Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sweet Sunday

January 12th - 18th
Somebody forgot to pick up the camera much this week, so there are only a few simple moments to share today. Feel free to enjoy them anyway!

She loves eating meat off of a bone. Daddy is so proud.

Car ride? Yes, please?

Open the door! Baxter wants in!

All bundled up. It has been chilly in our part of Florida this week. We even had the heat on a couple times.

Curious bunny.

Have a sweet Sunday!
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  1. I love her little car!!! she looks so grown up climbing in that!

    1. Funny because I thought she looked littler in that pic! She is nuts for that car though. She'll sit in and let me drive her around the house for at least half an hour before she wants out again. I'd go outside...but that would require something other than pajamas.

  2. That donut!! And her sweet bunny hat! SO CUTE!

  3. I'm so jealous that she's eating the ribs!! She needs to convince Wyatt to eat something besides bread and cheese, HA...but no, seriously. ;) He takes after his mama in that way.

    1. I'm not sure she would be much help because she LOVES bread and cheese haha =) She is actually pretty great at trying things. She'll take a bite of just about anything I offer her. But, she sticks to breads cheeses yogurt oatmeal. But, it is funny how she prefers meats on a bone to boneless. I'd say Aria takes after be with the bread for sure, but kid won't eat potatoes. Come on, potatoes are like my second favourite food! How can you not like them, haha =)


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