Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Pennsylvania Trip Photo Dump

Last week I mentioned that my 'Christmas sickness' resurged and wouldn't go away on our trip to Pennsylvania. Basically I was miserable, and it made the car ride doubly miserable. We left at nap time the day after Christmas and got to our destination at 5am the next morning, and proceeded to stay up the rest of that day. I guess when they say you should rest when you are sick they really mean it. I was so exhausted my body couldn't fight off anything, so I screwed myself over and felt like crap the whole week.

What was extra fun was that I had a cough and Aria slept in the same room that we did. She, thankfully, slept through everything so it wasn't an issue, but I tried so hard to hold back the coughing all night long. I went through a whole bottle of nyquil, half a bottle of dayquil, a bag of halls, and countless tissues. Oh, and I twinged my back so it hurt to walk or pick up Aria or sit in a car. Clearly I had a blast.

Traveling by car with a baby is hard. Traveling by car with a baby in the middle of the night after you've been up all day corralling said baby is much harder. We've always done long car trips at night, less traffic and you arrive in time to have the rest of the day. Neither of us fully grasped how exhausting it would be now that we are parents. And, old. Both of our backs were aching, and probably the reason mine spasmed was because it was mad at me after sitting in a car for 302 hours.

The way to Pennsylvania we made it in one go, it took a little longer because we stopped for Aria during the day several times but still one shot. The way back from Pennsylvania we had a scheduled stop in Virginia, which I already posted about (helios!). But, we ended up having to find a hotel to crawl into a little after midnight (officially New Year's Day) on the border between North Carolina and South Carolina. The next morning we hit the road again after showers and breakfast, and we finally made it back home after dark with both of us vowing to never get in a car again.

Now that I've bored you to death about all my whining...on to the pictures!

On the first day in PA we went for a visit to Granny YiaYia's home and our cousin Molly plus her adorable blue-eyed son, Austin stopped over too. Granny made some delicious chili, you know the kind only a grandmother can make that tastes incredible. And, we had a little mini Christmas. Aria and Austin were really into each other but didn't interact much. They preferred to follow the other around. Although, Aria totally went in for a kiss and Austin tackle hugged her when we said goodbye. It is too bad we don't live closer so they could be bestest cousins. Oh, and Granny's neighbors have chickens and turkeys, which was super fun in my book especially when they all came over to say hi.
 That smile.
 Staying close, but not too close.
Playing it cool...
and then going in for the kill.
 Getting some Granny YiaYia lovin'.
 Tackle hug.
 The neighbors were so friendly.

The rest of the trip was spent downing coffee and hot cocoa, relaxing with Aunt Arianne in the morning, and visiting with YiaYia and Poppy after nap time. (oh, and dreading the car trip back)
 Uncle Matt reading 'Snowmen at Christmas' to Aria.
We took precisely one cold meandering stroll through the yard.
 Is this how you get to the bottom?
This is definitely how you go up! (over and over and over and over...)
 Aria learned how to play Poppy's guitar.
 Aria ate all sorts of new things on this trip...smoked salmon, caviar, crab cake, fancy cheese, etc. She really enjoyed the caviar of all things.
 We had another mini Christmas while the Ravens played.
Munching corn chips and watching football with YiaYia.
 She offered her present opening help to Aunt Arianne.
She knew what the bows were really for by the end.

So, our trip to Pennsylvania was fun and sucked all at the same time. We've already decided our next trip is going to be much shorter - Disney is, after all, only an hour away.
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  1. She's so cute. Traveling with kids is hard, especially when Mom goes down for the count. You'd never know that your trip wasn't perfect by looking at the great photos!

    1. Oh yeah, it was a rough trip. Sucks when you can't just curl up for a day. Glad you thought the pics were great though, haha at least something worked out!

  2. SERIOUSLY. I don't know how you managed that car ride sick. I already get car sick, plane sick, boat sick..whatever sick and it's gross. I remember having morning sickness last year on the plane ride home from FL and was MISERABLE. It was the longest 2 hours of my life.

    On the bright side, the pictures are ADORABLE.;)

    1. Girl, I get car sick too. Thankfully I'm fine on boats and planes. I don't think any car sickness reared it's ugly head this trip though, usually depends on full tummy vs not for me. Morning sickness on a plane though, ugh. Sounds miserable just hearing it!!

  3. Adorable pictures, especially the one where she's "going in for the kill"!

    1. Thanks, haha. It was cute as heck, she doesn't give kisses in general. If I ask for one most of the time she just leans her cheek to me so I can kiss her. She just thought giving her a cuz a kiss seemed like a good idea I guess =)

  4. Great pics, but I'm not jealous of your car ride feeling that way. Ugh.... But I also have to say that the yellow lab in these pics is just GORGEOUS! Have a good weekend friend!

    1. haha definitely nothing to be jealous of. I remember thinking over and over how much longer, and it was so many hours. Isn't she a pretty thing? She loved Aria too. Wherever Aria was that is where Joy wanted to be.

  5. Oh my gosh, so miserable for you, Momma!! I am SO SORRY! Being sick just sucks. But it sucks worse when you're a mom. And it sucks the most when you're a mom on 'vacation'. Traveling already takes so much out of us, so to be sick on top of it?! Ugh!
    And I kind of dread traveling now that Mia is at the stage that she WON'T sleep unless it's nap time. What happened to the days when she would instantly fall asleep as soon as she was in the car?
    LOVE the pictures!!

    1. Yes! It was just one thing after the other...sick, sick as a mom, sick as a mom on a vacation that involves a really long car ride. Shoulda stayed home! The battery dying 20 minutes before our 'take off' was trying to warn me.
      I'm dreading travel now that I've been on a trip, ha. I'm just like man how are we ever going to go anywhere that is further than 2-3 hours. 2-3 hours we can cover during naptime! Def. not tricking myself into thinking we can just drive all night. Car rides are so boring for a baby. As soon as she is a little bit older though I think it will be easier to distract her with things...stickers or colouring. Good thing with age comes longer attention spans!


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