Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Food Ideas

Perhaps the best part about Valentine's day is indulging in a little something extra special. Something new or festive or really really fattening. I'd vote that any day that ends with ice cream cake is a great day, and if it begins with heart shaped things all the better. So, if you need any help brain storming eats for Friday check out some of my mouth watering picks below. I'll take one of each, and then groan on the couch too full to move for a week or two.
1. dunkin donuts / 2. red velvet crepes / 3. heart pancakes / 4. french toast roll ups / 5. egg toasts / 6. jam biscuits / 7. bacon hearts
1. steak skewers / 2. pizza / 3. spaghetti and meatballs / 4. enchiladas / 5. pot roast / 6. chicken pot pie
1. chocolate covered strawberries / 2. frozen hot chocolate / 3. cookie bars / 4. red velvet cheesecake / 5. chocolate chai spice cream / 6. vanilla cupcakes / 7. ice cream cake

What are you planning on cooking or baking this week or Friday? Or, if are you going with the easier dining out option where are you going?
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  1. Oh my gosh yum!! I'll take the bacon hearts for breakfast, and skewers and enchiladas for dinner and one of each of the desserts!! My mouth is seriously watering! We just have dinner picked out so far... We are going to attempt to make and roll our own sushi! But I'm going to use your breakfast and dessert ideas I think :)

  2. I'll seriously take one of all of these! I have to work late on Valentines Day so I think we will be "celebrating" with a big breakfast! I pinned those french toast roll ups a while ago but had forgotten about them - now I know what I'm making! YUM!

    1. My mouth was going nuts while I gathered the picture together. All looks so good! Breakfast is my favourite meal anyway, so sounds good to me! We don't normally do a whole lot for Vday but I always do something a little festive for breakfast. I've got the skewers on the menu for this one though, simple enough! Aren't the roll ups cute? I first saw them and was like whoa those look intense, but I checked out the recipe and it was much easier. I bet they are delish.


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