Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sweet Sunday

September 1st - 7th

I am still without a proper camera, BUT I think I may have picked one out.
I did, however, borrow my friend's camera for a couple days this week so some of the pictures aren't complete poo. Let's get the poo ones out of the way first though, shall we?

Testing out the gate.

 Eating the corner off the Despicable Me case before mama realized it was getting so serious.

 For me?

Aria's very own moose teether.

We packed up and went to the beach for breakfast one morning. I figured since we had a camera we might as well do something worth photographing.

 The watermelon is a favourite around here. There were also bananas and an orange.

 Chris took Aria out in the water to rinse off all the melon juice.

 I think she enjoyed herself. The water was nice and calm.

Her favourite was shoulder sitting.

Doesn't this photo look epic? Like Chris has just rescued her from a shark and is running back to shore followed by an angry wave.
 She looks so sweetly somber.

We switched and I took her out in the water. Until a wave smacked us right in the face and Aria drank half a cup of seawater. Nice going, mom.

Hanging out with great-grandma. I'm not sure who is enjoying themselves more.

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