Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sweet Sunday

 August 18th - 24th

This week Aria had a pretty exciting milestone. She took her first trip to Disney property! Nothing as serious as hitting up the Magic Kingdom, but we did go to Downtown Disney. We were in the area for some outlet shopping, and couldn't resist stopping by.

Mainly because we were starving. The outlet malls in Orlando are nuts guys. We tried to grab a quick bite in the food court three times. There wasn't a table in sight, or even a cluster of chairs to be snagged. I'm not really a fan of shopping myself, but add 40 billion tourists, a stroller the size of a Hummer, and a kid that was only content in said Hummer-stroller for half an hour and it is a nightmare. Oy. So, after what felt like 16 hours of shopping, and not shopping for me mind you, on merely breakfast alone I was drained. But, as soon as we got out of the car at Downtown Disney, where we found a killer parking spot by the way, that fatigue just melted away. Disney is my happy place.

I suggested that we go eat at Raglan Road because Irish pubs are our favourite. They even have Irish dancers, who come out every hour and also pop over to each section of the restaurant to get the kids involved. I'm not sure Aria noticed the dancers on stage, but she loved the shoulder sitting and the hand clapping.

On top of finding a sweet parking spot we also managed to squeeze in before the dinner crowd and got a perfect table with enough room for the stroller and high chair. Disney knows just what you need after an overcrowded shopping experience.
Aria decided she wanted me to hold her food for her half the time. I think she found the food to be too tasty to waste time with hand eye coordination. Check her out digging into the rib, which were my faves off the appetizer sampler by the way.

 This was hands down Aria's best restaurant performance to date. She sat in her high chair without a complaint, she tried everything on the table, the only peeps she made were happy ones, and before the food came she entertained herself with the kids menu. Now that is some Disney magic right there.
Plus, the food was so good. I got the Shepherd's pie, and Chris got some sort of meat medley along with the appetizer sampler. We were stuffed, and Aria devoured herself some bangers - they definitely were her fave. Oh and that chocolate beverage is a Bailey's shake, yum!

 We meandered a bit, took a few photos, but mostly we ate and headed home. We timed leaving with Aria's bedtime so she would just sleep on the way home. Ha. She screamed for at least 20 minutes before passing out. I guess we left the magic back at Downtown. I thought we were in for a fight going down again in her crib when we got home, but she curled up and passed out immediately. Phew.

Chris and I wanted to get Aria the B. Zany Zoo for either her birthday or Christmas. Apparently we have no patience. I think she is still a little young for it, and has a hard time getting to the top bit because she isn't pulling herself up yet, but it is a fantastic little toy. I think as she grows she will get more and more use out of it, heck I still have fun playing with those beads on top.

I'm pretty sure this is something great-grandma taught her. She sticks her tongue and out wags it back and forth over and over while making an ahhh sound. It is more funny when she does it silently, I look over at her and her tongue is just wagging back and forth.

Aria helps me feed the animals and gather up my laptop from the bedroom in the mornings. She stole my cord this time and was shaking it for all she was worth.

Maybe this is just a typical baby thing, but I think it is super cute how Aria sits with her little legs crossed practically all the time. She is a little lady, a onesie-less little lady.

Aria has been working on crawling for a while and she seemed like she was stuck on the crawl twice, flop, roll, sit, repeat for-ev-er, but this week she has actually legit crawled a few times and started to tri-pod some too. So, the baby gate is now in place. Nothing is safe. She had a blast banging the hell out of these candy canes while Finding Nemo was on the other day.

 Aria always proof reads my blog posts, and helps me pick out her favourite pictures too!

On an end note, I dropped my camera and done broke it. I can't even blame the baby, she wasn't anywhere near me. But, man I am so bummed. Aria learned how to clap right after I broke said camera and I haven't been able to document it yet! She starts off slowly clapping and then gets into it but ends up missing her hands and instead is waving her arms like a mad woman. And, yesterday we went to feed the ducks and ended up with a swarm of turtles and a few dive bombing seagulls (and thankfully, no geese). All things that need photographic evidence.
I'm not sure how next Sweet Sunday's post will look - it might look like a day off, who knows! Anybody have camera recommendations?

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