Thursday, December 12, 2013

Aria's Birthday - Winter One-derland: Part Two

Time for more birthday recapping! In case you missed part one, go ahead and click here.

This kid had a serious mountain of presents. We have been playing with toy after toy ever since the 2nd, and I think mom and dad are having just as much fun as she is. She wanted to dive right in as soon as people started putting the gifts under the tree, but she managed to contain herself.
The cutest party guest award goes to Rory! How festive does she look in her plaid, I can't stand the cuteness. I love everybody that came dressed up in plaid or pajamas, made my soul happy.
After the appetizers and smash cake-ing (plus bath and cake removal), we headed outside to play in the snow. And, since it was hot and Florida-esque we had to make our own. Because, a winter theme just isn't complete without snow. Aria loved it...
Just kidding. More along the lines of loathe and hate. I'm assuming she wasn't a fan of the fluffy texture. She decided it was okay as long as she was being held. I meant to get a picture of the whole party in our pool of snow, but it slipped my mind.
Rory got to play in the fake snow too, and it didn't phase her one bit.
Making the snow was super neat. We got a big bag of fake snow and tossed some in a bucket, added water, and poof! It was also slippery as all get out, so if you decide to have your own pool of fake snow try not to fall on your bum.

After we shook off the snow we went back inside for presents...and presents...and more presents.
 She didn't even have to open this one great-grandma made her.
And, one last big one from mom and dad. (That took Chris the rest of the evening to put together.)(Don't forget to look for Kiel's balancing skills in the background three pictures down)
Now Aria owns all the toys and I have no idea what Santa will find to bring her. Seriously, she got bored of tearing off paper a few times before we made it through all the presents. But, she plays with every single one so I'd say people made excellent choices. She has a few favourites that I'll make a handy dandy post of soon (tomorrow? maybe?) - in case you need last minute ideas for your very own 1-ish year old.

And, that concludes birthday photo dump part two! Next, and probably last, up includes the time capsule and details.
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  1. We LOVE our leapfrog stuffed animal!! That thing is so cool!

    1. She actually gives hers hugs, which is something she hasn't done with anything else. And, she will now give me a huge when asked a good bit of the time, I'm impressed!

  2. Love that she's wearing her Christmas pj' sweet!

    1. I saw them and fell in love! I can't remember if the plaid theme came first or if the pjs came first anymore though. Either way it totally fell into place and the star aligned for cuteness =)

  3. Ok Violet rocks and so does that piano--two of As favorites! I am LOVING the teepee as well as fake snow...amazing.

    1. Aria is obsessed with that piano, although I'm surprised she hasn't already broken it because she loves to pick up and put it on the stool and then drop it back to the floor over and over and over. I'm glad A loves her, I hope that means Aria has lots of use left in them!

  4. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I'm loving the plaid clothes, and the fake snow!! We might have to do that later on. Such a great idea since there's no snow in San Diego, CA hahaha.

    Also, I noticed that you are following me on Bloglovin and GFC. I'm about to follow you now too. I enjoy reading another mama's posts :)

    1. We had a really great b-day! It even surprised me how smoothly things went and how enjoyable the day way. Normally I stress when I have guests to entertain.
      You should definitely do some fake snow if you can't have real. Might be the only chance M gets to see snow if you aren't traveling, plus it is just plain silly fun!
      Thanks for re-following =) Your blog design always puts a smile on my face - love Christmas!


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