Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sweet Sunday

December 1st - 14th
Catching up on all the simple things this month.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket launched on the 3rd so Aria and I ran out front to watch it crawl through the sky. Aria enjoys finding birds and planes in the sky so I thought she would actually get a kick out of the rocket, but she was completely uninterested. She noticed it briefly and then went back to watching the road in case a super awesome car went by. Babies, can't get em excited for nothing.

She really knows how to make a mess though. She is steadily working her way through all the snowflakes that she can reach on the french doors too. It is amazing how she knew I put them up there just for her to rip down!

We have been burning rubber (sometimes grass too) like crazy since her top notch parents got her this fantastic little push car for her birthday.

 We even took it over to our cousins to join them for a little Christmas lighting party. Aria told dad how to get there. She must not have gotten my complete lack of directional sense.

There was cake, coffee, and poppers. Aria enjoyed drumming on the glass topped table and throwing coasters on the floor.  And, then ta-da all the pretty lights came on!

Not only did Aria turn 1, but Chris turned 30 on the 7th! We went out for a celebratory breakfast and Aria showed off her new moccs. And, yes it was hot enough for a sun dress - thanks so much Florida (lame). It was the cutest thing when she kept picking up her dress to take a peak at her feet.
Then later Chris opened up his new GPS, just in time for our trip up to PA this Christmas - those birthday fairies really know their stuff.

We finally got around to our Thanksgiving feast, because turkeys were a killer deal and I wanted leftovers. I guess Chris is going to have some competition for the legs now.

 I set up the teepee in the nursery. It is a tight fit with the nursing chair; just enough space for the essentials. I've only tripped over the poles a million times.

Our cousins delivered an early Christmas present for Aria. Now she has her own purse to take all the things out of, and she has over and over again.

 I turned around from checking my phone to find this. She was perched up on top like the queen. It is the first time she has managed to climb up on top. And, she even asked for my help getting down, which was a good thing since she bloodied her lip later the same day just crawling down the hall. Only so much blood loss allowed per day.

And, just so we don't end on such a damp note...a Christmas pajama-ed baby playing with her piano with guest appearances from the Christmas tree and beagle! Smiles all around.

Have a sweet Sunday.

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  1. Looks like ya'll have been BUSY BUSY! I love the push car. I remember Nick LOVED his for a loooong time. I can't wait to get one for lil miss when she gets a bit older.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. What a lovely month, so far! And, your little one is precious.

    1. It has been jam packed! I am loving it and at the same time I am looking forward to slowing down in January.

      Thanks, I think she is pretty cute myself =)

      Have a great week, can't believe Christmas is so soon!!


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