Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday: Thankful Project

Linking up with the good life blog, Carolina Charm, A. Liz Adventures, and Hello! Happiness today to bring you five things I am thankful for.
And, linking up with Chasing Happy for The Thankful Project too. Two in one deal today!

Prompt 16: Something you own
Technically I own my dogs, Baxter and Lizzy. Although, they are totally part of the family. But, I am so thankful for them. Always down for cuddles and kisses and lap sits (even though they are not lap sized dogs). They are so much fun, and lovable. Plus, Aria loves them and they are warming up to her. Lizzy lets her climb all over her back, and Baxter sneaks in kisses whenever he thinks he can get away with it. Never a dull moment in our family of 6.

Prompt 17: A room
I am thankful for my bedroom, because in my bedroom is my bed. I am thankful to have a big soft bed to sleep in every night. My husband and I started out with a twin sized bed, and it was downright unpleasant. Now we have a king sized bed, and it makes all the difference. Room to spread out is probably the key to a happy marriage.
(totally wish that was my bed though)

Prompt 19: A book
I don't think I could pick just one book to be thankful for. I am thankful for all books in general. What else offers such a beautiful escape into a different world for a few hours? You always learn something even in the bubbliest of books. Plus, a world without Harry Potter is a world I don't want to belong to.

Prompt 21: Something that's easy to take for granted
The first thing that popped into my mind for this prompt was air conditioning. I could not imagine living in Florida without this fantastic device. Even in the 'cooler' months because right now it is grossly hot and sunny out. And, when I lived in Colorado I still pumped the AC nearly year round. I just hate being hot, especially at night and I tend to run hot when I sleep. So, I am definitely thankful to have this little comfort.

Prompt 22: An expectation
I am thankful for the expectations that Aria has of me as her mother. That I will be there for her in the morning when she wakes up, and that I will give her all the hugs and kisses she can handle, and that I will feed her and take care of her basic needs, and that I will love her no matter what. It is a pretty big set of expectations to take on, but I am thankful to have it and to have her.

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  1. Way to multitask, lady! Great post! I also love that bedroom!!!

    1. You mean way to procrastinate on one and just shove it in with another?! =) haha!

      I love the dark grey with the white - very nice.

  2. What a sweet post. Its easy to get so involved in the every day hustle and forget what we are grateful for. Happy weekend, lady!

    1. Thanks! It totally is easy to let all the things we have get over shadowed by the day to day grind or even the things we wish we had, loving the thankful project (even if I keep slipping behind) reminding me to be more in tune to things I am thankful for!

      Have a great weekend too =) I know mine is looking busy with bday prep!

  3. Replies
    1. A place to sleep and puppy kisses are true blessings! Have a great weekend!!

  4. You said is lady - King Bed = happy marriage! We got ours while I was pregnant and now i'm like how did we ever share a queen bed?! The AC thing? OMG I feel like I'm the only person in CO who uses AC! Those natives are CRAZY!!! I feel ours never turns off because if it does it gets too hot to sleep at night! We are such kindred sleep spirits! :)

    1. I'm glad we went right from the twin to a king! One of the perks of Chris working a night shift was having the whole thing to myself. And, I can spread out like none other =)
      I felt that way in CO. At our apartment our neighbors were no we never need the AC. I was just like...wha?? how? Plus, we used our so much we broke it I think three times. The maintenance guys were like I can't believe somebody uses the AC as much as you guys!? They ended up putting in a new one - score. Too funny, we are kindred sleep spirits!!


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