Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Day - Two Weeks Later

So, I got sick two days before Christmas but I woke up feeling better-ish on Christmas day. And, we Christmas-ed hard all day. We spent hours unwrapping presents with breaks for breakfast and nap time. I was not at all expecting it to take so long, but there was no need to rush so Aria went at her own pace. Plus, Santa was extremely good to her this year.
Santa was also good to the pups this year. They got boxes and boxes of treats that Aria helped hand out.
 Opening her Little People nativity. She opened it about as far as it is in the picture and then tossed it aside and was ready for a new present to open.
 We taught Baxter how to open presents, but he thinks all the presents are his to open which Aria really didn't like. Anytime he came over to try to help her open her presents she would get annoyed and try to push him away. But, in this picture she is mad that I gave him his own present to open. I just couldn't please anybody!
 You can see her little hand trying to push his head away...from his bones, so it really didn't work for her.
 Opening up a present from her uncle and aunt in Tennessee.
 This is one of my favourites from the day.
Baxter and Aria opened up Loki's presents, since cats don't give a damn, but Aria got annoyed at Baxter for helping.
 Aria got a complete library this Christmas, it was awesome. She is opening up Dream Snow by Eric Carle in this picture.
 We got great-grandma a kindle for Christmas this year, which she is excited about but hasn't figured out how to work yet. It was funny because the box it comes in only says kindle all tiny and on a sticker, so it took her a while to figure out what it was after opening it.
 I think this one shows a good snap shot of the chaos of Christmas. Baxter being needy because he can't open up all the presents, Aria and great-grandma ripping into gifts, paper everywhere, Lizzy close to the action, and Chris on the couch capturing it all.
 Baxter helping Chris open his presents, while Aria looks on indignantly.
 Aria opening up another book on great-grandma's lap with who knows what on in the background.
 It was around this time that Aria was over opening presents so I got breakfast going in the kitchen while dada and Aria opened up all the opened presents. I love her curious little face in this picture.
For Christmas breakfast we had scrambled eggs, sausage, home fries, and fruit. Normally we have pretty much one of every breakfast food we love - pancakes, french toast, bacon, sausage links and patties, cinnamon rolls, etc. But, since I was sick it was much more low key and we also didn't get to the store before all the food was picked over for Christmas (oops). Hopefully next year I'll remember to get to the store earlier, and also not catch the plague.
Shortly after breakfast Aria and I took a nap before round two of present opening.
 Aria got texture balls, and a pounding bench, and more Little People, and boring things like a boon bowl from mama and dada.
 Christmas bows make the best hair accessories, and I thought it was the cutest when she put it on her head all on her own. She wanted a little sparkle!
 Santa left Chris a present in the back of the van because it was heavy and couldn't figure out how to get it in the house. He was super excited to get a grill, and was bummed he couldn't break it out before our trip to Pennsylvania. He hasn't stopped talking about his grill or the helios so far.
 And, then finally we were all done opening presents so Aria got right to playing with all the things.
 Dada built her rocking moose...although apparently you are suppose to build it the night before Christmas and then wrap it/put a big bow on it and set it under the tree. Who knew? Everybody else but us!
 Aria didn't mind waiting for it to be put together one bit!

As soon as the unwrapping ended, Chris and I started packing up the car for our trip. It was exhausting and took away from just enjoying the Christmas day glow and stressful and annoying. But, we did it and got just about everything in the car...and then Chris tried to start the car up to plug in some addresses on the gps and the car would not start. So, probably 30 minutes to go time everything came to a screeching halt. Instead of tucking Aria into her car seat I tucked her into her crib, and Chris fiddled with the car and fiddled with it but no luck it wouldn't start. What a pain in the rear. We went to bed frustrated.

We woke up the next day and Chris got to work on solving the car issue, which turned out to be the battery. He got a new one, we packed up the stuff that never made it in the night before, and headed north at nap time.

So, Christmas started off fantastically but ended with a fizzle. Stay tuned for pictures from our trip, how my sickness came back with a vengeance and wouldn't go away, and my thoughts on how much car trips suck when you are sick and have a baby. I know you are all on the edge of your seats now!

Happy hump day!
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  1. Wow! Okay the ending (cliffhanger ;)) is a bummer but yay for some fun Christmas gifts and great pictures! I love that Aria opens gifts...and the dogs! So sweet :)

    1. It was a really good Christmas under the circumstances of being ill and having to pack up for our trip - but next year I'm definitely not going anywhere that involves so much prep!

  2. UGH, I'm so sorry you were sick! I feel like everyone is sick right now. NO FUN!

    1. Yes, that cold weather is a real jerk I guess - I have been hearing lots from people under the weather. I guess we all needed to have more vitamins this flu season.

  3. We got callie that naitivity little people set too! She really seemed to have fun with it however it had to get put away because the dog wanted to eat all the little people/pieces and it has too many! I don't know what his deal is he leave everything else of hers alone except for fisher price little people he just wants to eat them!

    Looks like Christmas morning was a lot of fun and so glad Aria had fun opening presents. Our present opening lasted about 45mins (and there were a lot) because someone would open a present, inspect it and then chat more more! I agree traveling at christmas = no bueno! I hope you can manage to not do it next year!


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