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Countdown to Halloween - 31 Days of Fall Fun Recap #4

Hi there and welcome to today's Countdown to Halloween link up! Every Thursday in October you can link up here and share all the fall fun you've been up to. The link ups will be open 3 days so feel free to add your recap whenever works best. Check out this post for more details or check out link up #1, #2, and #3 here. Grab a button, add your post below, and have fun!
Sweet Turtle Soup

Day 17 & 18:
I took these two days off from fun. We did no fun things - nada, zip, zilch. Aria and I did all the lazy things, and ate all the many leftovers. I did manage to take a picture of the tomato basil parmesan slow cooker soup that I forgot about last recap, which was even tastier the second day by the way.
Day 19:
Getting back on track for all sorts of fall fun, I made creamy butternut squash pasta. It was decently good (although made a ton of dirty dishes) and Aria had a blast throwing it on the floor and attempting to slurp it up.
We also went to Boo at the Zoo with Aria's best bud, Rory, and her parents. It was fun, but definitely something that would have been more enjoyable if Aria was older. It was still nice to have a little outing with friends, and Aria practiced her candy grabbing skills. She grabbed three in one fistful, but dropped two on the way to the bag - excellent start, we just need to work on the follow through.
Day 20:
We had a wedding to attend in the afternoon. I can't resist a good photo opportunity, even when Aria isn't wearing pants.
But, we slotted in some hang out time with Aria's godfather afterwards. We brought over Aria's little pool float and she couldn't have loved it any more. She kicked her little heart out and motored all over the pool. That is the kind of fun you have in a Florida Fall. Although, we have a cool front hitting today. So, I have my fingers crossed for some more actual Fall fun activities.
Day 21:
Something I wanted to do with Aria as part of our Countdown to Halloween was donate candy to Operation Shoebox so they can send it to troops overseas. I also asked Aria's godmother, Silvana, if she wanted to pitch in and donate in Rory's name - and of course she did! We gathered up a whole bunch of heat resistant candy and a slew of things off of their care package items list. And, this is the box we put together. I meant to get on this two weeks ago, but it was just one of those things that took longer to organize than I thought.
If you are interested in making a donation to Operation Shoebox click on any of the links in this blurb for more information. You can donate money, candy, toiletries, coffee, etc. Or, you can 'adopt' a troop and send a care package directly to him or her, but keep in mind they ask it to be a commitment of monthly packages and weekly correspondence.
We also went to the library to return our last pile of Halloween and fall themed children's books and to pick up a new one. The last time I went in with a list, but this time I randomly picked up anything that looked suitable. So, hopefully my random choices turn out to be good ones.  So far I've only read 'Yes We Can' by Sam McBratney, which is awesome by the way. Cute story, not too repetitive, and sweet illustrations.
Day 22:
We had a little Halloween pajama photo shoot, so that we could link up with the good life blog yesterday for a pajama party!
While we were running errands over the weekend, we saw another cute 'my first Halloween' outfit that couldn't be resisted. I also spotted the board book Five Little Pumpkins, and since it is on everybody's favourite list I snatched it up. Seriously, it is so cute. I've read this thing so many times to Aria over the past 3 days that I have it memorized now, which helps when she grabs it from me while I am trying to read it to her.
For dinner I made chicken taco chili in the slow cooker (this recipe, but don't drain the diced tomatoes and I add a couple tablespoons of homemade taco seasoning too). Technically my goal is to make a new soup on Tuesdays, but this one I was craving. It is so good with cheese and sour cream. Mm mm - highly recommend.
And, to festive up Aria's evening bath I let her play with glow sticks that I picked up from the dollar section in Target. I thought I would have to keep telling her to stop chewing on them, but she actually preferred to shake them and stare at them. And, then after she was done playing (about 4 minutes of entertainment) I plopped them in my milk jug-o-lanterns on the front porch (pictures next recap). I'll have to pick up some more to light them up on Halloween too.
Day 23:
I made pumpkin spice pancakes for breakfast. Aria literally inhaled half of hers in 2 seconds. I'm glad I finally got around to trying them. They have been on my to try list for at least 3 Octobers. I guess having a kid was all the motivation I needed! The house smelled ah-mazing.
And, we got in a craft too. I'm going to leave it at that for now so I don't ruin the surprise because it is a present craft we worked on! We are very sneaky around here.

There is just one week left until Halloween, and one last link up this month. Time flies.

Now, it is your turn to link up your Countdown to Halloween fun. I've gotten great ideas not only for this year but for years to come - keep the inspiration coming!
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  1. Love the glow sticks in the bath! Genius!!! I also need to get out my pumpkin pancake recipe - how could I have not yet? Maybe I'll get lucky and Callie will like them (so far she's not really a pancake or waffle fan)!

    1. The glow sticks were awesome! I'd play with those in my bath/shower.
      Callie is missing out! is like cake for breakfast, especially with apples or pumpkin in it. Aria is a total carb-oholic, and fruit-oholic. I never have any issues with her eating those two food groups. Now if she would just get on the veggie train! She probably got the anti-veggie gene from mom though, oops.
      Thanks for linking up! 4 of 4 too, you rock!

  2. the glow sticks is an amazing idea!! and i'm with you regarding having an anti-veggie baby ;) if it's green, A won't touch it! ;) have a great week!

    1. I hope you break out some glow sticks, they were so fun - even for me!

      Happy almost Halloween!

  3. Such amazing ideas! The two soup recipes sound delicious and I'm DEFINITELY going to be trying them this month! :)
    Such a pretty red dress you wore to the wedding - beautiful family you have!
    I nominated your blog for a fun blogger award! Check out my blog.

    1. Oh man those soups are amazing. I'm obsessed with the chicken taco chili and my husband said I could make him that tomato basil parmesan soup weekly. High praise!
      Thank you! Thank you for leaving a comment! And, thank you for nominating me - you are so sweet! A first for me =)

  4. We just did the glowsticks in the bathtub the other night too! Yay for the Target dollar section! I love all your festiveness and Aria is just too cute!

    1. I think I should stock up on those glow sticks while they are still around. Make it a weekly or monthly or sporadically fun thing!

      Thanks for popping over!! Happy almost Halloween =)


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