Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sweet Sunday

October 27th - November 2nd

I don't think I've seen her crawl so fast to something before. She basically flew through the kitchen and attacked the oil. Who doesn't love oil, right?

She gets such far-away expressions when she blows bubbles in her water.

Everybody wanted to play on daddy. I guess that is what happens when you flop on cold hard tile.

This happened. And, it was awesome. Aria seemed slightly confused about the whole thing - this is so much fun, oh my gosh why is this happening to me, I don't understand but I like it, I think. Baxter was more of the ahhhh run away variety.

Baby cage. She loved watching the cars though.

I coaxed the cat off the window ledge with some kitty snacks. Aria thought it was the greatest thing ever. Loki scarfed and then booked it.

Mom, mom, mom, mom pick me up. Mom, please, mom, please.

Just crawl all over poor Lizzy, no big deal.

It wouldn't be a proper Sweet Sunday if I didn't add in a little trick or treating. My cousin goes all out on the Halloween decorating. Her yard is pretty much an animated amusement park, it is pret-ty cool.

Duck tape, the less cool but colourful version of duct tape, is serious business.

I couldn't resist adding another plaid pj picture. I put them on her the first evening in November, and then did laundry so she could sleep in them again last night. Sadly, I am missing a red sock. She picked out purple as a replacement, but the red just went so perfectly with the plaid. I've never been so bummed about a sock in my life.

Her toys were taking over the floor of her nursery and it was driving me nuts, so I cleared out the cabinet of misc breast pump equipment for her toys. My feet are much safer now.

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  1. She is so cute! Maybe she will be a chef someday with that love of olive oil!

    1. Maybe sooner than later and she can cook dinner for the I don't have to. This could be very lucrative!

  2. She's adorable! I love the plaid pajamas!

    1. Thank you! I love those pjs so hard. So much so that I am making it the theme of her 1st bday party =)

  3. The climbing on the dog is adorable. Oddly the opposite happens in my house! The dog takes off when Callie tries to climb on him but the cats just lay there :)

    1. That is crazy that the cat just hangs out when Callie uses him/her as a carpet. My cat wants nothing to do with Aria. Period. No way. Maybe he is just mad that I don't have time for him to sit on my lap all day anymore.

  4. looks like that baby keeps you busy, busy! :) love the ride in the box!

    1. Oh yeah busy busy around here. Kids, when their feet get tired they just get mom to cart them around...

      I'm glad my husband was the one pushing her around in the box though, my back hurts just thinking about it =)


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