stop weaning!! Any tips?? My son nurses morning, during the day, and all night!! hahaha She is just so darn cute!! xo

  3. What a little cutie! I cannot believe she can fit into some 9 month clothes. We were well past 9 month clothes by 7/8 months.
    Happy 15 months!

    1. They are definitely getting hard to button now, but we go through her onesies and tops so quickly I know I'll miss having them if I toss them in the 'out-grown' pile. As soon as it stops being chilly in the evenings and some days I have a whole box of warm weather clothes to replace the small sizes.


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