Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On the Third Day of Christmas...We Deck the Halls!

The third day of The 5 Days of Christmas link up party is today with myself, as well as Jenny from Growing up Jacobson, Jenesha from Books, Looks, & Babies, and Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me.
Today we deck the halls! I love decorating, and I love, love, love decorating for Christmas. I am usually a black Friday decorator, but because I wanted to have the house decorated in time for Aria's birthday party (on the 1st) coupled with the fact that decorating with a baby is 400 times harder I decided to decorate early. Thanksgiving was also so late this year that it cheated you out of decoration days, so having all the decor up a little bit longer just made the holidays a little extra cheerful for me.

Normally I litter every available surface with Christmas, but I assumed it would all end up broken or eaten if it was anywhere Aria could reach. So, it was more of a minimalist out of reach Christmas this year. And, I wanted a plaid focus because it was a theme for Aria's birthday. I think everything turned out lovely.

So, welcome to our Christmas-ed abode. I'd love for you to take a peak! Let's start with the tree.
I was worried that Aria would topple the tree the first time I turned my back on her, but she leaves it pretty well alone and listens when I tell her to be gentle if she touches it. The presents, however, are a new addition as of last night so I wonder if her restraint will hold together.

A few of my favourite ornaments.
Aria wasn't suppose to make her debut until mid January, so I was not anticipating the need for a baby 1st Christmas ornament until this year. But, Aria had other plans and her Godmother Sana was on top of things and got us her ornament last year. It was the first on the tree this year, front and center.
Aria's Great Aunt Shirley gave her this ornament for her first birthday. It lights up and makes train sounds and plays a little music. We hit the button every morning when we light up the tree, and Aria loves it.
This one is a favourite of mine for obvious reason - I'm a nut for Disney, but I also love the Victorian feel.

And, Lizzy makes an excellent tree skirt.

This was a total pinterest inspiration project. The bows are my favourite, I think they add the perfect touch.

Another pinterest inspired decoration. It is Aria's favourite, she is slowly ripping off each one she can reach. On second thought, maybe it is her least favourite.
And, the outside. I've seen a lot of tasteful greenery and a sprinkle of white lights on houses, but I prefer the crazy colourful lights that make kids exclaim 'look, look!' when they drive past. My favourite bit is that I didn't have to put them up, followed closely by how Aria points out the window to them in the evening. I look forward to the age when she comprehends a little more and gets super excited for this time of year.
Thank you for having a look around, and happy holidays!
Sweet Turtle Soup

Now it is your turn! How did you decorate your home this season? Did your littles get involved? Did anybody end up with a half decorated tree because you couldn't keep your babes away? We'd love to see all of your trees, lights, and decor! So, snap a few (or a lot) of pictures, write a post, grab the button above, link up on any of our 4 blogs, and most importantly have a jolly good time! Don't forget you have until next week to add your link.
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  1. Mark says to me last night, "Why don't we move to Florida?" (He is there all week for work)...um, HUMIDITY?! And, no snow to accent your pretty outside lights--as you have shown us (although still super cute). As usual, you have done a fabulous job decorating for the holiday! I also love the ornament snapshots--so cute!!

    1. Oh yeah, the humidity is killer. Most people don't leave the house in the winter, but in Florida it works the other way around. Going outside in the summer is miserable. You literally sweat the moment you walk out of the house. Ick. But, we have Disney =) Which is extra miserable in the summer too. Jan/Feb are my fave months in FL. It is normally a decent temp, and you don't feel like you are missing out on seasons/holidays where you want snow. I'm personally frozen right now though, but Mark is probably hanging out in shorts and Hawaiian t-shirts soaking in the 'warmth'.

  2. OMG I love love how you decorated that chandelier!!!! What a great idea! So jealous you are so on top of wrapping presents -- it makes your tree look much more festive! I think you did a wonderful job decorating in a toddler safe way :) That lantern ornament is super fun! Yay for decorations!!!

    1. I hadn't wrapped a single thing until the day I took that picture, which was around midnight on Monday because I completely forgot to take a picture of the tree for the link up...I'm super on top of things. I use to love wrapping presents, but it feels like such a chore this year. Such a busy time of the year. Aria just learned how to climb so that is definitely not helping in the letting her play while I get something done department =) Poor thing already knocked her brains out on the mean tile floors. She also threw the biggest fit when I wouldn't let her open/touch the presents. But, just the first day. Now she mostly ignores them!
      I love the chandelier too. Esp. the bows. Gotta love pinterest (some of the time). It will feel so naked when the decorations come down!

  3. Your decorations are GORGEOUS! I LOVE the wreath in you light fixture!


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