Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sweet Sunday

October 13th -  19th

I am loving the slightly cooler mornings on the porch lately. Aria figured out how to go up and down the step like a pro, granted it is only 4(ish) inches.

I couldn't resist adding this face - such cute innocence. Right after pulling out all of the electronic cords that I can't figure out how to baby proof.

Aria can scoot along on her pewi bike all by herself now. This kid is trouble on wheels, but it is so fun to watch her glide around (in a mostly straight line until she runs into something solid). Thumbs up on this purchase!
Daddy dressed her in this top photo just so you know. I never know what she will come out looking like when I ask him to put her clothes on.

Helping Baxter play with his pumpkin. Baxter likes playing keep away, so he loves the attention.

Aria is an excellent laundry helper - she pulls out the clean things so that Baxter can lay on them. I can foresee devious teamwork in the future with those two.

We found time to hit up a pumpkin patch this week. Babies and pumpkins - more pictures on my last Countdown to Halloween post too.

I love this face - she is blowing raspberries. Such a silly sausage.

Practicing for trick or treating.

Something peaked the dogs' curiosity and Aria wanted to know what it was too.
That is a 12 month sleeper by the way. It looks gigantic when I hold it up, but it fits her. Stop growing so fast kid!

I could not keep her out of the dogs' water bowls the other day, so I had to barricade her out of the kitchen. She had lots of fun playing on it, so it was win win.

 This box came yesterday (in the middle of nap time, of course) and Aria proceeded to push it all over the place before perching her little frog butt on it. She looked like she was surveying her kingdom.

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  1. So cute!! I love that age- and love the pix with the doggies!!! They are adorable

    1. The beagle has finally warmed up to her a little bit, I might even say he is somewhat fond of her. And, this age is so so fun!


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