Thursday, October 17, 2013

Countdown to Halloween - 31 Days of Fall Fun Recap #3

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome back to Countdown to Halloween. Today is the third link up. Every Thursday in October you can link up here and share all the fall fun you've been up to. The link ups will be open 3 days so feel free to add your recap whenever works best. Check out this post for more details or check out link up #1 here and #2 here. Grab a button, add your post below, and have fun!
Sweet Turtle Soup

So, here we go!

Day 10:
For breakfast I made apple cinnamon pancakes from this recipe. They were most excellent, but they were tricky to flip because the batter is thin. I love pancakes that require no syrup - they taste perfect just as they are. I attempted to cookie cutter them, but it wasn't working imprinted them. That's what I meant to do all along.
Aria sported her 'my first Halloween' outfit and got into all the things, as usual. One of my favourite things is when she crawls up to the back door to watch the dogs, and then when they run back to come in she gets the biggest smile.
Aria got a big package from Yia-Yia in the mail, but she was more interested in wrestling with the singing beagle and breaking my pumpkin frame.
I made chili for dinner, a favourite around here, and perfect for the fall.
Day 11 & 12:
I scheduled time off from 'fall fun' to do Canadian Thanksgiving prep. It is a good thing too because I was busy busy. The house smelled fabulous!

But, one morning was so perfectly cool that it fit right in with our fall fun. So, we hung out on the back porch with the dogs to make the most of it.
And, daddy read book after book from our library stack too.
Day 13:
The day of our Canadian Thanksgiving party! I recapped that here already if you want to see more pictures.
Day 14:
We were all beat after all our party prep and the party itself so we had a low key morning. We started off the day with pumpkin shaped toast, yogurt, and applesauce. Aria is a big fan of the raspberry jam.
I put in Hocus Pocus for our afternoon soundtrack.
Baxter and Lizzy got a new pumpkin toy, but Baxter hogged the heck out of it.
We have endless leftovers from Canadian Thanksgiving to eat all day every day. No complaints.
Momma has a little something fun left over from the party to drink too!
And, the most fun of all, we went to the pumpkin patch with Aria's godmother, Silvana, and bestie, Rory. We took a few (hundred) pictures. And, came home with two big pumpkins and two baby pumpkins.
Day 15:
Tuesday is 'soup tuesday', but I forgot to snap a picture. Oops. I made tomato basil parmesan slow cooker soup though, and it was quite good. Two thumbs up. Smells divine. Check out the recipe here. The slow cooker is like my not-so-secret secret mom weapon for making dinner.
I did, however, get a picture of my favourite little girl checking out her pumpkin.
Day 16:
I jazzed up our oatmeal by making it caramel apple oatmeal. I melted a single caramel in the hot milk, and then added 3 tablespoons of applesauce and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Um, delicious. Just sayin'.
Since we picked up pumpkins, I wanted to paint one. I got the idea from Hello Erin to painters tape a pumpkin face and let Aria finger paint over it - such creative ladies in this blogging world. I wasn't sure how Aria would enjoy it, or if she would even touch the paint to the pumpkin, but she totally went to town. Until she decided the green paint looked yummy, and it wasn't...not at all. Her face as soon as she tasted it was priceless...pure disgust and then she got pissed. And, then even more pissed when I wiped out her mouth with a paper towel. She finally calmed down after a quick shower and clean clothes. I'm not sure if this was a win, because the pumpkin looks so cute, or not, because of the 15 minutes of straight pissed off screaming.
For dinner we had ghost pizza! Much tastier than green paint, guys. Although, I forgot to pick up something to make the ghost eyes...and something to actually cut out the ghosts. Such a fail planner I am. These are more pac man style ghosts - just as fun and just as tasty!
And, to end the day Aria snuggled into her pumpkin jammies and said good night to her pumpkin.
This week went by so quickly. We've been up to so much that the whole month is flying bye. Over halfway to Halloween now! Be sure to come back next Thursday for recap #4.

Now, it is your turn to link up your Countdown to Halloween fun! I love everybody that has linked up so far. I truly enjoy seeing everything you've come up with, keep on being festive!
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  1. I LOVE the paint-a-pumpkin idea! They look adorable. And your pancakes (um, pretty much all of your food ;)) look DIVINE. It looks like you had so much fun this week!!

    1. The pumpkin turned out better than I expected. Aria is kind of little for paint (hence the eating of it), but she did really well! I'll be glad when the put everything in your mouth phase is over though.
      Oh yes, lots of fun! I have been enjoying our extra festiveness around here.

  2. I love wood chuck hard cider!!

    1. This was my first taste, I give it two thumbs up!

  3. I love the painted pumpkin activity! I've been thinking about doing that but I still need to get some finger paint (I've been to target twice this week and keep forgetting!)! I love love the babies at the pumpkin patch. Kinda makes me wish I had done it last year.... It looks like they had a lot of fun and Aria loves her pumpkins!

    1. Isn't that always the case? Go to Target get 4 things you didn't need and forget 2 you did. Must be something they put in the air. I bet Callie would enjoy some finger painting, just let her know the green paint is icky.
      We had a lot of fun at the pumpkin patch, even if it isn't as fancy as all these other pumpkin patches I see posts about! We even had some decent breeze to make the pants not a complete regret.
      Thank you for linking up again - I appreciate it!


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