Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fourteen Months Old

February 2nd
(location: Godfather Kiel's tree house)

Weight: 21 lbs.

Height: 30 inches.

Sleep: Down by 7:30 and up at 8:00. Sometimes she sleeps in just a wee bit after 8 too. We just moved nap time back to noon a week ago. Aria was just hanging out in her crib awake for a while when I put her down at 11, so now she eats second breakfast or first lunch (depending on what I give her) with Chris when he comes home for his lunch break. And, then she takes a 2-3 hour nap. I'm a fan of the new nap schedule, it cuts the day in half better so we have time to run errands in the morning now.

Clothes: Wearing 12 and 18 months. Her sleepers are just starting to get a little too short on her, so I'll be picking up some 18 month ones soon.

Diapers: Size 4 in Pampers baby dry. FuzziBunz are still the go to cloth diaper, but the thirsties AIOs work fine too. The Bum Genius and Oh Katy's are all but unused. Just got a new wet bag too - the zipper busted off on the last one.

Loves: Walking, getting kisses, thumping her chest to say I want or mine, grunting, and sucking on her A+A swaddle blanket's tag.

Hates: Same old same old - diapers changed, face washes, not being picked up when requested, and face planting. Also, the word no, not being allowed to walk into a crowd of people traffic, and when we won't share coffee with her.

Milestone progress: Nov 29th was the first step. January 12th was the first time taking more than two steps. And, by the end of January she was toddling everywhere. She still loses balance sometimes, but picks herself up most of the time. Occasionally she resorts to crawling. So, she is officially not a baby anymore.

She signs more, all done, all gone (which is just holding her hands up - I'm not sure what the real sign for that is), water, milk, diaper, and eat/food. We've upped our signs to specific foods but she can't manipulate her hands to copy them yet, but she watches and then waves her hands to try.

She says mama and dada only. But, she copy cats sounds a bit more just recently. For example, I said oops each time she missed the box she was putting duplos back into and then she started making a 'th' sound (for the ps sound) with me.

She helps me put away her toys that go in bags or boxes now. And, if I ask her to grab me something that she tossed far away she will. She likes to play with the DVDs, and she will grab one from the living room and walk it over to the overflow cabinet in the dining room and try to put it there. Maybe she will like organizing things like mama. She loves to climb, so we had to hide the stool. She likes to reach under the gate blocking the foyer and grab shoes and bring them to people to put on.

Teeth: Nothing new. 6 teeth total still.

Eats: Her favourites are breakfast foods - pancakes, toast, any and all fruit, yogurt, smoothies, home fries, oatmeal. She just started peanut butter last month, and can't get enough. She prefers her meat on a bone. She loves cheese. She will eat Annie's mac and cheese now but wants nothing to do with any other pasta. It is hit or miss with veggies - dada got her to eat a piece of broccoli last week. But, she does like beans. Dada likes to put hot sauce on various things and she asks to taste it - so Chris puts a tiny drop on his finger for her to taste, and then she makes an 'aaaa' sounds while wiping off her tongue, and then she asks for more. I guess she loves to hate it?

She weaned off nursing in the afternoon about 3 weeks ago, so I added in a sippy of whole milk during the day. She is still nursing when she wakes up and before bed, although most of the time the before the bed nurse is 6 quick sucks and done.
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  1. They grow up so fast ! I love that you posted all of this info - it will be fun for you to look back at it in a few months and see how far she has come.
    She is adorable!

    1. Yes, I am so glad I've got all her month-day stats recorded. I look back at them all the time! Usually I'm like ...wait when did that milestone happen again? Thankfully I can just go back and check. I'm sure it will be even better when years go by and I vaguely remember everything that she was doing at a year.

  2. I'm a tad jealous of all the sleep through the night! I would *LOVE* if we could "sleep in" past 6am!
    How funny that she likes to taste test the hot sauce!

    1. I definitely thank my lucky stars that Aria is a solid sleeper. 6am is so early. Thankfully it eventually gets later, and then all of a sudden they wanna sleep until noon...
      Yeah, it is so odd...she doesn't visibly seem to enjoy it but immediately wants more. I let her have a few tastes and then call it quits. I'm guessing she will have dad's high tolerance for spicy foods. Mine is more like...0. =)

  3. she sleeps until 8?! you lucky duck. . . lex does 7-7. but never until 8! happy 14 months sweet little lady!!

    1. oh believe me, I'm aware of my luckiness! I hate mornings...

  4. Love her sleep schedule... kinda jealous honestly! Not that Callie is bad.. 7-6 and 2-3hour naps usually. but Momma has to get up at 5 to get any quiet time before she gets up! :) That photo of her on the porch is super cute! Love the pastel colors on her! And yay for big girl milk in a cup :)

    1. Yeah 8 is pretty rockin and I still can't drag my lazy butt out of bed earlier than 7:40. 5 is nuts in my book. You must be in bed soon after Callie goes down.
      She had a lot of fun running around in her godfather's tree house, I got lots of cute pictures!

  5. She's getting so big!! I still love that she has such a small amount of hair...little blondies! And I'm not even gonna comment on the sleep, you LUCKY MOMMY! ;)


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