Monday, September 2, 2013

Nine Months Old

September 2nd
Weight: 19 lbs (according to my scale at home).

Height: Using the tape measure gave me around 26 inches.

Sleep: She is sleeping through the night. She is an active sleeper - she rolls this way and that way and scoots her bum in the air and even sits up then flops over. She rarely makes a peep though. She just seems to be resituating. Last month putting her down for the night was hit or miss, but this month she has really improved on her self-soothing to sleep. I can't remember the last time I went in to her at night. She will sometimes fuss a wee bit, but she is passed out before 10 minutes. As for napping, she has had a bout of 30-45 minute naps lately instead of her nice awesome lovely 1.5 hour ones. But, I can't complain too much about that with everything else going well.

Clothes: I can't even. She is already too long for her 9 month onesies, the ones that I just broke out last month. Her sleepers are plenty roomy still. And, dresses last forever - I've still got her 6 month size dresses in rotation. So, I went through her big box of clothes and pulled out all the 12 month stuff. There was exactly one single lone onesie. The rest were dresses, or wintery warm clothes and since it is approximately 4 billion degrees outside she won't be needing those right away (or ever). I guess it is time for onesie shopping, and some pants shopping because the tile makes her legs cold when she is rolling around on it. Does anybody else feel like shorts are a complete waste of time? It covers like an inch more than a onesie, but adds an extra year to diaper changes.

Diapers: Still rocking the size 3 disposables. We actually need to order her another huge box full because I don't see her growing out of those anytime soon. And, FuzziBunz are still the best CD ever. I just went one button bigger around the waist too.

Loves: Getting into anything and everything, crawling after Baxter, other peoples' shoes, wrinkling up her nose, and clapping.

Hates: The jumperoo - I guess it has lost its appeal, she starts complaining before she is even all the way in the seat anymore but I still try once every week or so, you know just in case. Along with the usual things like diaper changes and face washes and being told no. But, there isn't any real oomph to her dislikes right now. No screaming at the top of her lungs during diaper changes like she was a few months back. No screaming for the majority of the car ride like before. And, she stopped having a witching hour where she just tended to be grumpy for no good reason. Mobility works wonders.

Milestone progress: She crawls! She is still perfecting her technique, but she can get herself anywhere she wants now. Albeit slowly. There is nothing cuter than being crawled to. Baxter is not a fan because he is her favourite to crawl after. She can pull herself on things fairly easily but she doesn't tend to do it much. We've got almost all of the baby proofing started, and I love watching her get into things and make messes and look for trouble. She is such a happy baby now that she can crawl, she rarely complains about anything anymore. She has always loved to move, and now she can do it all on her own.

Teeth: Are you ready for this? I can see and feel 4 teeth under the gums - 2 on the top, 2 on the bottom! That went from 0 to 60 in no time. She is teething hardcore on everything she can get her hands on, and has kicked up the drooling. But, it hasn't made her fussy at all. Yet. I suppose that comes when they get a little closer to poking through the gums? I will enjoy her non-fussy little lumpy smiles while I can.

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  1. I had to go back and look this up and it describes Rory almost perfectly--- crazy!


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