Friday, November 1, 2013

Fantasy Friday

One of my favourite ladies is hosting a Fantasy Friday link up. Basically you get to daydream about any ol' thing you would love to be doing this Friday. If you could do anything, what would you do?
Aria has been my little cling-monster up at the crack of dawn these past few days. I think it is a tooth, but that is just my guess. Whatever it is it sucks and I don't approve so knock it off. So, if I could do whatever I wanted today, I would...

Take a nap for as long as I felt like - 30 minutes, 3 hours, whatever.
Have a lunch that I don't have to make.
Take down all the Halloween decorations in one go, box them up, and put them out in the storage shed.
And, then have a handful of Baby Ruth minis and a handful of Cookies and Creme minis.
Oh, and go out to the movies after Aria goes to bed to see Ender's Game with a basket of nachos.
Am I not the most exciting person ever? I'm tired, so that makes me easy to please today. Maybe next Friday my fantasy life will have more energy.
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  1. oh a nap sounds lovely! so does that chocolate! actually since it's nap time here I think I might indulge in both right now :)

    1. Did you ever get that nap?! I hope so!

  2. you are cracking me I am basically shoving my face into a bag of Hershey's bars I bought "just in case" we had trick-or-treaters...and then hid from when I saw them coming ;) I think your day sounds fantastic! I did want to also guess as to what babe's issue might be: TEETH. A's sleep, eating, and poop goes all sorts of crazy when she's teething...and she gets more clingy. I hope it passes soon. Thank you so much for linking up today!!

    1. It was a tooth! It broke through sometime after lunch. I have many fingers crossed that the 6am screams are over for a bit now. The clings didn't stop the rest of the day though, my feet are all sorts of pooped.


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