Thursday, October 3, 2013

Countdown to Halloween - 31 Days of Fall Fun Recap #1

Hello guys! Welcome to today's first Countdown to Halloween link up. Every Thursday in October you can link up here and share all your fabulous fall fun! The link ups will be open 3 days so feel free to add your recap whenever works best. Check out this post for more details! Grab a button, add your post below, and have fun.

Sweet Turtle Soup

So, lets jump right in. Here is how we spent our first few days of October.

Day 1:
We celebrated the first day of my favourite month with new pumpkin pjs and a 'my first Halloween' outfit (top/bottom). I did a quick wrap of it in orange tissue paper, and when I handed it to Aria she crinkled it for a bit until she realized she could rip it. Then there was much ripping and tearing, along with tossing aside of the non-crinkling clothes. Whatever makes her happy. Her cuteness in the outfits makes momma happy.
For breakfast we had a smoothie, yogurt, and fruit. Pretty standard here, but I cookie cutter-ed the watermelon into pumpkins and drew little faces on the banana peel. Aria was just like give me the dang banana, but I found it festive.
Then we got dressed in our 'first Halloween' finest and went about business as usual. Basically just being cute and getting into things.
I brought Aria over to our stack of library books and she picked out "Awful Ogre's Awful Day", which is a series of silly poems featuring an awful ogre. It is cute and funny and full of gross things that kids find appealing. I grabbed it on a whim from the library, and while it is a little old for a 10 month old, Aria doesn't like any book that doesn't sing at her so it is all the same around here. I read and pointed and she payed attention for half a minute.
I made baked potato soup in the crock-pot for dinner, and it totally hit the spot. I was only kicking myself for forgetting to either buy or bake bread to go with it. Because, what is a hearty fall soup without a piece of bread?
Not pictured, but I started decorating for Halloween as well. I didn't take any pictures because I am not done yet. But, bats and spider webs and ghosts are popping up all over the place!

Day 2:
The 2nd is Aria's month-day, so we started off the day with a month-day photo shoot. These are getting harder and harder, because somebody won't sit still for more than 2 seconds. Or, look at the camera.
For breakfast I made pumpkin pie oatmeal, similar to this recipe but with old fashioned oats made with milk and I cut the sugar and pumpkin by a third, no dates, and pumpkin pie spice instead of cinnamon and nutmeg. I thought it was too pumpkin-y, but Aria chowed down on it. I'm really not an oatmeal fan myself, but Aria has it almost every other day.
In the afternoon, we had craft time. Aria and I made hand print spider cards. I got the idea from pinterest. Aria absolutely hated me holding her hand so she couldn't paint herself black. She fought unless I was stamping the paper or painting her palm. The craft itself she didn't mind, but was not a happy camper being restricted. Good thing it took less than 5 minutes. Craft time with babies...always 50 times harder than you expect. I thought they looked cute, but I showed one to great-grandma and she asked what the blob in the middle was. Dang, I thought the spider web was a dead giveaway!
There was also more "Awful Ogre's Awful Day" reading, Halloween decorating, and pumpkin shaped watermelon snacking.

Today's recap is a short one with just 2 days, but next week we will have a whole 7 days of fall fun! So, come back on October 10th for recap #2.

Now, it is your turn to link up your Countdown to Halloween fun!


  1. love the baby jammies and fun craft idea! thanks for hosting this link fun!

    1. I'm glad you are enjoying it! Aren't the jams cute? They were a little meh on the hanger, but Aria takes up the cuteness level a lot. I had a hard time finding jams I liked, but I am glad I ended with these because she looks so sweet in them.

  2. I love all the festivenes and what a doll your baby is!

    1. Oh thank you thank you! It is a festive explosion over here =) Makes me smile.

  3. I love that you "wrapped" up her new clothes! You did so much but you're right little things are fun! Working on trying to do more of the little things :) so glad again that you're hosting this link up!

    1. Haha my husband looked at me like I was nuts when I said I was going to wrap her clothes. But, really he should know better - sometimes I wrap things he orders online if he isn't home when they arrive, just for the heck of it.
      I love doing just a little bit of effort for a lotta bit of fun! I'm glad I decided to make it a link up, I debated it for a while.

  4. What a fun FALL week you all had!! We've been under the weather so I am hoping to jump on board this week!

    1. Oh no! I hope you guys are feeling better soon. I'd love to see you on Thursday =)


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