Thursday, December 19, 2013

Aria's Birthday - Winter One-derland: Part Three

Time for the last birthday recap! Check out parts one and two if you missed them.

I thought it would be a semi random yet fun idea to make a time capsule for Aria to open at 18. I saw the idea somewhere, probably on pinterest, quite some time ago and I liked it enough to remember to actually do it. I'm not sure if we will add to it every year, or just shut her little gold box up once all the prompt cards find their way back and call it done.
I also wanted it to be easy, so I made cards with prompts for people to fill out. There were 6 cards in total.
Before people left I asked them to fill out a set of cards, and as it happened everybody passed around the cards and filled them out at the same time.
I also sent a few sets out to friends and family that couldn't make it to the birthday party. And, they are still drizzling back in. I'll probably tuck a few mementos from the party in there too. Possibly all the pictures from her 'first year in photos' banner.
I think this photo banner was the only actual party decor, apart from the balloons tied to Aria's high chair and the 'one' banner. I didn't see any reason to decorate much beyond the normal Christmas decorations. But, I love how the photo banner turned out. Although, I am pretty sure I mixed up the sequence of time in a few places. It was mostly from 0 to 1. I loved glancing at the pictures every time I walked past them, this little girl has brought me so much joy the past year. I can't believe so much has happened in such a short amount of time and that there are so many memories jam packed into year 1. I also can't believe year 1 is already over and we are moving on to year 2. I'm ready to see what wonderful things the new year brings.

And, that wraps up Aria's first birthday party! But, because it was on the 1st and her birthday was on the 2nd, I also wanted to include some happenings from her birthday too.

Mostly she opened presents at her party, but not much playing was had. So, when she got up on her birthday we opened up/took out all the toys one by one over the course of the day. And, we kept the routine on repeat for days. So many toys, so much fun. And, we are still enjoying them all.

Doesn't the cheese in this picture kill you? It kills me.

The balloons were all at half-mast, so I liberated them from their strings and Aria had a friggin blast with them. She chased them all over the place and tried really hard to bite one. Thankfully she didn't succeed in popping one with her teeth. It would have scared her out of her tree along with her mama.

I wanted to do a little something fun for her breakfast so I made some birthday oatmeal, which was even more fun after a few eaten spoonfuls because the confetti sprinkles melted and swirled. I had planned on something a little more elaborate, but all my energy was zapped from an intense week of party prep. Turns out the oatmeal was perfect.

After breakfast, we got right back to the playing. It was a noisy relaxing pleasantly fun sit on the floor kind of day. Perfect after eating 5 lbs of cake/frosting and being the center of attention the day before.

We were off to St. Augustine shortly after her birthday, and when we returned home there was a present waiting for her from Uncle Ian and Aunt Arianne, whom Aria will get to meet this Christmas.

And, in case anyone is interested in making their own prompt cards (with a festive red plaid border and moose stamp) I'll include the download for the blank card. You can upload it to picmonkey and customize it any way you'd like.

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  1. I love the time capsule box! seriously you are so creative I LOVE IT!! I defantily think you should include those photos in the box! I think you were so smart spreading out the opening of presents. We had a crowd so we had to kinda rush Callie along and she didn't really get to play until after the party which was hard for her. I love her face when she's playing with the balloon so happy! :)

    1. She had such a great time with the balloons - I got a ton of happy pictures! I think it will be a blast to see the time capsule in 2030. I won't let myself read any of the cards yet, so it will be funny to finally see what people wrote.

  2. that is SUCH an awesome idea!! i love the time capsule box!! its amazing, and adorable, and i bet it's going to be hilarious to look back on when she's older!!!

    1. I am making myself not read any of the prompt cards so it will be so much fun opening it up with Aria years from now and reading what everybody wrote! Although, it is hard to grasp the amount of time that will seems SO far in the future. I bet it goes too quickly.


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