Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Thankful Project: A Place
Today's prompt is a place.

It took me a little longer to land on a place that I was thankful for and wanted to write about today. And, then it hit me. A place that I am very thankful for is the NICU at the hospital Aria was delivered.

My water broke in the morning at 34 weeks and 4 days, and 12 hours later Aria arrived. She was actually a good size for the earliness at 5 lbs 8 oz, but her lungs weren't ready for the outside world yet. She spent a week in the NICU getting them strong enough to come home. She was hooked up to all manner of tubes and wires and monitors and I don't even know all what. For days with every breath her little chest would cave in. It was terrifying.

Her lungs were really the main concern, everything else seemed to be just fine. So, I suppose there was a chance for her if she had been born in a time and place without modern medical facilities, but it probably wouldn't have been a great chance. I don't really care to even think about it. I'm so very thankful that when she had problems breathing there was a lovely little machine that could help her while she needed it to. I'm thankful for the tubes that helped her eat when she was too weak, and the monitors that made sure she was doing well at all times, and the nurses that took care of her when I couldn't, and the neonatologist who was one of the best doctors I've ever met in my life - competent and reassuring, without him I know the entire experience would have been different...scarier for certain.

I'm not one that wants medical attention or interventions that aren't really needed. I didn't want an elective c-section or a voluntary induction, or anything like that. But, I am very thankful that when such things are needed and medically necessary that there are knowledgeable doctors and places equipped to handle them. Such as the NICU that helped me take home a healthy baby girl, who continues to thrive and I can give kisses to hourly.

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  1. Callie spent a Week in the NICU too for different reasons and I wish I could be grateful that the resource was there for her but I am mostly resentful and bitter. your post has me thinking again and wanting to try to move past that experience in a more positive way :) thank you and I am do glad Aria is healthy and thriving now!!

    1. I think our awesome nurses and amazing dr-man made the NICU easier. I remember her going down there, and then visiting her and thinking this is going to be so hard. It just turned out better than I expected. And, I really am thankful to the NICU for helping her get strong. But, I do feel like something was stolen from me. That experience of bonding with your baby right after you delivery and getting to know them in the hospital. I saw her for under a minute post delivery and then she was gone. That is what I resent. I wanted those moments. It actually took me a while to bond with Aria. But, I don't have something concrete to be bitter at. My body? For expelling her early? Kind of stretching it. If we have another though it is my strongest wish to avoid the NICU so I can fulfill that immediate bonding experience.

      Oh that turned out longer than expected, did you write about Callie's experience in the NICU on your blog? Id love to read it.

  2. I joined the Thankful Project too! Such a great idea.

  3. I am eternally grateful for my doctor and the nurses that help deliver Mia safely and took the best care when trying to get her to breath! So I can only imagine what feelings you have for the NICU! Thank goodness for modern technology and medicine!!


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