Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag

1. Multi purpose blanket - there is always a rolled up A+A swaddle blanket in Aria's diaper bag. Comes in handy if you want to cover up the car seat or stroller, or tuck around baby, etc.
2. Nursing cover and back up pads - I don't always use the cover but it is good to have in case you do want it, plus pads if you leak like me. If you aren't nursing you'll want bottles, formula, and whatever else you need along those lines.
3. Diapering supplies - at least 2 more diapers than you think you'll need, changing pad, butt paste, wipes, and baggies. The Arm & Hammer bag dispenser is awesome, very handy.
4. Toys - preferably nothing that sings and lights up (read: loud and annoying to others). Just a few basic toys to occupy bored hands.
5. Eating supplies - these will vary depending on age and preference. Aria eats off the menu so I bring a spoon and a (not pictured) superbib. Also, we keep her seat cover in the car for shopping carts and restaurant high chairs. High chairs can be pretty fail though in regards to being level with the table, I think something like this portable high chair would make eating out easier.
6. A spare outfit - at least one always, and bring a couple if you'll be out for a long time period. Don't forget to bring weather appropriate items. We took Aria to St. Augustine a while back and it ended up being a really windy chilly day. So, I had her in a jumpsuit, which she promptly crapped all over. Her backup was a short sleeve onesie. Good thing somebody brought a spare hoodie that I could bundle her in.
7. Misc - On that same St. Augustine trip mentioned above we got free ponchos, so I put the extras in a side pocket just in case. I like to toss a few ziploc bags in the side pocket too - you never know when you will randomly need one.
8. Face wiping stuff - a burb cloth and sanitizing wipes. The sanitizing wipes are a must have in my opinion, they are great for wiping fingers and food off of faces, and wiping down tables and high chairs too. I've been known to put a moist wash cloth in a ziploc bag as well.

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