Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sweet Sunday

September 29th - October 5th
Last weekend we had our usual errands to run, but Aria's godfather wanted to tag along so we upped the fun with lunch at our favourite Irish pub. Because, errands without Guinness is just plain wrong. Aria people watched and munched on bread most of the time, she made lots of new friends.

I got to hang out in the back of the car with the little bit since I've got the short legs. She is excellent company, too bad there aren't any air vents back there.

We rented out the library in anticipation of our Countdown to Halloween! "The Little Yellow Leaf" is my favourite, I am obsessed with the illustrations.

We checked out the Halloween goodies at Target, and tried to give the kid nightmares for life. I was underwhelmed with the Halloween selection at Target this year. Plus, the fall nail polishes were decimated, but I ended up getting Essie's After School boy Blazer navy blue and I love it.

And, we also stopped by the hardware store. Where they excitingly had pumpkins.

Aria also got to hang out with her godmother and her bestie, 6 week old Rory. It was love at first sight - Aria completely ignored her, and Rory fell asleep.

 Aria's grandma and uncle stopped by for a visit.

Aria has been constantly in her 'my first Halloween' outfit, and getting into all the things.

Great-grandma got lots of baby lap sits this week.

Mom, mom can I sit on your lap and pull all the things off your desk?

Aria woke up early from her nap and got to see dada on his lunch break. I'm not sure who was more happy! 

Aria normally uses a little plastic-y yoda cup for her water (that I hold), but we've been working on the straw concept. It is definitely a work in progress. So close baby close.

We've only gotten a little bit of living room play in, Aria has been making a beeline for the dining room lately. She can make more of a mess in there.

More quality time with Great-grandma, and her all time favourite ghost bells.

Aria spotted Great-grandma's purse and couldn't resist.

I have been working for weeks on decorating. It is a lot more slow going with this hip attachment. Last year I was pregnant with no energy and it took a day or two. This year my goal is by Halloween...

Dada making the most of his sparse time off work. It sure is more fun having daddy to play with too!

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    1. Aren't they? Old Navy btw. So soft and swishy. I'd rock a pair. I think they make Aria look like a little pumpkin pirate.

  2. What a fun, sweet Sunday! Visiting from Simple Things Sunday link up

    1. Thank you, and thanks for visiting!


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