Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sweet Sunday

First Sweet Sunday of the new year!
January 5th - 11th
 I've still got some pictures from Pennsylvania lined up for the not too distant future, but in the meantime take a look at our simple moments from this week.

Remember that time Chris got a grill for Christmas? He has been putting it to good use already.

We marinated some honey bbq chicken drums and Chris grilled them up. They turned out beautifully. (I'd suggest using half the amount of soy sauce though, if you decide to make some yourself)

Aria loved hanging out outside while dada was grilling, as well as teasing the dogs who you can see watching through the doors.

Aria got to try out her new bowl. Messiest thing ever. I'll spare you the oatmeal pictures.

Giving Lizzy hugs.

We got a new broom for the house and Aria went right to work. She was funny as heck working at it and working at it, standing up with it, making it sweep. I've got my eye on that B. broom set now, might as well put her to work, right?

In her little boots we got her for Pennsylvania that she wouldn't keep on. She only left them on long enough for me to snap a picture while she was distracted with Christmas cards.

Great-grandma got a blanket for Christmas that Aria keeps dragging to the floor and snuggling with, and then is promptly stollen by the dogs when she is done.

We were rocking in the chair until she decided to stand up, rip apart the curtains, and say dada. I guess she was ready for dada to come home from work.

I've been putting away Christmas all week. This is one of the boxes the decorations get stored in, but it was just the right height for Aria to climb up on. I caught her a few seconds later when she tumbled off. It was right about that time that I decided to put it in the garage until dada could take it back out to the shed.

It has definitely been a week full of climbing. That sweet little smile is full of mischief.

She was trying to climb through but it didn't go as planned. It was funny though - she couldn't get back out or go through. Mama had to save her, but only after I took a picture. Priorities.

The dogs are really benefiting from little miss Aria lately. She loves giving them a jerky treat every day, and the dogs are not complaining.

Baxter might complain about this though.

Daddy daughter races in the backyard.

She had a blast going fast. I even heard her giggle as she passed on a few occasions.

 Have a sweet Sunday!

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  1. love the daddy daughter races! especially chasing the dog! all cute but those were my favorites!

    1. Thanks, haha! Baxter was not a fan, he ran right back inside and wouldn't come out again. Lizzy was fine with it, but also really good at getting out of the way.

  2. What a fun week! I'm looking forward to some outside time this coming week for us!

    1. I always take for granted that we can go outside all winter, while everybody is bundled up. But, then when everybody else is outside in the summer we stay inside because it is too hot. Although, with a kid who needs to get out energy I might be forced outside in the swamp...good thing the zoo has a really nifty water area.


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