Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sweet Sunday

September 22nd -28th
It feels good to be back with real pictures!

That is the face of a trouble maker - an extra cute one. Her absolute favourite activity these days is pulling herself up on anything and everything - and usually licking it.

 Aria is the best ice cube tray filler-upper helper. She likes to steal the peas though. Daddy caught her red handed.

Playing under the table while daddy is home from work on his lunch break. Then when he is distracted with his Jello Aria can make a beeline for the water bowls.

Aria gives her Boon high chair two thumbs up because she can ninja it from the dining room and wheel it down the hallway. Good clean family fun!

Talking Great-Grandma into giving up her purse.

We have been devouring watermelon around here. Aria loves her fruit, she hasn't turned down any that she has been offered so far. Fruit for breakfast is the most exciting!

 Great-Grandma has a rapt audience for imparting all those pearls of wisdom.
Aria is my little helper getting out the good stuff from the Halloween box. She dragged around that green skull for a while before hunting for something else even more exciting.

Aria has 3 whole teeth now. You can see the top two. The first one broke through without so much as a frown, and when the second two worked their way out Aria turned extra clingy. But, I think the next one is being a rascal because Aria has been inconsolable at times, particularly at night. I hope it isn't a trend from good to worse to terrible. I'm okay with clingy, the clingy isn't so bad.

Aria has really grown to love her Zany Zoo cube now that she can pull herself to standing with it. And, her two favourite sides are the ones actually in the picture (lucky coincidence). She clicks the doors closed over and over, and whacks the heck out of the tiles. Plus, look at that grin! I love her new toothy smile.

She found the secret stash of floor tile edges. Now she can really have a blast waving them around and chewing on them and making a big mess in general.

I have all my Halloween craft bits and pieces on the coffee table, which is just large enough that she can't reach anything in the middle. But, she tries and tries before eventually settling for the coasters. Although, yesterday she did manage to get the little zodiac book. It was funny because she grabbed it and took off like she'd stolen the treasure.

 Part of the seasonal decor is this little Beagle that sings a Halloween song and flaps its ears (I think my grandma got it for me at Cracker Barrel - a few years back). I plopped it down in front of Aria and she looked it at like it was the strangest thing. But, she quickly warmed up to it and now has no problem trying to chew on it.

As you can see, the blog is getting a facelift. It is still a work in progress so hang in there!

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  1. She's adorable. Love the captions! Stopping by from Simple Things Sunday

  2. She's is so beautiful! I love the shots with Great Grandma :)

    1. Thanks for stopping over! I have so many pics of her with great-grandma - I even made gg a photo book of them for her upcoming birthday. I'm sure she'll treasure it!


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