Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ten Months Old

 October 2nd
Weight: 21 lbs (according to the scale at home). The convertible car seat arrived this week, so she will be moving on to bigger and better things as soon as dad gets around to switching out the infant car seat!

Height: 27 inches (according to my super precise measure tape skills).

Sleep: She is sleeping through the night awesomely, except that one morning when she screamed for an hour at 5:30. But, that was really random and probably because of teeth. She goes down around 7:30 and gets up around 8:00. And, instead of crying within seconds of waking up now she talks to herself when she wakes up in the morning or from a nap. It is the cutest thing. The monitor turns on when she moves and makes noise, and there she is just awake entertaining herself.

Clothes: She is in some 6 - 9 month sizes still and some 9 - 12 months as well. Baby sizes are nutty. Some of the 12 months fit perfectly, and some of the 9 months are too big still. I had fun getting her some onesies and jeggings recently too. I will never get over how cute she is in a pair of jeggings.

Diapers: Size 3 disposables, and FuzziBunz are still the favourite CD.

Loves: Pulling herself to standing, crawling after pretty much anything that moves, nomming on bread (just like mama), and eating paper.

Hates: Diaper changes half the time, getting her face washed a third of the time, not being picked up immediately upon request, and face planting into things (who doesn't?).

Milestone progress: She has the crawling thing down pat and can speed crawl if she so chooses. Most of the time she executes a tripod style crawl, but it doesn't seem to slow her down any. She can pull herself to standing on flat surfaces, like cabinets and walls now. She loves pulling herself up, last month she only did it occasionally now it is all the time. And, she loves to fall backwards onto her tush. It gives everybody else a heart attack - mama is use to it now.

She just started to point to things, maybe 3 days ago. And, a few days before that she just started to hold her hand out in greeting. She greets the dogs the most. Also, as of a couple days ago she sort of signs all done. It is more like spirit fingers, but she does the same action if I ask her if she is all done so I assume she is trying to imitate the all done sign. She was insisting on feeding herself for a while there, but then she suddenly stopped and I am back to holding the spoon for her.

Teeth: Last month 0 teeth were popped but 4 were clearly making their way out, this month 3 have popped out and we are working oh so hard on that 4th. She has been so good about them too. Just extra clingy and fussier at bedtime/naptime. A little more drool too. And, always has her finger in her mouth. So far she hasn't bitten me while nursing, praise the Lord, but she did bite my back while I was tying a bow. Ouch, once was enough.
Update: as of this morning her third top tooth broke through, so 4 teeth out. 3 on the top, 1 on the bottom.


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    1. Thank you! I agree =) And, thanks for stopping over!

  2. odds are good if she hasn't bitten you yet while nursing she won't (or won't make it a habit)! And congrats on nursing her 10months!!! It's hard work but so worth it!!! Our all done sign is a little crazy too but it's what she uses - so go with it! It doesn't have to be perfect it just has to work for you guys.
    ps I LOVE when they wake up from naps "talking"

    1. Oh that is good news! I certainly hope so, those first few days of nursing after her teeth came through were like waiting for a bomb to go off. And, thank you it is hard work esp always having to be conscious of her nursing times. It will be nice to be able to leave her without having a strict return timetable, but I'll also miss it. Love having her curled up on my lap.


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