Friday, September 20, 2013

What to Register For: Clothing

Trying to decide on what clothing to get Aria before she was born was the most confusing thing. Probably because I read all sorts of recommendations for specific onesies that were awesome and how many of every clothing type ever made that I absolutely needed. I'm just glad that I never got around to buying many baby clothes by the time Aria arrived a little over a month early. It would have been a complete waste of money.

You know what newborn babies wear? Footed sleepers. All day. All night. Anything else is adding unnecessary work to an already overworked and exhausting time period. I mean sure you can dress them in something else, maybe for a photography session or holiday. But, pretty much anything beyond that and you are an over-achiever in my book - it doesn't take much, huh?

Aria didn't wear a thing other than footed sleepers until she was a month old, and only then because I thought it would be cute for her month-day picture. But, I quickly realized it was way too much effort to put on more than one piece of clothing every diaper change and spit up incident. And, she was so tiny still that the tiny clothes were baggy on her and she would have been perfectly adorable in her elephant sleeper (my favourite).

My only real baby fashion rule is that it has to be comfortable. If something doesn't look comfortable to me even if Aria doesn't seem to be phased by it at all, I still take it off of her. And, pretty much the only time a frilly dress is acceptable is for Easter. I'm getting off topic...

So, what to register for under the clothing tab? Nothing. People love to gift baby clothing. Aria had storage bins full of clothing, some as big as 3T. But, if you register for clothing most of the time it is going to be hard to find when it comes time for your friends and family to shower you. Something is no longer in stock, or they don't have that size, or you can't find it anywhere in the brick and mortar store. Plus, if somebody wants to get you baby clothes they probably want to pick it out themselves. By the way, we didn't get a single footed sleeper until Aria was a few months old - I think we got a grand total of 2 from people. Not cute enough, I guess? But, I do have a closet lined with frilly dresses.

Also, baby clothes shopping should be illegal it is so fun. I almost always love the things I pick out myself more than gifted clothes. Not because of cuteness but because it comes with a memory - aww I remember waddling around the store and saw this and immediately had to buy it after staring whimsically at it for 10 minutes wondering what you would look like and now I get to put it on you and you are the most precious little thing ever sniff. Or, maybe that is just me? Feel free to let me know I am insane at any time. It is always good to know these things.

The title of this post is a little misleading, no? But wait, she has a point!
What clothing should you buy baby for the first couple of months?
  • A take home outfit (ours was a (drum roll) footed sleeper!), newborn and 3 months size.
  • 5-7 footed sleepers, 3 months size - you can always pick up newborn size if you need it, but it is easier to dress bigger than smaller.
  • A couple of onesies that don't have any buttons anywhere if you want to get fancy, 3 months size.
  • Something cozy if you are having a winter baby and don't live in Florida - I have no perspective on this being that I do live in Florida. Footed sleepers were plenty warm enough.
After you get into the swing of keeping a baby alive, and are hopefully getting a nice 4+ hour chunk of sleep at night (so you are more awake to put on baby clothes) then what clothing should you buy?
  • More footed sleepers! I like to have 5-7 in the appropriate size. Laundry sucks. Also keep in mind how cool it is at night in the nursery when picking the material. I like to get micro fleece sleepers, so I can keep the ceiling fan on for circulation.
  • 7-10+ onesies, in the appropriate size. Go ahead and get buttons now if you want. I wouldn't recommend getting a neck that doesn't have either buttons or stretch, because who the hell thought that was a good idea? Long sleeve and short sleeve - I find the long sleeve ones to be the cutest.
  • 5-7 pairs of bottoms, in the appropriate size. Soft and stretchy bottoms. Jeggings, leggings, cotton pants, etc. I think shorts are a complete waste of my time and energy. They cover an extra inch of flesh, and add 4 hours to diaper changes. Wha....?
  • Dresses, up to the appropriate size prior to crawling (for the little ladies). Although, I hate those bloomer diaper cover up things - I think there is a trend towards lazy going on here. But, I love dresses. Or I did until Aria started to crawl. So so easy for diaper changes and adorable. However, now that she crawls it would end up around her neck and being that we have tile she would be a frozen baby. So, there is a small dress window between teeny newborn and crawler that you should take advantage of. Then after crawling has turned to walking I'm imagining the dresses will be golden again.
  • 2-3 rompers, in the appropriate size. These ones are included purely because I find them adorable. I consider a romper anything that is one piece that isn't a onesie or footed.  Like this, this, or this.
  • Again keep in mind that I live in the land of perpetual sunshine, so winter ware is foreign to me. Maybe you need some socks, or a hat, or a coat too. I had some socks, but I mostly put them on Aria when I was feeling particularly overzealous and they were Disney. But, I am pretty sure she hasn't worn them since March.
Phew. There you have it. A week of all things baby stuff. I think I am all talked out on the subject of toys, favourites, and gear.

Have a FALL-tastic weekend guys! I am seriously pumped to decorate.


  1. This is a good post! That was hard to figure out when I was pregnant. I feel like we did a pretty good job by just getting onesies and sleepers. I agree with you that if it doesn't look comfy, then it doesn't get worn!

    1. I think back and am baffled at how confused I was over clothing. Seems so obvious now to start in sleepers and move up the clothing food chain as baby grows. Comfort is king! Thanks for stopping by.


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