Monday, October 7, 2013

Mommy & Me Monday

I have two favourite pictures of Aria and me to share today for the Mommy & Me link up with Dear Owen and Everyday Love!

I wore my Halloween owl shirt the other day and Aria was loving the graphic. She pointed to it almost every time I picked her up. I love the new pointing trick. It is so cool to all of a sudden see her doing something new. Although now she is an extra cute little dictator. Pointing to the ghost bells until somebody jingles them for her.

And, I got to sit by Aria this week for our lunch out while running errands. I think it is funny to have to take turns sitting next to the baby. She is just the most fun, even when she leans over and mashed potatoes my pants.

Don't forget to link up on Thursdays this month with me for Countdown to Halloween - 31 days of fall fun! We've been up to all sorts of themed fun, and I have another craft planned - I must be nuts. 
Happy Monday!

My Everyday Love


  1. I love all your fall decorations, I don't feel like I have enough in my house! Don't you just love the little things that we don't think twice about that amaze the littles. So sweet!

    1. Thanks, I love having them up! I have some 3D bat cut outs on a wall in the living room and I thought Aria would be really into them. Nothing. I think she may have given them just the slightest acknowledgement and that was that. But, the small light up pumpkins on top of the entertainment center she stares and points at all the time. So tricky those kids!


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